Sunday, June 10, 2018


I got the 3rd one in the series --
of the seasonal ABC"S finished-

I really do need to take a morning and get these first 3
finished off so I can display them --as needed--
this is the Spring one--
so far not seen the Summer one for sale--
so have started the other one I am behind on--
the Fall one--
and since I took this photo I have gotten 3-4 letters in on it and one word-
so am off to a good start--

I also have more hearts stitched up--
Notice the top heart has a butterfly in the upper right hand corner--
was the only charm block where I could 'fussy' cut it so you can see the heart!!
and in the second one is a humming bird--
(with a couple more blocks of fussy cutting to get humming birds on the hearts!!)
and the bottom one has a frog--
(only one more frog to stitch)

I also got another embroidery block finished late this afternoon while watching
NASCAR--but need to press it and photograph it --hopefully tomorrow!!

              OF NEW WEEK-DI


  1. The sampler looks wonderful!!! I'm skipping the Spring one for now since Spring has already passed us by here. I saw a little peek of the Summer one on Instagram...looks cute like the rest of them.I expect it to show up soon. Have a great week!

  2. Gorgeous spring embroidery! And the colours for Autumn look pretty.
    Have fun!
    Hugs :)

  3. Sweet cross stitching! Love the Fall one. Not seen the summer one yet. I am slowly working on one for my Americana mantle. Been too many years since i did this kind of stitchery! my eyes and hands are not happy! ;-0

  4. Love your spring piece. How are you finishing them? Individually, or are you going to put them all together somehow? Your hearts continue to be very pretty.

  5. I love that you cut the hearts to include the cute things...that's what I would do too! Enjoy your afternoon. Stay cool!

  6. Your fussy cut hearts turned out beautifully. My favorite is that butterfly. Hope you get in lots of stitching time this week.

  7. I love your ABC Di - it's gorgeous - having a whole set of them will be beautiful (no pressure!) Great fussy cutting too :-)


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