Tuesday, July 3, 2018


I think I promised to tell you all about last week--
so here goes--
On Monday-- Frannie and I went to the library and the grocery shopping--
and I was working really hard all day on this months OMG project--
On  Tuesday was the day for the men in my life--
(and we aren't talking about my 'son'--)
At 9 am--
Danny comes and we do 'lower' body workout--

Then at 11:30 -
Mac comes--
and we do an upper body work out for an hour--

and by the time he leaves after an hour work out--
I look like this--
and it is lunch time!!!!
On Wednesday we were told that the water would be shut off to the building-
to replace a hot water tank--
I did pretty good till lunch time and then my DD came and got me and we went
up the road to a nice place and had lunch.
We were able to sit in front of a large
window and look out on the river-- had a nice cod and chips dinner--
and brought home leftovers--then on to the grocery store--
On Thursday the 'two men' in my life were back--
they felt I needed another work out!!!!
and on Thursday evening my Television decided to die!!!
On Friday another tenant here and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch--
again a cod fish dinner and left overs--
we also went to Walmart and then stopped at a Thrift store--
and I did not buy anything--though I seen lots I would of liked
and very low prices!!!  Maybe next time!!
On Saturday--DD came and we again went to a Walmart--
I had to return a couple items and I wanted a better power strip
for all the electronics--then we met DS at a restaurant for dinner--
after dinner we tried out a new Tasty Freeze (ice cream place)
and then came here and set up a television--this time a 42" one--
that another tenant wasn't using--
so I did get to see the Nascar race on Sunday--!!!!
and some how during all these workouts and eating out and shopping--
I did get the quilt finished for June's OMG challenge!!!

and that was the week in review--
and, again, this week is so far turning out to be just as busy!!!


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