Thursday, July 5, 2018


I seen the new Summer sampler was finally released--
so I had to order it right away--
Only to me I wanted a different color fabric for stitching it on--
I know --leave it to me to want something different--!!!!!
I decided on this light blue-as this is a summer one--I was thinking of
clear blue skies--
( this is the most expensive piece of 28ct linen I have ever ordered--ouch!!)
and I ordered some blue thread to stitch the letters and words with--
But discovered it was too light of blues--
and the letters wouldn't really show  up--
of course that meant that I had to go online and order more thread!!
and even though I thought I could pick out colors from my stash--
to complete this stitchery--
I ended up ordering some of the colors in the pattern!!!
Hey gotta support the online shops--right???

I have gotten all the letters and words stitched in on the Fall one--
but think when the threads come in for the Summer one--
I will work on it and then go back and finish the Fall one--
doesn't that sound like a plan????

I also am on a monthly mailing for the Farmhouse Christmas series--
and on line I found someone doing this ABC sampler with the houses--
and I just had to get one to do it when the other ABC samplers are done!!!


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