Monday, July 2, 2018


I thought I had picked my one monthly goal--
and the plan was to --
add backing and batting and baste this quilt top--
and then hand quilt it--

Then  I got to reading Joy's post and all the talk about
Christmas in July--
so as this one is already to hand quilt--
I thought I would pick this one--
That is until I went to crop this photo--
and do you see what I see????
a big yellow stain of some kind in the corner of the middle block--
 where in heaven's name did that come from????
of course --I have no idea and I don't think that reindeer is talking--
now my question is--
can I wash it now with it only hand basted--
or do I just try to clean that area somehow--
and what about all that red lattice fabric around that block--
even now when I looked at it for real--it is big--but only on the front side--
can't see where any of it came through to the back--
( so why did this stain have to be on the front--couldn't it of landed on the back???)
How do stains appear on things when they are hanging in a closet on a hanger????
Do little 'closet devils' live in our closets????
SOOOO--I guess my first hopeful project will be still hand quilting this reindeer one--
if I can remove the stain--
and if not--
I will do the teacup one for July!!!
Does this sound like a plan to you????

          YOUR JULY FUN--DI

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