Sunday, December 30, 2018


But I did it--
I actually got the last counted cross stitch
ABC sampler finished--
Finished this one this morning--
Then I had to get them all out and take a photo--
of all 5 of the samplers--

Look at these--all 5 of these where stitched in 2018--
Especially knowing that I got most  of the designs stitched on the Fall one--
and all the designs stitched on the Summer one since my move back to NY--
and how sick I have been these past 4 months-
can't say much else got done in those 4 months------
I have not decided if I am going to finish them-To be hung on the frame piece I
painted to display them on or not--may do the spring and summer ones--we will
see--the others will definitely be waiting to be finished on my return to FL--
and when does one display the stitching one?????

Now to decide on what I would like to stitch in 2019--
both in sewing/quilting projects and in cross stitching????
I have discovered that I enjoy cross stitching a bit each morning after breakfast--so????


Thursday, December 27, 2018


Guess the actual holiday of Christmas day is over-
some of the Christmas spirit and love will continue
though out this next year for me--
with some lovely gifts I received this year--
Thank you to Alice, Sunny, Anne and Melinda--
( I do wonder though if a couple of them aren't trying to sweeten me up--
with all this lovely chocolate!!!!)
I love all these gifts and will treasure each one--
(will even treasure each mouth full of chocolate--yummm)

And I finally took photos of the tree and villages in the Community room here--
and one of the tenants here placed all her village collection under the tree--

all of these have lights in them--real pretty!!

So is everyone working on setting their quilting goals for 2019????
What about other goals????

What about your 'word' for 2019???

Hey--guess what--???
the sun's shinning here today--time to celebrate!!


Sunday, December 23, 2018


Yesterday afternoon--
I turned on a Christmas movie and got the red and white yarns-out
and tried a new pattern for mini knitted stockings--
(These have not been stitched closed yet-)
but I made one in the afternoon and the second one in the evening--
I have not knitted in long time-
Cause when I knitted it was causing me so much discomfort on that 'right' side
but as that has finally eased up some--I decided to try to knit again--
love making these--so figure there will be some more being knitted up--
a start on Chmas 2019!!!!

and --
for Slow stitching Sunday--
actually I stitch a bit on this every morning for the most part--
here is where I am on the ABC sampler--
got a good bit done this past week--
I would like to finish this piece by the end of the year--
so Di keep stitching-----

And I was told that I needed to 'open' one of the gifts that came in the mail--
so I did--
Is this not adorable ??????
and it has helped me feel more Christmasy--
it comes for a reader friend--Carol ( she does not have a blog site--but reads some every day)
this is the 3rd year in a row she has sent me a counted cross stitch piece--
so now I have a Collection of Carol pieces--
thank you so much Carol--best wishes for a great 2019--

Ok--lets see do I have another holiday cartoon for you--


Saturday, December 22, 2018


Just keep breathing--

Enjoy --even the tiredness--as that means you have been busy getting ready for family and friends--
there are some who will be alone this Christmas day--

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Hope these help 'distress' you for a couple minutes--

Hope everyone's plans/preparations are coming along nicely--
and I need some homemade cookies-so air mail me some--ok--???
Just be sure to take out all the calories and fat first though!!!!!


Sunday, December 16, 2018


I am not sure if I told you--
but when I made the move back to NY at the end of August--
I did got get everything shipped--
My couple boxes of Christmas decorations where to be sent later--
(along with a couple boxes of books, and more clothes and those last few items-
that somehow did not make it in the first set of boxes)
and then once here and realizing that NY was not going to be kind to me--
I did not have anything else shipped up--
so --
Here is my decorating for the Holidays--
This is the cut out window between the kitchen and the living area--
I spent about $10 and got a wire garland, one string of 50 lights, some ribbon, and one package of ornaments--
and look Santa has sent me a couple gifts for under this "tree"!!!

and for some reason this one wall hanging did get sent in the boxes--
so I do have something for the door--
(and yes it needs an iron--and I do have a new one--got it the first 2 weeks I was here--
along with a new ironing board--the ironing board holds the quilts that I want to keep  and will ship back to FL when the time comes--and the iron still sits on the floor under it--still in the box!!!)

And here is where the counted cross stitch is from this past weeks stitching--
for slow stitching Sunday's report--

and for a health update--
on the effects of Shingles --the huge discomfort on my right side has moved--
and now I am feeling a bit free-er--in my movements--
it used to be from the top of my rib cage down--
but for what ever reason it now starts more down--above my waist line though still--
and unless it is very damp out (then it is really tight feeling) it is better and I can move around better and do more with my right arm!!!!  Today it is tight-we are having rain-then ice--then rain-then ice and snow they say--ouch!!)

and then there was Tuesday--
on Tuesday Anne and I went out to lunch to our little dinner we often visit and I got me a old fashioned hot roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy--and got up on Wed with what I think has been food poisoning-- and for 4 days I have been a 'guest' of the bathroom nearly non stop--
not fun -- I don't like to take any meds--but finally yesterday had to give in and take some--
What can I say?????????????

Hope everyone is having all kinds of fun getting ready for the holidays--
Just be sure to stop and breathe and rest every now and then--ok???

Enjoy, Di

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


we have always been told that February is the shortest month
of the year with only 28 or 29 days in it--

I have decided that  December is really the shortest month--
(and surely the fastest month!!!??)

You see we only have 25 days in December--

Yep just 25 days and they are the busiest days of any month--
caroling and church
wrapping gifts
the list goes on and on---

But wait you say--
there really is 31 days in the month of  December--
yep--that is what the calendar does say--
but who really is aware of the the last 7 days of  December ????
we all walk around in a daze--and exhaustion from the first 25 days of the month--
and we are busy writing out out list of things to do and see and visit in the next year!!!

here is what I have been busy doing--
Well--at least here is a hint on some supplies I have using for make some
ornaments for gifts--

and here is where I am now on the counted cross stitching project--
nearly half way finished with the designs--

Be good and please don't forget to take care of yourself during this busy time of the year--
remember to breathe now and then---

Enjoy, di

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


 For the most part--
Anne and I are back to doing our Tuesday morning visits--
we haven't actually sewed yet-
but she does bring me show and tell--
and here is a couple she has put together--
This one is using some of the applique heart blocks I did and gave her as part of her birthday gift
and she make some 9 patches to go with them--
this week she brought me one to show me how she used some other blocks that I sewed up while in Florida --last years blocks-


And as I was resorting out my quilting and sewing things--once again--
I decided to box alot of it up and send it to Lynn in CA who  is collecting those kinds of things for so many quilters who lost everything in upper CA from the fires--
I did have alot of extra's like scissors, tapes, rulers, patterns, threads---
so these 2 boxes got in the mail today--
and they were heavy--
have you ever noticed how heavy packages seem to get these days when one wants to mail something???????
AND a side note here--
remember postage stamps go up to 55 cents each come Jan 1st--
so I also splurged and got 2 books of stamps--really pretty bird ones--
so think I will get something more Christmasy for the Christmas cards--!!!!!
And for a Weather update--
they  told us we would have sunshine today--
but this is what I seen when I got up today--
cold cold and wet snow--
though as Anne and I came out of the little diner from having lunch out--
the sun was shinning and we could see blue sky--and we got sooo excited!!!!
and we even had a heat wave--when the sun came out it went up to whopping 33 degrees--
but a very very heavy wind out of the north so felt like 20 degrees!!!!!

Ok be good and get some Christmas shopping done--
some decorating done and some  cookies baked---

Enjoy, di

Sorry Dad you aren't going anywhere's with out me--!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2018


and I even have something to share with everyone--
Here is where I am so far on the Summer ABC's sampler--
I do have a confusion--
I often stitch for a bit each morning on this now--
after breakfast--
but todays stitching was finishing the large watermelon slice and the 2 birds--

Then-- I had to get all bundled up and walk the 2 blocks to the bakery--
for a couple loaves of bread--(they only use flour, salt/sugar, yeast, olive oil and water to make it!!)
It was a struggle to walk that far today ( think it is due to the dampness--trying to rain today--again!!)
I only got half way there and really felt like I could not take another step--I mean I had only walked one block--but I could see the bakery at the end of the next block--so I forced myself to keep going--and I did make it (besides I was totally out of bread!!)

  I hate feeling so exhausted every time I do a chore--but someday if I keep eating my spinach and taking my vitamins--I will get stronger--right????

( I found organic frozen spinach--and I have it about 2x a week!!)
and my vitamins are organic ones I order on line--Multi's--so I am working --and I work at getting some exercise every single day-even it means taking the bus to' wally world' to walk around there for an hour where I am inside out of the weather--and no--I am good about not buying anything I don't really need while here--!!

I am working at sorting things out again--
been working on quilting/sewing things and am putting together a couple boxes of sewing/quilting things to send to a blog friend in CA who is collecting them for the quilters who lost everything in the fires--hope to mail them out on Tues when I go to get my Christmas stamps at the post office.

Ok--back to sewing/and quilting my friends--the day is slipping away from us--


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