Friday, May 31, 2019


I was reading something a day or so ago--
and it said one really needed to change one's routine--
now and then--it makes one 'smarter'--
don't we all want a bit more 'smarts'????

So when I woke up this morning--
I changed my plans for today--
and decided to do the laundry today instead of Saturday morning--
as that has been my laundry day since I moved back here--

Grabbed the laundry and down to the laundry room I went--
Only--someone had a load in the one washer already (we are down to one
working machine right now--) so back I came--gave this person 20 minutes
to get  it from the washer to the dryer (it only had 5 minutes to go--)
But when I went back her clothes were still in the washer--
I did the only thing one can do in this kind of situation --
I took them and put them in her basket--
and started mine-

now -- there is a couple reasons for changing my routine--
besides wanting some more 'smarts'--
they are shampooing our hall ways today--
and --I do have different plans for Saturday this week end--
but I also wanted to go on the 10:30 bus to Walmart--
cause of the extra wait on the washer--
I was not done in time to do that bus--
so will have to go this afternoon--
and the shampoo guys got to this hall way ahead of schedule----
but -- I was able to get it finished and down the hall way--
even with all their big hoses in the way--
now the big question is--
am I any smarter?????  So far I don't feel it!!!!!!!!!!
but ---maybe it takes a day or so to kick in!!!

On to Inchy's--
Monday was the holiday--
Memorial Day--

so decided to use the word --Honor for that day-
as that is what it is all about--


again a change in plans for this day--
Anne couldn't come--
I did go to Walmart to do my walking and to pick up a couple things--
and when I got home I worked hard the rest of the day--
appliqueing these hearts--
I had about a dozen to finish--
and I did get them done--
and then was able to get all the threads I used--
back into the case--
And when Anne came on Wednesday--
I gave her the hearts for her Hospice quilts--
she was 'tickled' --she likes to put them between her 9 patches--

Mr Chip showed up to enjoy some seeds--

so enjoy a couple photos of him--
I have all my 'children' trained to get along and eat well together!!!!!!!
Look at how 'full' his cheeks are?????

Anne took me for my B-12 injection-
(and yes--I lost a bit more weight--yea!!)
and then we went to Arby's for lunch-

Was the annual Book sale here in town--
my sister June was suppose to come down from Penn Yan-
but was ill and could not make it--
called a girl friend and we went--
and I got 3 books--
and some magazines--

you have already heard some about--
while I was at the table stitching--
I noticed this going on outside--
a Momma bird feeding a youngster--
but it was so funny--cause as soon as the parent turned to get more food--
the baby would pick  up some seed and eat it, too!!!!!

Ok I have rambled on long enough for this post--


Monday, May 27, 2019


Life moves forward every day--
whether we are ready or not!!!

After a couple weeks of having my reaction to some 'chemical' stuff
happening here -
I had 2 days of lots of energy-
Saturday and Sunday--
so lots more 'little and big' things got done--

was my sister June's birthday--
June is 3 years younger than me--
and only lives about 20 minutes or so--further north of here--
but I have yet been able to get together with her--
hopefully that will change this week!!!!

was one of those days!!!???
some things where ok--
like taking the bus to Walmart for my 50 minute walk--
and getting a couple more plants for the barrel outside--
then in the afternoon--
heard some 'gossip' and such--
which did not please me!!!!

Well--summer is under way here in Watkins Glen--
when you are outside during the day--
on the week ends you can hear this sound--
yep--they have some car type racing every week end--up there--
and even though the races is a few miles from here--the sound carries--
and you can hear them down here--
and living at the end of the lake--
we get to hear this--
'horn' of the tour boat going out on the lake each hour--!!
and lots more car horns, and sirens, and the such--

Here is where the Inchies are from last week--

Sunday's --
inchy is--
a big bug--
seen him sitting on my window screen--
so I went outside (after I closed the drape for background)--

and took his photo--
and the above one of me taking the photo--
is for all of you who want to see what I look like!!!!!

And Now for the Fun part--
some finishes--
I got June's "word play" done--
I used my own color choices--
I like mine brighter--
and this morning--
after picking my own colors for July--
got it started--this morning--

I also 'dug' this quilt project back out--
to once again--
work on them--
this one was half done--
I believe this one is #8 out of 20 that I need to do--
and last evening while watching the race--
I got #9 basket done--now to do the flowers in that one!!!

and I got this block finished--

I am also working on the applique hearts that I was doing 'one a day'--
until I moved here--
think I got about 4 more of them done since getting back here--
and have about a dozen to finish that are prepped--
so am working on trying to finish those off--

My Dad served in WWII--but made it back--
as the war ended about the time he left--
but alot of men were not so fortunate!


Thursday, May 23, 2019


I often find that it is the little things--
the little things in life that need doing--
and we put  off--
Like today--
I did a 'bunch' of little things--
that were adding up--
like potting some flowers I had gotten --
making more hummer food and cleaning and refilling the hummer feeder--
(though no Hummingbird sightings have been seen yet--!!)
taking out the trash--and recycle--
replacing the filter in the air purifying machine--
sewing the buttons on a baby sweater--so another box of them can be sent to a charity--
looking for address of where to send them--
didn't find it--but alot of paper's got cleaned up and sorted!!!
ironing some quilt blocks for a photo shoot--
Just some things that get put off--
until our list--runneth over!!!!

And on that list-- that now is about finished--
is doing a post!!!!
I did finish all the 'Grace' blocks--
I really enjoyed stitching on these--
and did the flowers in a coral thinking ahead to Florida move--
so now these are packed up for when I do move --
then I will go and find the fabrics to finish it!!
And let's see--
where are we on the Inchy's of life--
the temp was--
and fairly lovely outside--
I did get dressed--
and I did walk up to the bakery for my bread--
only they did not have the one I wanted--booo!!!
was a weird day--
one in which I lost my temper a couple times--
though those that upset me did not hear it!!!
and there is one company online that I will not be doing any business with
in the future--!!!!!
and I returned to get the right of loaf of bread that they said would be baked-
it was in the oven and not ready--
again--someone who worked there was not even nice to me about it!!
But there --I have to go back--no other place around here to get my bread--!

BUT-- I did do something 'good' for me--
I ordered my canvas cot and had it shipped to a girl friend in Fl --
I found a nice cot at Walmart that also makes into a chaise lounge--$40--
and decided it would be perfect for my first couple nights down there while
I went looking for a real bed---and a comfortable chair!!
but was afraid they would sell out of them--so one step more towards my move!!!
(and this cot will come in handy if I ever have to evacuate --as you have to take your

was a 'memory' day for one thing--
it was my Granny's birthday--
on my Dad's side--she was a tiny short thing--
I got my height of 4'10" from here--
I did get to know her while growing up as she would come up from Florida
off and on and visit--I don't remember what year she was born--that paper work is
still in Florida!!! Her first name was Jenny--humm--wonder why none of us girls were
named after her?????  I love that name!!
It was also Anne's day--
we visited for awhile and then did go to a greenhouse where I picked up 3 plants--
one for my hanging basket in the tree--million dollar red petunia's--sure hope they start producing million dollar bills soon!!!
Then we went to Pizza hut for lunch--
after Anne brought me home--I did walk up and was able to get the right loaf of bread--
Cracked Wheat--yum!
It was also a day for phone calls--
Heard from '4' friends--that is so unusual for me to hear from so many in one day!!!
Wednesday morning--
As I was opening the curtains and blinds in the bedroom--
I see a beautiful site--
perched on one of the branches in the tree--
was a bright red cardinal--again though--I just stood and watched him--
knew I couldn't get out to the camera, before he flew away--
which he  did shortly after!!
I took the bus to Walmart for a couple grocery items and a liner for the wire hanging basket--
(thought I had saved myself some money by buying one a while ago in the Dollar store--
but--discovered it was way too small---this one cost me $3.50--but it fits!!!)
and after lunch I walked about 3 blocks-- to the shop where I get my hair cut--
and came out looking not quite 'soo' shaggy!!!

I do believe that the reason I got 4 phone calls from loved ones in one day--
is because of some comments -you also my loved ones-
left me from my last post--
And I thank you all for your prayers and love and concern--
I am still struggling with after effects of the shingles--
and it does cause me to be depressed at time--
and it is why I believe I now have my 'temper from'--
cause I didn't have before I got them--!!!!!

Well I better go for now--
before I bore you all to death!!!

luv, di

Sunday, May 19, 2019

I AM---

tired, depressed and lonely today--
so that is why there is one less--
one less--dark truffle in the bag  on the bottom shelf
in the refrigerator!!!
Ok on  to some 'better' stuff--
We are back to Wednesday of last week--
and I did a dogwood bloom for the tree across the street--
and the photos I took that day--
(think my artist drawing talent was on vacation on  Wed--by the looks of
that poor bloom!!!!)

was a day where --
you know how you know that there are things you need to do--
but you seem to put them off--
and sometimes they don't ever get done--
I did sit down and do --one of things--
and that was to send out some cards--
I sent out 4 birthday Thank You cards, one Birthday card, and one Sympathy card!!!
the birthday card went to my other sister--June--though a bit early--
her's not till this week on the 23rd--
and the Sympathy card was a very sad one--
to an old boyfriend and his family (he is the  one I am sure I should of married--but???)
His very talented and genius level -14yr old grandson committed suicide!!!
(they say cause of that awlful word--bullying!!!!)
I was terribly bully-ed in school--only I didn't know it was suppose to bother me--
had never really heard the word--bully--back then--just thought it was what kids did--
so--I just took it and kept right on going with life--but I guess it is alot different now--more peer pressure--more in the news about it--sad sad sad!!)

Oh what a delightful surprise I had Friday afternoon--
I was sitting in the rocker--stitching--and glancing out the window--
when I stopped--and sat and stared--
because--instead of a Humming bird at the hummer feeder--
I had this guy--
a beautiful Balitmore Oriole--
the first time I have seen one in real life--
and was on my 'bucket' list of birds I wanted to see--
I just watched him drink--as I was so surprised--
and I knew that if I got up to get the camera--I would scare him away--
maybe if he comes again I can get a photo for my album!!!!

was just pretty much a routine Saturday for me--
sewing the Inchies together for the past week--
Then in the evening--
I watched my favorite sport--
this week was the All Star race--
no points--just fun racing--
and only a select few--like 19 drivers on the field--
and I got excited in the end with who won--
someone outside of the main 6 drivers who have won so far this season--
I love it when a different driver wins--
OHHH--and the winning prize besides a trophy--
was just--
a check for a
Yep--one million dollars!!!!
(he won't get the whole thing--but alot of it!!!)
Kyle is married and has 2 small cute kids--a boy and a girl!!!!


And Yes--after nearly 5 1/2 months of doing the Inchies--
it does get harder and harder some days--
really did not know if I would come up with something for yesterday--
cause as I said it was a quiet routine day--
I thought hard before I did another race car--this was my 3rd one since mid Feb--
but --then racing is 'my' thing other than stitching and knitting and photography--
so why not--especially when there is something 'history' making going on!!!


We are 'hot' today--
yesterday we were still 'cold'--
so today it feels 'terrible'-- really--way too hot--
our bodies are having a hard time adjusting--(at least mine is)
tomorrow is suppose to be hot too--but then--
we are back to cold!!!!!  go figure!!!!!!


Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Even if it is dark, cold and rainy--
the season seems to know that it is Spring--
and it is springing into action--
can't believe how green the hills are getting--
with all the new leaves on the trees and bushes!!!

Last Thursday--
I had my slice of Lasagna from Olive Garden--
for my supper--
a pot of fresh asparagus
both where yummy!!!

Fridays Inchy--
Is for the beautiful Bluebells that where blooming in a corner
of the one of the gardens--

Saturdays Inchy--
is --
I was sitting at the table looking out the window while stitching--
and seen 'my' first sail boat  of the season on Seneca Lake!!
They are working now each day at putting the sail boats into the water at the piers
pretty soon all will be ready to sail the Lake!!

Inchy of course had to do with
Mother's Day--
was cold, wet and damp here--
so didn't go any where--
stayed in my nightgown all day and sewed and knitted!!

Yep--the printer has needed some new Ink for along time now--
but I hated to spend the money on it--
but I need to print out some photos--
some ink came home with me--
on the walk around Walmart for exercise!!!

Inchy is kinda funny--
See this rocker--
I sit in this in the afternoon's--
I read a bit--
then stitch, or knit--
well--this week I also did a bit of this--
yep--caught myself--
sawing some logs both on Monday and Tuesday really--
woke myself up --snoring !!!!!
(have no fear--they were only 10 minutes or less breaks for working!!!!)

I also did get another block of the Grace blocks finished--
and have another one half done--
I just have the half one to finish and one other one--
then all 9 blocks will be done!!!!

Got a couple flowering tree photos this afternoon--
in the back yard--
there is 3 of these trees--
and I seen this "huge" bumblebee--just having the time of his life with all the pollen!!!!

and this one is across the street here--

So how was your week???


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