Friday, December 31, 2010


Oh my oh my it is really ending--
the year of 2010 is nearing it's end--
And a new one will be here in about 3 more hours!!!!

I have to say that 2010 was a tough year for alot of us--
but us quilters and bloggers are a rough bunch--
we may have some "bruises" and tender spots now--
maybe even still some broken hearts--
but we will continue on--and I might add with a smile!!!

what did I do today--the last day of the year????
Well--my favorite things--
I ate chocolate of course--
and --
went shopping-------
Had to go to walmart for a couple more cans of cat food--
came home with 3 more cans--
these things--
Christmas aisles were 75% off--
would you look at that--
don't tell me that that Miss Gracie got more stuff?????
Got these three stems of beads that go into flower arrangements--
not sure what I am going to do with them yet--but----
found me a nice t-shirt for next Christmas for $2.50--great buy!!
got 4 sets of pj's to put away for our local Seneca Santa for next year--
I do the 0-2 year olds otherwise that age group gets nothing--and 
Anne make them baby quilts!

My "other" sister teaches Sunday School--so got these for her--

 Ahhha ah---I thought the new kitty stocking looked like it had some new toys missing already --
I see something "pink" there Miss Gracie??????

Well--have more to say--
like don't I always????lol
but for now I just want to do this--
to each and everyone of you--
I really don't think I would of made it through this last year without all of you there to keep me going---
what a wonderful world blogging is--
Bless you all--
Love---hugs, to all from Di and miss gracie

Thursday, December 30, 2010


OH MY--hhow cute is this--I did not know that these pictures changed!!!!

OK--lets get down to work ---

as you know I have stated all week that I have been doing alot of work on the computer--and I have spent every afternoon here and most of the evenings--
and I have finally gotten somethings done that I have wanted to do for a while now!!!

One was to update my blog reading list--
and that is one long job--
Why--cause I keep finding more and more sites that I enjoy reading out there--
so I have soooo many now that I will be all "read" out each night--there goes book reading of any kind!!!!!
Second--I have wanted for a long time to go over my "followers" listings and see what some of them have on there sites to see if I would like to add them--and finally this afternoon I was able to do that--
All this equals---some mighty long blog list!!!!

and it being nearly the end of another year and the beginning of a new year--
it really was inventory time--
OH MY---but those UFO's can pile up!!!!
I have alot of them listed over on my other site-
so be sure to visit over there for my list and pictures!!!
I have also add a link at the top of the side bar on this site--so you can see when there has been an update--that site will be mainly for the challenge of ufo's--
course there is enough of them that I may never be able to come up for air--
nor will I ever be able to start anything new---(just watch me???)

How is your year ending???
Have you counted those UFO'S yet???
Made a list of the new projects you want to make???
What about other than quilting--what else would you like to do????

Well--time to go read!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Yep--got some "sweet" things to show and tell and share!!!

First here is another gift I forgot to take a photo of--

This from my friend Anne yesterday--
Ahhh-there is already one chocolate bar missing--
you know that new "mouse" that you seen yesterday--
Had to of been "her"!!!!
then the second most important foods of course is the Peanut Butter and jelly--
and there is a gift card to go buy the bread to put the pj and jelly on--
oh and if I get tired of eating there is some "cute" buttons to play with!!!!

And guess what---?????
I finally today tracked down where I found the pattern for these "sweet" ornaments--

that some got in the mail--
check out this
and her Sept 10, post--
Caution--first the video is in a foreign language--??
and there is a dog barking in the back ground the whole time--
but just put it on "mute" and watch the photos--simple--
2nd Caution--these are very addicting--so be careful!!!!!!!!!

and I have a joined something "sweet" this year--
it is a UFO challenge--
but with a cute twist--
we list 10 projects--then each month she picks a number and that is the project for that month--we do not have to decide "which" one to work on next????
now that is a "sweet" idea to me!!!
there is also other UFO's out there--happy hunting!!!

Now I don't usually "advertise" for other companies--
but I just tonight ran across a "sweet" one--
if you are looking for some baking accessories check this out--
I am telling you that this site just might get me to bake up some sweets yet????
and now talking about "Sweets"--
here is my sweety---
and she is playing with her "sweet" catnip bag from Kady and her candy--

Well--I am not doing alot of sewing--
though I am doing alittle knitting and some hand quilting--
mostly everyday I have been on this computer doing alot of cleaning up of files  and maintenance sort of stuff?????
What are doing?????

and miss gracie

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


there has been some "crazy" weather around lately--
so please don't forget the birds and animals that have been caught off guard too--
and with all our heads in the clouds over Christmas--we may have "forgotten" to refill the dishes--so get to it---Thanks!!!

Tuesday--Anne's day--
she has been fighting a small cold--so she mainly sat and visited--
I did do alittle-- and I mean a little hand quilting on the Christmas card holder--
then she took me, lil sister and her mom and we all went out to lunch---was really nice and we had a nice time!!!
Then the trouble began---
Lil sister and I decided we had better get ourselves up to the Country shop for there sale--they close on Thursday this week until 1st of April---3 whole months--OUCH!!!!
Here is my Loot--
Now here I was a good girl--this necklace is a birthday gift in January!!!
Still good--Christmas cards for next year---
But now------
these things--
3 country tin stars--a candle ring--
a spare set of candle light bulbs--
and see the glass pinecone--got 3 of those--
will be using them with my snowmen soon--
Got me another wood painted plate for my snowmen decorating--
Now everything today was on sale--some as much as 40% off--
like the plate and pine cones and stars!!!
and I did put some things back---tooo---
and at first lil sister said I should get the pincones that are much cheaper at Wally world--but I reminded her they were "glittery" big time--and that I thought these pinecones went better with my plate--she agreed--smart girl!!!!!!

Now I have realized that ever since this ---
new house mate came to live with me--
I seem to be finding all kinds of mice around here!!!
Today this one showed up--
found her just a sittin on the back of this plate --just as pretty as you please!!!!
Can you see how she is made---?????
I do wonder who had all the fun eating the "top" cookie to all the "oreo's" they used to make these--the body is a chocolate covered cherry--the head a candy kiss and the ears are almonds---
Now how cute it these?????
Too cute to eat--though???????

Well only 3 more days to 2010!!!!!
Are we all getting our goals listed for next year?????

Have a fun Wednesday--
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Monday, December 27, 2010


OH well--Holidays are fun--but now we have to get back to doing what ever it is we are suppose to be doing!!!!(that was a "mouth-full" of words!!!!)

so as we usually do--lil sister and I took the bus to wally world--
she needed kitty litter for Morris==I needed kitty food for miss gracie!!
lil sister does not use my brand of kitty litter--
and miss gracie does not eat Morris's kind of food---
go figure!!!!!
we were surprised to still see so much Christmas stuff on the isles--
Usually by the second day after Christmas it is pretty much all gone--
but our Walmart is still full!!!!

OK--Now for my gifts for Christmas--

First we have--
these three items from lil sister--
the set of blue bowls is a set of three and will be perfect for my decorating with my snowmen later this week !!!

Then --
this adorable  Boyds Bear--
 that came with a really cute tag--
and was a gift from Sunny

Remember the tiny package that was under the tree--
it was a pair of real pretty earrings--
unfortunately I can no longer wear earrings--
but my new "Sunny" bear can--
and they are the perfect color to go with "Sunny's" quilt!!!
Thank you soooo very much Sunny!

came from Kady--with the gifts for miss gracie--
I did show you the kitten ornaments--those will be out all year!!
and the two story books were delightful to read--
what neat gifts--thank you soooo much Kady!!

this stash of goodies came from Alice
(Whom we need to get after so she works on her blog site more!!!!)
See the fabric that all the gifts are displayed on---that came also and is what Alice used to wrap the little wooden bird house in!!!  And yes there is a box of Chocolate there--she knows how to stay on the "sweet" side of me!!!--be sure to take a look at that 3-d Card--how cute is that--and look even a "cat" ornament!!!
and then there is that "FABRIC"--oh my how sweet--
Here is a look at the three white and black designed ones--
do think I have a design rattling around in my head for these!!!!
SO--Alice thank you sooo verry much!!

this cute package came all the way from AU and is from Joy
she is getting ready to move in a couple weeks back to Saudi Arabia--
yet she took time to send me a package--
the scarf she crocheted--it is soo cute and it is in my favorite color!!!!!
But look at that cute tote--
the scarf is coming out of a little pocket that is on one side--
I just love this--and that card is sooo cute too--
What can I say--
Thank you soooo much Joy!

and this pile of goodies came from Lola
Lola and I were in an exchange group last year--and I had her name--
we have kept in touch since--and now her and Alice are good friends as they both go to the same quilt shop in VA and they often get together and stitch together--
so maybe I need to move to VA???
Any ways--look at those prim kittens--this is a panel that has several different things to make with the kittens and these kittens will go great with the ones Kady sent me--how cool is that???  Then look at that pretty pink and green and tan fabrics--I mean--how could you not love them--(have to keep these out of lil sister's site--she's awant'a them!!)
Thank you sooo much Lola!!

I got these gifts from an old pen pal---we have been writing back and forth for over 10 years now--Cindy lives in PA and she does not have a blog--she is still a letter writer--
so once in a while I have to get out my pen's and sharpen them up and write her a letter!!! I really needed the little calendar--it will go over my computer desk here where I type--can always use note pads and that towel is just perfect for me--all the right colors--chmas green , chmas red, and white--
Thanks soo much Cindy!

well--that is about it--
this has been my "bestest" Christmas in a very long time--
so how do I really say "Thank You" to each and everyone of you???
and then there has been all of you blog friends who have sent me "wishes" by way of the Internet---they are sooo meaningful also--thank you!!!!

Now it really is time to go back to work--
well--maybe just "think" about it--
we could wait until after the New Year to really get going again!!!!
and kitty "purrs" from miss gracie!!!