Saturday, January 30, 2010


HEY--there blogging "cowgirls and boys"  it is time to round them up---
AND bring them on in for the "count"---!!!!
IT IS January 30--31--time to "count" all our finishes for the month!!!!!
HERE IS my last two projects for this month----
THIS was my "old" purse that I wanted to replace--it is still a good one--just my new wallet is hard to get in and out of it---SOOOOO--
HERE is the "new" one--alittle wider and alittle taller and with two pockets--the cute panel on the out side is a deep pocket and there is a pocket in the inside--
I also used some of the smaller pieces that came on the panel---
I have a zipper at the top for closing the purse----what pattern do I use---
NONE--I just do them outta my head--it is easier that tryin to follow a pattern!!!
MADDY in all her glory---she is completely done---all hand quilted--binding done and she even has 5 old pearl buttons on the centers of some of the squares--she is so pretty now and soooo proud of herself!!!!!!
AND here she is with her pillow and in the pillow pocket is the little pin cushion!!!  so she is already for this month's parade!!!!

WELL--it sure has been one busy month for me --- I plan on doing this tomorrow--
I sure don't know if I will be this happy when I work on cleaning and rearranging and dusting as this little one--but I will try!!!!

I just loved this book---this cat Homer is -- is--incredible and the author does a great job in writing his and her story--so if you have not read it --READ IT--especially if you love cats--and it is a good read even if you are not a cat lover!!!

WELL a couple of you keep asking when I sleep--I really do sleep and I even have to take a nap most afternoons---I just don't do much else--except "sew"--hey I even take time to 'eat"!!!!!

But I am really tired tonight--so I am leaving you for now and need to do some emails to let "hosts" know that my "finishes" are done for this month!!!!

And just think it will all start all over again on Monday  and   next month there is only 28 days to get it all done----OUCH!!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


SILLY ME--thinking "maybe" we would get another pretty snow storm today!!!

AND -- that I would get my "to do" list finished today--one can only hope!!!!

This--is the book that has the Pj snowmen in it--
AND -- here is Tilda's snowmen---
AND -- here are mine---
I LIKE---hats on my snowmen---so I used her nightcap she has on her sleepy angels in the book---but I am not sure if mine are "yawning" cause it is bedtime---OR --- if they are "blowing" all my blog friends a "kiss"!!!!!

These guys took nearly all day to do---I also did get the binding machine sewed onto Maddie--but then she took a "back" seat the rest of the day while I "created" these guys!!!!

WHY DID I SEW/MAKE three---your guess is as good as mine---I used to make "tons" of these kinds of things when I had my store 10 years ago--only I made one and two and three dozen of them at a time---FUN  FUN  FUN !!!!!  Now I seem to make things in "three's"?????????


Hugs, Di

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I can not "believe" it -----it actually did this DURING THE DAY----
AND I got to sit and watch it come down---it was so delightful--
There for a minute I thought I had been "transported" to a winter wonderland!!!
Oh Happy Day!!!
Look at the size of those "flakes"????  they were sooo large and soft and COLD!!!!
OK Di--this is a  Quilting channel--not the weather channel----

I did work all day on projects--but none are finished for pictures yet--
"Maddy" is almost all hand quilted--just one side and a little of the other one and it will be ready for binding--
My two goals for this month for the OPAM is to make --
1. snowmen in Pj's from the Tilda book---I got 3 cut out and the bodies sewed together--but the "stuffer" lady hasn't showed up yet????  also got the 3 pairs of Pj's cut out for them
2. New Purse--I have this basically figured out and some of the pieces are ready to sew together

I still need to finish knitting one more baby hat for the hospital on my commitment of 4 per month
JANUARY 29th---Friday -- is PUZZLE DAY!!!!

No NO it is not a day to try to Puzzle out family members and figure out how they tick!!!!!
NO NO it is not a day to try and figure out how the computer works--cause in that case--there is always some "pieces" missing????
NOW we are talking---it is just simply putting together a "puzzle"--so pull one out and get started---I love putting puzzles together--only thing is that is all I do until it is finished---maybe I will have more time next month to put one together!!!!!

Just--inside--Di & co.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As you seen I got the Christmas Wish quilt all done yesterday--remember???

And remember I showed you that I sewed a ribbon and a button on top of each block---WELL
I took the quilt to show my friend Mary downstairs today--but on the way on Wednesdays I go by way of the community room first as they have a "coffee hour" and always have "sweets" and I like to take some to Mary--so as I got there today--everyone says--lets see your quilt--now little sister is sitting there, too---so I open up the quilt--all proud of my work---and then little sister says--why did you do that one different--is it a mistake or did you do it on purpose????
I really thought little sister had lost it---and no body else could see anything different--so she gets up and comes around and points to the first block--

and we all "gasp" and by "catfish" there is one "different"---can you see what I did????   we all had a little laugh and I went on my way!!!

At Mary's I show her the quilt and we laugh about the one block--then I go into the kitchen to fix her tea and I look down and I really start LAUGHING---you see my vest was on "backwards" and it really was noticeable---I like to laugh at myself--but I think I was also laughing at the fact that NOBODY IN the community room noticed---only what was wrong with the quilt!!!!!
Any way this is my story and I am laughing all the way through it!!!!!!

AND here is another BOM finish---see side bar for a link to copy it --my two really good blogging friends, Alice and Joy are doing these together--so hurry over and get one!!!!

The highlight of our zoo trip was a peacock showing off its plumage.
My four-year old son was particularly taken with it.
that evening, he couldn't wait to tell his father"
"Dad, guess what I say!! I saw a Christmas tree come out of a Chicken!!"
(carol howard)

well that's all for tonight---Happy thoughts go your way---
Hugs, Di&co

Tuesday, January 26, 2010




So have some fun and bake a chocolate cake today!!!!

WELL---I am either "one" month late---or--"eleven" months early----
But here is a finish---

My Christmas Wish--bom by Gail Pam is all finished==

I hand quilted a feather type design down each column--in a multi colored thread of red/green/white--

I hand quilted around each of the letters going around the outside of the letter--in an off white thread---

and then I added a bow and a button at the top of each square--which makes it look like a package--I think!!!!

My girl-friend, Anne. came today for our quilting time--then we did go out for lunch--we each had some homemade soup today!!!

then spent the rest of the day hand quilting on Maddy and working on a couple projects--so kept busy!!!

What did you do today??????