Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I DID IT--got some more string finishes for the String challenge --
I made some much needed hot mats and hot  holders---
Like I said -- much needed--- I seemed to have a whole pile of these red,blue,green strips in a ball in the basket of scraps--and as the kitchen is red, white, and black--I decided these would work nicely and a little "sparkle" to the kitchen--I also liked the size of the "burnt" one above--so made some that size!!!!

And I got this project done--
A cute pillow--

For either a kitty or a doggie that will be coming to live here one of these days!!!!
Now I really liked this project--first it was easy---just sewed alot of long "odd" ball strips together from the scrap basket---second--it was a way for me to justify what to do with the smaller pieces!!!!!
I have had a real problem with what to do with all those little bits of pieces---I just hate throwing them out and they are really too small sometimes to bother with---and then there is those small pieces of batting--that I keep--and then when I go to square up a quilt top and cut off that edging of fabric and batting--I hate to throw that away--but "hey" one can keep just soooo much!!!
BUT now I will collect them in a basket and make more "four legged" friendly beds and donate them to my local SPCA---so thanks Stephine from for coming up with this challenge--even if I had only gotten one other project made in the six months---I now have 9 to my name---way to go!!!

I will be back later for more of today's doing!!!

yep I am back--
another finish--
here is the Gifts of Grace block for June--
this is the last blocks for Bouquet by Jenny--I did get them started--but--month ran out---so will have to put them on July's list!!!!

And I did get this done this afternoon---
Yep--a whole wagon of packages ready to be "wheeled" to the Post Office tomorrow morning---
here's another little "game" for you!!!!
GUESS how much this will cost me to mail???/
Two packages are going out the country---the rest are US ones---leave guesses in US dollars---and yep--there's a prize for the one closest to the actual amount!!!!

And tomorrow is the 1st of July and my FALL challenge starts---
Here is my 1st project--
It is a felt project--and tomorrow I will be ordering the felt of it!!!
I only have "4" of you signed up so far---SOOOO---you can do that on this post too if you decide you want to--the guidelines are on this
So let's have some fun here!!!!!!
It sure has "felt" like Fall here today--only about 55 degrees out--and the air has been chilly--I even had to go put "socks" on!!!

****Don't forget the contest in yesterday's post--go there to leave that answer--*****

Have fun tomorrow--a new month begins!!!

Hugs, Di

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We have just one more day for the month of June---I just want to know--How did that happen????? Where are the other 29 days????  Anyone seen them?????

I am happy to say that the State Fair is all finished for June---
Very spring/summery looking--yet I wonder if I would of liked it in red and blue?????
Don't know if you can see the design that I hand quilted on the blocks or not--do you realize that there was "25" blocks on this quilt---plus the border!!!!!

Anne was here this morning and I got the binding sewed to the back while we visited--then we had lunch here before she went home.   Then I went to my sewing room and dumped my bag of strips on the bed for the strip challenge---now let's see--
that started when---January sometime---- and about mid way I did one project--
A pillow to go with one of the Schnibbles quilts--good for me!!!!
Have I done anything since??????    NO------
Like I said though I did work on some today and I do have about 4 or so projects to finish tomorrow and hope to get them in on time!!!!
the good news is---the large bag that I was stuffing all these in has now been cleaned out---some of the pieces I discovered where not really good for strings and I put them in my applique baskets--some were too small for anything to resew--but "me's" is gonna use them tomorrow--you must wait and see!!!!

Am working on two other hand work projects at the moment--and someone in the comments last night said I would get my "whole" list done by tomorrow night---
WRONG----but I have tried!!!!!

The Phantom of the Opera Duck---
Look carefully at this picture---it looks like he has not bill---
Here he does have one--but it just makes him look even more like a "phantom" duck--doesn't he??????

I have a question for you all???????
How do you "fold" your underwear?????????

      1. you don't---you just toss it in the drawer!!!!
       2. You fold it into thirds and fold it again in the middle!!!
        3. you fold them in half and then half again!!!!
         4. you roll them into a ball!!!!!
          5. other????
This is a contest---all those who match "my way" of folding their underwear get into a drawing for two charm packs---how does that sound!!!!??????

How do you fold your underwear????????????
Friday at post time I will check answers and do the drawing!!!!

Kitty picture time--
( don't tell anyone--but this "Di" person is really a little "goofy"!!!!)

Hugs, Di

Monday, June 28, 2010

OH DEAR----I GOOFED!!!!!!!!!!!

This is NOT my stitchery--it is the one from the Red Brolly site for this month!!!


Have NO fear---mine is done---
But a "funny" thing happened today as I was finishing it up--or thought I was finished----
I stopped to look at it and thought--boy are those "flowers" plain---
Then I relooked at the pattern--and seen what I was NOT done yet----
So---I found the right color blue thread---
and now doesn't this look much better????
I used a peach color on his blanket--and a grey for the chair---wanted a little different colors so all the blocks won't blend in together when we are finished---doesn't Brutus look happy now??????

And I did get the binding machine stitched to the State Fair quilt--so tomorrow I will get it tacked down and then pictures of it!!!!

I also have started the "Grace" bom by Val for this month--Kindness--and then I just have the Bouquet one to do of Jenny's and I am done for the month---
UNTIL---I remember something else I need to do---like hand quilt the doll quilt---ah--finish the top of Charming challenge---do last weeks jelly roll block and work on the round robin rows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well now---there is no time to get into trouble by the sounds of this list??????

I was a 'good' girl and did do my walk tonight---
and here is some pictures to prove it!!!!!!
I "thought" these little pine trees were 'cute' the way they are growing in a tight circle!!
Thought this was a neat picture of a reflection of the sky in the water!!!
Found just one momma and one baby tonight--
But this baby was having a ball--
He was all over the place---
This momma has some blue feathers on her--wonder if the baby will have some when it gets full grown!!!!!

And a lily picture from my garden--we had some heavy--and much needed rain last night and this afternoon---I love how the rain drops still cling to the petals of the flower!!!!

A friend has a cat that needs a home---AM I looking for a cat??????
It was used to being outdoors---but now has no desire to go out---
But will it eat all my house plants?????
Oh---I hate making decisions!!!!!
They always look so sweet and innocence when you line them up--
and they are sleeping--- but------

Well you all be good tomorrow and happy stitching---
Hugs, Di

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Little sister and I did our Sunday visiting to day---seen these lovely lilies on the way--
and they are actually a deeper color--usually my camera gets the color right--but I know they were much darker red than they look here!!!!
this pot was in front of a business on main street and I thought the leaves looked huge!!!! (but in this picture they look small?????!!!!!!)
At the corner now--
Oh Boy--there is the sign to our two "favorite" shops on this street---( note see all those cars coming into town--this is at the main four corners here in Watkins Glen!!!!
First stop--the Quilt shop---
And on the work table in the classroom we seen this--
Is this not beautiful or what---the strips with the light colored background are somehow done in 3-D---I hope this is to be a class---I will take it for sure!!!!!

Then up the street to the Antique shop--
this place is called "Pigtail Alley" cause that is the name of their place in Bath, NY area!!!!  This is where I have gotten all my "new" furniture from--now they think we should stop by every week and see them and say "Hi' and that is OK with us--cause then we get to check out all the new stuff they bring in each week--and yes I am looking at one or two things!!!!!!

then we had pizza for lunch--
then went to our other favorite shop--the Country shop---I was looking for a couple more things there for accents ( doesn't that sound better than saying "nick nacks"??)
for some of my new decorating--couldn't get anything today---have to wait til the first of the month!!!!!!!!!!!!


And this is all I brought home with me today---
Two sale patterns and a spool of thread!!!!  the top pattern I got thinking it would work for the "I Spy" exchange I was in last year--but this one calls for a layer cake size---but I think I can still use the idea with my smaller blocks?????  The other pattern Little sister and I are looking at for our "bird" quilts---NO we haven't forgotten them--just been busy with other things--but maybe now that we got the pattern we can get them going?????

Only stitching I did was on "Brutus" and of course he insisted I stitch him in first--then the blanket under him--now he has me stitching in his chair---the flowers are last---
Seen these "beauties" on the way home---and this time the color came out good!!!

Well that was our little adventure for today--tomorrow it is back to work day---but I haven't decided on which project yet--probably the binding on State Fair and maybe work on Kelly's quilt along challenge???????
What are you going to work on????????
Hugs, Di