Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There is Joy, Joy, Joy,
down in my heart tonight!!!
Now how did an rabbit get in here--
wrong season little guy--
but then he is a happy guy--like me tonight!!!!

I got to sew, sew, sew, today--
and here is what I got put together---
Gracie, Mom is trying to take a picture of all her work!!!!
But Mom-- I wanna see toooo!!!
HUMMMM--so this is why I had to sleep all day--
and this is 'why' you didn't play with me all day????
That's "OK" Mom--it is pretty cool-----
what's everybody else thinking--did Mom do a good job??????

And here is a close up of the block that was driving my Mom crazy---
What do you think now????
she cheated and used fabric that she fussy cut for the pinecones and she couldn't find any pine needles --so she used the flowers that where on the fabric with the pinecones--and she appliqued them all on--she is one "smart" cookie---that Mom of mine!!!!
OKay--Gracie that is enough--what are you wanting--
a new toy tomorrow when I go shopping for all this praise!!!!
Crazy cat!!!!!

I still have a little applique to do in the upper left hand corner and one to do in the lower right hand bottom corner and then this one is ready to put in the pile to quilt!!

I did have a hard decision to make today--
when I went into the sewing room I had to ask myself--
1. did I want to keep working on this Christmas quilt?
2. did I want to continue working on the "12 days of Christmas blocks"?
3. did I want to make a mug rug?
4. did I want to make some candy rolls?
5. did I want to trace another red work block?
6. did I want tooooooooo?????????

That's all for tonight blog friends--
what did you do today?????
Hugs, Di and her side kick-Gracie!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

AM I DONE -- YET?????

I wanna sew---
this decorating is for the "birds"--
too much time, energy, thought (brain taxing for sure)
and mess!!!!

Here goes for what I have done for now--
I have just loved this chair since I carried it home--it really is alot of fun to decorate!!
see I can get "floral" crafty too--lil sister!!!!
that is that chipped "free" stoneware teapot from the free box at the church sale!!!
this is my Christmas hankie collections--wait til lil sister sees this display???
we did this quilt last year as a bom--it is hung behind my chair--
my black desk table--
this stocking and Angel I have had now for about 15 years--
I knew the lady that made them and she used old fabrics!!
this a new plate this year from the country shop--

this is what I ended up doing with what plants I have left--
and yes that is a "glitzy" tree in the background and yes that is also new this year from the Country shop--got it before I got on this --Di is not "glitzy" kick!!!!
lil sister did do this display on the stool--
the stool had been in the bathroom--
but I wanted to put a different one in there--
so she put it here--
when I got done today I still had some baskets left over--
I love baskets--
so I put a Christmas cloth in this old suitcase and filled it up with the baskets and have it under the wood table--
wonder how long before Gracie 'adds her decorating touch' to it?????
I also got my winter clothes out and hung and sorted--
so am ready--and by the looks of the rest of this week's weather I just might need them before all is said and done!!!!!
Sewing--what's that?????
I do hope that I can do that tomorrow---
I have gotten nearly all the applique done on the Christmas quilt blocks--
but I need to press the blocks then will show you them--
so hope you are busy doing your "Christmasy things"---

Hugs, Di and kitty kisses from Gracie!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


It has been a couple "funny" days here--
with trying to do the holiday decorating--
yet at the same time asking myself what my "true" look is????
Today -- again-- I would get something all decorated--
then step back and would say--
that is not really me--
I want much more "simple" and more country!!!

After a second redo on my cabinet--
This is what I found I liked--
the first time I had lots of things--mostly gingerbread things all over this cabinet--
things hanging from the doors--towels hanging off the shelves--and more things on the shelves--now I did do that last year--but this year--I want to decorate--just want 'SIMPLE' and then less to make it simple--and not real glitz--

Remember this --
tree on the dresser from yesterday--
well it's gone to a new home--
it walked to lil sisters--it just was not me--
at least not this year!!!!
I do have a "plan" for finishing this dresser top--
so stay tuned for further developments!!!!

I also got another baby hat knitted today--
the blue one--so have two ready to go now--
also started another one and this evening I did a "no-no"--
sorry 'Sunny' had to break my Sunday rule of not doing laundry on Sundays!!!
they will be working in that hall way tomorrow morning early with the padding and new carpet--so I needed to go down tonight and get the it done--I can now go for at least 10 days before I have to wear the "birthday suit" and do laundry!!!!!!

So therefore even though I did work on the Christmas decorating and had really--really wanted to be finished by tonight---it didn't happen--
there is tomorrow!!!!!

Be good and have a great Monday everyone!!!
Is the turkey all gone??????
Hugs, Di and on my lap is a sleeping Gracie!!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


The turkey is history--all the pies are gone--the guests have left--
so now I---
it is really time to get with the program!!!!!!
we have only about "27" days to do 127 days worth of work and preparation!!!
and some of us are even more behind---so if you don't want this month to look like this at the end--
One big "blurr" of what happened to December--
I think we need to stay up all night for the next two weeks and work around the clock--then we can sit back and enjoy the last two weeks of Christmas---
that is if "we" can keep our eyes open!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a nice Thanksgiving--
we got the free turkey dinner from a Church, again it was enough that I ate half of it for lunch--enjoyed the pumpkin pie -- mid afternoon--
then heated up the leftover dinner for my supper--so was a "turkey" day with leftovers and no clean up--yea for me!!!!

Since Thanksgiving day I have been into the Christmas decorations and doing some decorating-
Now a story about a Red Christmas tree!!!
remember last year when my friend Mary, had a blue and white tree and I had to do the same????
Well--I have always wanted a red and white tree--so after Christmas I picked up a lot of pretty glitter ornaments on clearance-- and even found the red lights with the white wires for the tree a couple weeks ago--
Here is the tree--
this is between the bedroom doorway and the bathroom doorway--
Oh --soooo pretty---and the wall hanging is one I did last year too from blog land!!
WELL---the tree is not there any more--
and NO Gracie is not the one at fault here---
I am--
I just kept "feeling" that this tree with all it's glitter is not me--
OH yes it is pretty--but I just kept feeling I was to pack it up and take it to the Cat thrift store for them to sell or whatever--even when I got up this morning--so I did it!!!
Call me "crazy" but-----
I had a long talk at myself yesterday and as I was going through the ornaments and sorting them out--of which I did also take a tote full of Christmas things to the Thrift store too--I realized just what Christmas is to me---
I am just an "old-fashioned" gal and to me Christmas is a "memory" remembering time--the tree needs to be green--whether fake or real--and the things on it should hold some kind of memory or story or adventure---and the tree should be holding your Christmas collections--where its small bears, mittens, angels, old balls--what ever---now you can do theme trees with these--or mix them all up on one tree---but this is what Christmas is to me---
With keeping that in mind==PLUS one new kitten in the house--
'Di' got out her set of three primitive trees and put them up on a table and added lights--

and lil sister helped me hang up this quilt--I made this one two years ago--but have not had it hung up to enjoy before--the brown is a wood trellis that I use to decorate with at times--lil sister says it looks like we are looking through a window at the quilt scene!!!!
I did not get to do any more actual Christmas decorating today--But I did get my hair cut and boy was that something that needed to be done!!!
then I decided to start in the bedroom and finish what I had started in there in the way of organizing and decorating--
and here is some of the pictures of the new "room"!!!!
Here is the new dresser that I got and on top of it I do have a fancy tree thingy--and I did get some "frosted" lights with white wires at the Country shop for it--the lace on the bottom of the dresser was there when I bought the dresser--I still have one more small project to do for the top of the dresser--otherwise it is done--oh and I have to find something for the window frame squares???
Then lil sister and I came up with this idea for my stencils--
remember how they hung from "nails" all over the wall--
Well I got a nice round curtain rod and the rings with clips on them--
and now I hang the stencil sets from them--I can slid these up or down the rod--and can get more rings to add more stuff--oh I like that idea--more stuff!!!
then here is the new ironing board and Gracies bed at night--she loves to sleep here--as she can keep on eye on when I get up to go "potty" and she can get some more loving from me!!!!
the old cabinet on the next wall--with my dolls on top--books on shelves with my pin cushion collection--
Quilts that have been quilted and quilts that need to be quilted on the bottom two shelves!!!
And the corner area--there is a metal shelf here and it holds odds and ends and Miss Bear is keeping it all tacked down--so no peeking as this is where I have also hidden some of the "gifts"!!!!!
Have I been sewing--
Yes I have been doing some hand work--
tomorrow maybe I will have pictures--
so be sure to tune in for more on this subject!!!!!

Bye for now--Hugs, Di and purrs from Gracie!!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hope you are all as stuffed as the turkey was!!!!!

Best wishes to all my blog readers!!
Gobble Gobble--Di and Gracie