Tuesday, January 31, 2012


What a month????

What a busy bee month!!!!
It was a 'funny' day here at the 'farm' today--
First my friend Anne came and we hand quilted for a couple hours--
I am still working on that pink one--lots on it to do!!!
then we got her Mom and went out to lunch--had not been to lunch in awhile--

OH==my goodness--could not believe how 'warm' it was out there today--
was at least 60 degrees here--think that has to be an all time record for this area!!!

But I was good when I got home and went to the sewing room and worked--
that is after I opened some windows--wide---
Today though it was to finish up some of the counted cross projects--
Here they are--
Oh-- I love how this came out--
and I fell in love with this cute star hanger a couple months ago at the Country shoppe and bought it--
she said it was holding a calendar--but--I like it holding this!!!!
finished this off into a small pillow--will probably use it in the bedroom???
Is this not sweet or what????
and 'yes' that is a tiny bunny button on the bottom!!!!
and a Santa ornament---the picture yesterday was of his white fur and beard!!!
took the design from this--
and then did alot of my own workings on him--
I mean who ever heard of green fur on Santa?????
This is for  a Christmas through the year cross stitch group!!!
Not sure yet how I will finish him for an ornament, !!!

Now--for the rest of the story--
of course with it being soooo beautiful out,
I did consider going over town for a walk--
but I knew that would mean the Quilt shop stop and the Yarn shop--
and as we all know--Di--does not need anything from either one--
so I decided to be a gooooooood girl and stay home and continue with Plan A--
and that was to finish up the cross stitch projects--
I got the first one done==the word one, and found some black satin ribbon for the holder--
set it over on the bed to be stuffed when I got the other 2 done--

I heard Miss Gracie doing something and turned around and she was "eating" the black ribbon--
oh my--did I panic--I did finally get it all back--and needless to say--in the garbage it went--
then I had an iron accident--
I really love this little iron--probably because it is smaller than most--
anyways I did not know my own strength today--
cause as I was ironing and baring down--I broke the handle--
I can still use it, but it is a pain to use--
and then I happened to burn one finger a bit--
I was ready to give up then--
but I was determined to finish those projects--
so I just kept right on working and it paid off--they are all done!!!

Now I have to go and check out what all I did do this month in the actual sewing/quilting projects--
I know I did some--didn't I???????

Miss Gracie does think I should take  tomorrow off though and just chill for awhile--
we will see???????
Hugs, Di and that 'girl'!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012


Spent part of the day again working on redoing my fabric cupboard--
and here is today's results--
Now we are talking--
I can finally seeeee and finddddd the fabrics I want--
or what might look great in a quilt and I would of not found it in the mess before!!!
I found alot of surprises when I was sorting and rolling away--
and I have to get busy as there is so many yummy fabric collections just waiting there turn to get sewed into something speculator---
Maybe next week I will have more time to sew!!!
Ahhh, but then some of Feb bom's will be out and the cycle starts alllllll
over again!!!

Before I went back to work on the shelves--
I did get this off the worktable out here--
we are now all basted and set on top of the pile--
Ph--just the top 2 here need to be hand quilted yet--
the rest of the pile on this chair and another chair just like it are all ready hand quilted!!!!

We did get a small snow storm last night.
but most of it is gone--though they say we might get more tonight--
but then the temp for tomorrow is suppose to be near 50 degrees--
go figure!!!!!

I did start a new counted cross stitch--
Shhhhhh--I know that I still have '12' starts for the Crazy challenge yet!!!!
Can you guess what this will be?????

I did have a friend stop in this afternoon for an hour visit and that was nice to catch up on everything--
Well--this 'chick' is really tired tonight for some reason--
so she needs to go--
and if I know her-- it will be to her rocking chair and to knit!!!
Knit--yep--I have been working on something all month with the knitting needles--
will show you in a day or two!!!

Hugs, Di and a 'goofy' Miss Gracie

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Was I suppose to sew today????
Oh that's good--but why No--thought we sewed everyday--
Oh cause it was Sunday--we can take a day off if we want to play!!!
Oh I played alright--
and I started Saturday night and workedplayed all day today and will have to continue this workplay tomorrow--
Yep--I played with fabric  alllll day!!!
Last year I had send for those boards that you wrap your fabric around to put on your shelves--
well--Miss Gracie would not do it, and the fabric organizing fairies did not show up--

So it was left to me!!!!!
at one point today this was my bed!!!!
see the boards????
the second shelf is what I did last night--
these are all fabrics that go with charm packs, jelly rolls, and layer cakes or came as sets--
shelf is too full--hummmm!!!!
On the top shelf I had the pink baskets with color selections of fabrics in them--
I use these smaller pieces for applique mostly--so decided to put them in the bottom cupboard-

there is doors on this part of the unit--so they will be out of sight--
and it is now alittle fuller than when I took this picture--
and down here had been pretty much the fabric that is on the bed and a whole more of the fabric you did not  see on the bed--
and oh what fun I had going through all those fabrics--
they are mostly on the top two shelves now==don't those boards look so nice up there--
and I can see each fabric clearly now--I also measured each piece and wrote that on the board--
Now I do see a --no make that '2' big mess's yet and that is tomorrow's work--
the Civil war shelf and the wool stack--
think I am going to move the pre-cuts to the civil war shelf and them to that shelf--as I really want to do some sewing with them sometime soon--as that stack of books under the civil war prints are all on civil war quilts!!!!!  You won't tell anyone will you?????

Well--I must go--I have not done any counted cross stitch yet today--and I am aiming to do some everyday this month--a new record for me!!!

Hugs, Di and that cat--Miss Gracie
I see she  was messing around with my computer yesterday--
about time she earned some of that cat food she eats!!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I think took some 'lazy' lessons from her Mom!!!!
Actually she is just keeping an 'eye' on what her Mom is up to now!!!!!

Oh--that is a pretty fabric, Mom--
but that is from your Civil war shelf--
so think twice--
going going gone--
Mom is really gonna use it for the backing on this quilt---
Her "Full House" quilt--
and looky here--
It is all basted now too--
all ready for hand quilting when it is it's turn--
In the  mean time she showed me that by putting the backing and batting in and making it in a sandwich--
OHHH==a sandwich--???
Can I have a glass of milk with that Mom????
Ohhhh--not that kind of sandwich--ok!!!
By making it into a 'sandwich' Mom can store the quilt like this--
On top of the pile of ones that are really already quilted--
and it looks like she has it all finished--
Ahhh-Mom--you missed picking up a couple of  'my' paper wads when you picked up my toys last night!!!!!
Later Mom also got the other quilt top in the fabrics like she used in the Full House all ready to baste--
she used the same backing fabric as she says she will probably display or decorate with them both at the same time!!
and she even has some of the backing fabric left to go back on her Civil war fabric shelf!!!

And someone asked to see what the 60 degree ruler and the pattern looked like--
so here it is in all it's glory!!!!!!!!!!!

So let the cats in our home have an extra special treat and some extra loving today!!!
Hugs, from Miss Gracie and her Mom!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012


I got up later than usual--
so for my sewing time in the morning and early afternoon--
I just did hand quilting--
got another block all finished--
now the pink tulip is done--
and almost got another block done--
so we are moving right along on this quilt.

Went for a ride with a girl friend this afternoon while she went to get a new belt for her cleaner--
and got home in time to do my 'computer duty'!!!!
So it really was a short/fast day!!!!
Hugs, Di and the fur ball!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Are we still working away--my little elves?????
I know a couple of you are--
I can not tell you what a great feeling the work that I got done these last 3 days on Christmas is!!!!!

I may not have actually completed any projects--
but the 'hard' part of these projects are done--

so even if I don't touch this months projects again till Dec--
look at how easy they will be to "just" finish them!!????
these '3' cats took a long time--each--to applique!!!
and then to have 3 of them on one project!!!!
As the background on this one was dark and the fabrics where dark, these cats do have a very thin piece of batting under them--so they are called 'fat cats'!!!!!

Today was mostly a 'rocking' chair kind of day for me--
so did not get the table runners finished--
but finishing the applique on these 3 tops took all day anyways!!!

I have decided to 'declare' the month of February--
"Working with wool" month--
I know that I have alot of projects and patterns using 'wool' that I want to make--
and thought it would be fun to have some others join me in this ----
and for us here while it is cold and windy out--this would be a great time of the year to do it--
so get that wool out and lets get to doing some "wool gatherings" and see what we can get done during the month of February????????

             Oh and Miss Gracie toooo!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

HO HO DAY 2---

My little Christmas elves are being alittle 'quiet'--
are you working this month on a Christmas project--
remember I did say there would be a 'prize' every month--
and it is still open if anyone else would like to join us!!

Here's what meself did today---
I finally finally got to play with that 60 degree ruler--
the one I bought 2 Christmas's ago--
This is the first one I did--
and I did it fine the first time--
even cut the 2 end angles in the right direction--
This is number 2--and yes--I goofed on this one--so it is shorter than it was to be!!!
cut the one end at the wrong angle--
and then I got really 'bad' and started playing around-
and came up with these 2--
These are part of the sets that you cut and then 'disregard'!!
and I actually liked doing these better--the smaller one is planned out--
so the designs are more spaced!!!
and here is the third one--
This was only a one yard cut--instead of the one and half they call for--
but discovered that I could get 3 rows cut and in thinking that the 3rd row would give me the end cuts I did it that way--
but Surprise Di--I could only get one cut--
so this is much smaller than planned--but I like this one the best in the fact that the rows match up nicely--and I have discovered that not all   border prints are created 'equal' and will work with this pattern!!!!
Oh and here is the 'boss' inspecting my seams--
goofy cat!!!!
I did get some more applique done on the pillow tops--
did get the star stitched on this one now and the teddy bear one is nearly done--
but I have a decision to make on these and need some help--
I can make these into pillows, or I could make them into wall hangings or I could make them into tote bags???
These are for gifts--so if you where to get one this next Christmas--
which way would you like them==
wall hanging--

Well that's it for this program--
did have fun today--hope to do some more things tomorrow--
so tune in again and see what is up!!!!!

Hugs, Di and the 'inspector'--Miss Gracie