Thursday, November 29, 2012



                at    1,000
        written and posted!!!!

My first post was written on February 18th, 2009
to, today, November 29,2012--
that equals 3 years and 9 months of entertaining the world!!!!
(or trying toooooo??????)
So it is---

Now though is when I get to be different--
or want to be different--let's say!!!
I could have a contest/drawing and send out some gifts to some winners--
I would like you to do the gift giving--
not to me--
but-- for me!!!

I would love love love it if everyone could take a $5 bill and do something "special" with it--
like buy some pet food and donate to a shelter,

 or pay for someones food behind you in a fast food line, or donate it to a charity, or slip it in the 'red' kettles outside of the stores--
or ??????????
and just say--this is from 'Di'!!!!
Just have a bit of 'fun' with it and think about all the 'fun' I have had writing 1,000 posts!!!!

Thank you all from the bottom of heart for being faithful readers, commenter's,
and great friends!
Lots of hugs,and smiles, Di and Miss Gracie

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sewing and cleaning--
I got the top finished to the 2nd Jo Morton quilt--
so that means that this pile is 'gone'--
and it now looks like this--
and it is now all basted and I have even started the hand quilting on it--
remember I said--started!!!!!!
Miss Gracie seemed to think that about the time I started this--
it was time for her to get on my lap and to get some loving time!!!!

Notice the bird print for the outer border--
I also have that in the blue color --
so put it on the back of the quilt--
have had these two prints for a long time--
and now I can finally say I am happy to be able to use them in a project!!!!

Have done lots of counted cross stitch and you can see those on the other blog site--
just have bit more fill in on the snowman opps--I mean snowlady one--
and then just have Dec to do and that has been started--so I am on a "roll" there, too!!!

and I have been trying to do one big housework project at least every other day--
todays was cleaning the bathroom--yuck!!!
but Sundays was the kitchen--
and do you know that I found that I had a nice long counter in my kitchen?????
Here is one end of it--
and here is the other end of it!!!!
hey, now maybe I can bake some Christmas cookies????
ahhh--maybe not--guess who would want to eat them???????
here is a couple more pictures of the kitchen with the chickens back out--
instead of in a plastic bin sitting on the counter!!!!
What--you said I should be decorating for Christmas????
wellllll-there's lots of red in the kitchen--does that count?????

Have a fun stitchy week--
Hugs, Di and miss gracie
PS those kitties are growing like 'weeds'--
these two are my favorites--I think????

Friday, November 23, 2012


here on Thanksgiving--
so in the afternoon I decided to do my walk around town--
of course nothing--nothing was open but one little store--
but I went looking for flowers--
you know --
those flowers that just don't want to give in just yet--
some little violas


and I found some interesting grasses--
down at the lake--

and this restaurant seems to have--
all the holidays covered!!!!!!
can you see the temp on the bank sign--62--on Thanksgiving day--ouch!!
2:38 pm!!!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


turkeys stuffed--
In fact I made two turkeys--
and 'yes' these guys are small--
not so many calories that way!!!!
One turkey got a new home today--
she went to live with the nurse who gives me my B-12 injection each month!!!!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Just realized it has been a week since I lasted posted--
bad bad girl--sorry about that!!!

Do have some finishes done--though!!!!
first up is--
a little prairie doll--
we got this pattern at my 2nd Jo Morton Club meeting--
I even knitted her a shawl--
and talking about the Club--
Miss Sandra Doll-what are you doing????
Oh--I see--
you want to show off my new 'star' Jo Morton and Di' quilt!!!
there she is---
all hand quilted and the binding on it--
was worried about the lighter/brighter binding--
but, I like it--what about you?????

and for work being done on the 2nd quilt--
we have a nice big pile of trimmings for all 186 half square triangles--
the little piles of the squares--
they are now waiting for this to happen--
Ahhhh--excuse me--
but I just cut all those up and now you want me to sew those little bitty things back together again?????
You are 'funnin' me aren't you?????

and in the knitty news--
a baby sweater and hat is finished--
and I have put all knitting projects in 'time-out'-for a while!!!!
there is a hurtful story to this--but am unable to talk about it right now--
but aren't those buttons cute on this sweater--they look like confetti????

Is everyone here in the USA getting those turkeys thawed out????
Miss Gracie says she likes 'turkey'--if it comes in a can with lots of gravy!!!!
I have been working on mine--pictures hopefully tomorrow!!!

Be good and drive safely if you are traveling in the next few days--
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Can you believe that I am sewing again today????
Here is what I am doing--
first--Had to take a medium print and a light print and sew them corner to corner--
both ways--
then you cut them apart in the middle of the squares--both directions--
then you cut all the center stitching lines in the middle and you get this pile--
then I had to press all these tiny things--
I need to now trim these babies to 1 3/4 x 1 3/4"!!!!
there is 168 of these to play with--someday???????
as it may not be tomorrow--maybe Friday--
I can continue this story!!!!!

I went through some of  Miss Gracies toys to take to the new 'kids'--
and 'OH" what fun they had today with them--
this is Odie, momma, and Tyrone--
Now Sky is in there--
Odie has found the little cat nip pillow--
his first time with cat nip and he was in love--
and Seneca (sissy to me) has joined in on the fun!!!
they also had alot of fun with the bag that I took the toys in!!!
Later when I had a lap full of kitties napping--
I looked over and here is Spirit, Momma, laying with her head on one of the cat nip bags!!!
Hope she was having some sweet dreams!!!
Lap filled with all 3 babies--yep the 3rd one is under the two on top--
the little orange ones new name is Montour and will be called 'Monty'!!!
the black one is now named Tyrone and will be called 'Ty'!!!
and here is the 'whole' two familes at family 'bonding' time!!!!!

OH--one more picture--
Sunrise here this morning!!!
Have fun you'all--
Hugs,Di and her own fur baby--miss gracie