Monday, June 24, 2013


I know you all think that I am not stitching--
but I am--
this is the quilt that--
I am hand quilting on now--
I am nearly on the last row of flying geese blocks going around the outside--
then I will just have the border to do!!

One Dresden plate!!!!
I got my Dresden plates out yesterday to get the last '6' basted--
and then to get them appliqued--
Remember these from last year (or so??)
well--I was sure that I had '6' already finished--
but only found '5' done--
so you know how it goes--
you think you just 'remembered' wrong--
and you have '7' to finish--
there was only '6' to finish--
and I am happy to say that I did get them all basted on to the white background--
and one more is appliqued--
BUT--where oh where is #12 block????
Have you seen it??????

Have a great beautiful day, today!!!
love, di and miss gracie

Friday, June 21, 2013


I have to say that blogland is one amazing thing!!!!
I never ever really thought about making friends or even meeting some of those friends from being part of blog land---
and when my very first blog comment came from Norway--
but then my readers grew in numbers--
and I heard and followed folks from all over the USA and around the world--
and then the real fun begins as you begin to meet them in person!!!
and to show you that Sunny herself was really here--
here is her signature on the wall!!!
On the wall where?????
in the Rest room at O'Susannahs---
she has painted the walls with white chalk paint and folks are signing it from all over--
I got so excited when I see this--what a fun way for others to say they were here!!!
and while we are talking about the Quilt shop--
Guess what????
O'Susannah's Quilt shop will be in the September issue of Quilt sampler magazine!!!
the shorter lady on the left is Sue herself and the other lady is her 'partner' in crime--
her sister-in-law--Jeannie!!! and together they designed the quilt behind them that will be in the magazine!!!!
and I thought it funny--that the first thing Sunny said to me was--
"I did not realize you where so short"--to me--
( I am only 4' 10"!!!!)

Now, Sunny did not  come empty handed--
Sunny bought me a beautiful counted cross stitch pincushion with my initial on it--
Is this not a lovely lovely gift--
I just love it and think it will stay here by the bowl next to my rocking chair so I can look at it and admire it will I am sitting there--
thanks so much for the pin cushion and a delightful time yesterday, Sunny!

And I did buy a couple pieces of cloth at the quilt shop--
I found this cute cloud print--great to have in the stash--
and I really liked this shade of green--another good stash piece!!!!

I can not believe though how many things that Sunny and I had in common--
right down to our food choices--it is so neat to find someone that likes alot of the same things--
only--Sunny--you will never get me into a kayak---sorry!!!!!

Have a wonderful week end everyone--
love, di and that miss gracie

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Found this clipping while cleaning out a desk drawer--
Retail Shopping---
The key to a long life:
Hit the mall!!!!!
Women who shop at least 5 days a week outlive
equally healthy non-shoppers!!!!
(from Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health finds.)
Whether you buy anything is immaterial--
Credit the exercise, stimulation and campanionship!!!!

This is my 'problem"====
I don't go overtown any more--
I don't need fabric, yarn, whatever--
and there is no kittens to play with--
Oh--that's right --there is---
and I used to do alot of that toooo--
I again don't really need any fabric, yarn, whatever's!!!!

Oh--it did say I didn't have to buy anything--
well--that is NO fun for me--
I like to see, feel and buy!!!!

So who wants to go shopping?????????????
Love, di and miss gracie

Monday, June 10, 2013


everyone is wondering 'where' I am--
don't worry--
I am wondering the same thing?????

My 'mojo' or sewing fairy--
or what ever is hiding right now!!!

I believe that I have been a 'robot' to making quilts, knitting, doing whatever--
nearly every waking hour for nearly all my life--
has went on vacation!!!

I do not think this is a long term illness--
my body is just not up to being creative right now--
and it is funny--
cause I never thought that "I" would be this 'unproductive' for this long!!!!

Don't fear--I am working on a couple projects--
but slowly---
I do miss you all--
and I will be back--soon--I hope!!!

Love, Di and miss gracie

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


well--this month's bom is yellow--
and yesterday I just had a sudden 'desire' to go to the Quilt shop--
so off I went--
and I did not come back 'empty' handed!!!
I did get 2 yellows--

not sure yet which yellow I will use--
will see which one works with my yellow stash!!!
the next one to them on the right is one I may use later with this bom--
the 'pink' one is a ---just because I like pink--one!!!!

Then these '3'  also shouted out to me--
it started with the Chair print--just love-- love-- love it--
got a bit of the other two to probably go with the chair one!!!

And you remember my flower from the last post--
I did take time during the day to enjoy it--
and it is a good thing--
as by evening it was closing and going away!!!
so I am so very glad I took pictures when I did--

So don't forget to capture the 'moment' when things come by--
cause those moments might not last long!!!

hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, June 1, 2013


remember back on May 9th I showed you some new cacti--
that I had bought
and this one with the fur on the top?????
I had really kinda thought that maybe some one had 'glued' it there--
Then the other day I happened to notice this--
Like--what is happening to my plant????
then last night before I went to bed==
I checked again--
and in just a day --it now looked like this--
Hummm--this is getting a bit 'interesting'!!!
and this morning when I checked on it --
this is what I found--
a beautiful white flower--and sooo big too!!!
well--I did what any woman who loves flowers would do---
I did a happy dance!!!

Love, di and miss gracie