Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The last couple of days I have seen and photographed some new birds--
new to me that is--
and when I put on the larger lens on the camera and was looking out the bedroom window with it, I seen this sign out in the middle of the river with these birds sitting on it--
and then something closer caught me eye--
what is that--it is not a duck --I know that!!
so I grabbed the keys and took off downstairs and out the door to the pond--
and when I got there--
this is what I discovered--
a second bird had joined the first one--and I had fun photographing them both--
then the white one flew off--
Then yesterday again I was looking out the window towards the river and seen this site--
he was up there along time-this is alight pole in our parking lot--
and yes even at night time here it is really daylight out with the parking lot lights--
but I am not complaining!!
and on the other light pole a second bird showed up--
and then they decided to fly down and have a meeting-
Hey-dude you think we can find anything higher to sit on --
those light poles are really high --
yea--I know what you mean and did you see the view from there--
ya, dude and did you see that silly lady in that window on the 3rd floor with her camera taking pictures of  'us'--
yea--just like we are the pretty birds--if she only knew--
ya, dude--she must be a newbie!!!
so where  are we going for lunch today???

and here is yesterdays sunrise--
Smiles from sunny florida--di

Monday, September 21, 2015


At least I think it is--
or it will be one day this week-
so I did change out my door hanging--
see I can get in the 'spirit' even in the hot sunshine state!!!

And yesterday while watching my race I did start another hand quilting project--
It felt sooo good to be hand quilting again--
hand quilting relaxes me for some reason--

And here is Sundays view--
and here is the sunrise for this morning--Monday

Smiles, di
Mommy's home!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015


I do have to say that I am tired of shopping--
it is mentally taxing--
like what kind of vacuum cleaner do I want--
and when I find what I want--
will it clean this thick carpet--
what about curtains--
what color of curtains will look right in here?????????????
Questions Questions Questions--
makes my head spin--
This wall hanging is on my new front door--
that was an easy decision--
or was it--
I think it is Fall now--
and I do know where the fall box is--
but I just can't bring myself to put out fall items!!
my excuse--it is too bright and sunny--how can it be fall????

when you come out my door and face south--
and looking north--
I see this wall when I get off the elevator on my 3rd floor--
and this is just as I get off and turn to go down the hall way to my door
there are sitting areas everywhere and nice wall decorations--

Last night after doing some more shopping I went to my daughters and we cooked my son a nice fresh salmon dinner as his 40th birthday was on Thursday and we had an ice cream cake for him--we played a couple games and chatted and it was so nice to have some family time--

well--I am off to watch last nights race this after noon before todays race comes on--
my DD has the tv set up to record all my shows so now I can watch them when I want to!!!
love it---
smiles, di

Saturday, September 19, 2015


in the apartment--
no clouds--just sunshine--
I did go for a short walk mid morning--
this is our deck across the road from the complex--
I was alone down there and there was a nice breeze off the river--
I have to get in the habit of taking a pair of sunglasses with me when I leave the apt--
cause as I said--you could really wear them even inside--today!!!
this is looking to the south--
I did see several fish jump out of the water--
but they are too quick to get photos of them!!
we have lots of bushes all around here with these purple flowers blooming on them--
and found these neat mushrooms growing along the outdoor sitting area by the duck pond--

Have a great Saturday and be sure to enjoy a bit of nature today in your journey-
Smiles, di
Now I think this is one very spoiled cat!!!
Missing you miss gracie!!

Friday, September 18, 2015


Finally got to take some sunrise photos this morning--
still a bit cloudy-but at least one can see the sun trying to come up???
and about 10 minutes later--
ah--a few more minutes later--
now we are talking---
the sun is sooo bright that it is hard to even focus the camera for the shot--
but well worth it -- don't you think???

and here is my new set up for the computer/tv--
and on the screen is one of my photos from NY--
my DD has the computer set up inside the cabinet and it now is on 24 hours a day so it can do it's update as it is suppose to do and is so much easier for me to turn on and use--
when done with the tray with the keyboard on it--I just move it to beside the tv set--

got my new cordless vacuum cleaner in the mail yesterday--
won't even unpack it--it is was too light and too small for this thick carpet--
guess I will have to get a regular vacuum for here--but I hate the cords to one--
I always seem to trip over them--!!!

and I did get all the fabric and sewing equipment unpacked and re grouped and in the closet for now--have to buy a new sewing machine--but that may have to wait a bit--in the meantime there is knitting and hand stitching--
exercise classes here 3 mornings a week---
oh and all kinds of 'games' in the community room every evening for one to join in on--
way more to do here than in NY where I lived--
I just might become a social butterfly yet!!!

Have a great week end everyone!!
Smiles, di

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Well---I am in the new apartment and busy unpacking and trying to figure out what else I need--
so today I will show you the empty apt--
This is the wing that I live on--am on the 3rd floor--behind that tree!!
this little area is just inside the front door--need something to go here yet
then you can walk on into the living room--
the windows are 8 ft long!!
in the left corner off the living room is the kitchen--
as you come in the main door and go to the right there is a large closet and then the door to the bathroom--
and right across from the closet is the bedroom with another 8 ft window--
this is looking out the living room window--see the black bug???
that is a love bug and on Friday when I moved in they were everywhere--
but are gone now
I will show pictures of more outdoor looks and my new furniture next time--

I did get my first package in the mail on Monday from our blog friend Sunny--
I received my first Flamingo --
it is a she--and she needs a name???
and I am happy to report that she doesn't like chocolate--
so I get to eat it alllll!!!!
Thanks Sunny for the gifts--

Smiles, Di

Friday, September 11, 2015


we got nearly everything moved and picked up or delivered today--
and the paper work done and keys gotten for my new 'digs'--
but I am still at the DD tonight--
the stuff they used to clean the carpet is really smelly--
so we did get me some lovely plants yesterday at a garden center and they are in there as well as 2 air purifying machines for the night with hopes that the air will be better for breathing tomorrow--

today we collected the new boxsprings and mattress,
my glider rocker and foot stool,
and all my boxes from the DD house--
my son did show up and did help with all of it and we had a good time--

and a store delivered the table and 4 chairs and head board and bed frame--
though I did make them take the first bed frame back and get me a different one!!!
and while waiting for newer bed frame me and kids just kicked back in the new place
and chilled and that was nice--I really like the new rocker!!
tomorrow the plan is for DD to take me grocery shopping and to walmart for some last minute items--and the rest of the stuff at her place and leave me at the new one--
DS will come late afternoon to help with hanging curtain rods, and putting together some things--
and I will stay there  tomorrow night--

I can not believe how friendly and helpful people are down here--
it is like a whole different world here--
I will tell you more on this in future posts--
I did take photos of the empty apt before we took anything in for you --
Even the sky and the clouds are sooo different--
remember I will be off line until Monday afternoon or so--
have a great week end--
and keep Smiling-di

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


The new apartment here in Florida--
finally got to see the actual apt----
I will be on the 3rd floor of a 4 story building and --
I am very happy to say that I am on the side facing the river--
and being up so high --
I have a wonderful-beautiful view of the river and landscaping around the Senior place--
and I am happy to say that the walls are not a pale yellow--
but a nice beige--
the only down side is--
the actual side of the apartment is--
downsized from what I had in NY--
much smaller--
but enough room for a nice living space--
this is  part of the sunset last night from my DD yard looking west--

we went shopping yesterday and I got my bed and box springs paid for--
now we just have to figure out how to get it to the new place-
they wanted too much for a delivery fee-and that did surprise me-
as I thought that just came with the purchase--
we bought things at thrift stores and they are delivering them--
yet the mattress place (most expensive purchase) does not?????

then we went to a large Walmart to shop for all kinds of things--
there was a storm coming and with not thinking my DD left the windows down a half inch--
and a storm did hit--
big time--
it poured and poured for nearly 2 hours--
and we a had a very wet car when we came out--

I will be off line all week end--
my new cable package and hook up will not be until Monday morning--
and the next couple days are to be busy ones--
so have a great few days will I am working on putting together my new 'digs'
smiles, di

Sunday, September 6, 2015


I finally after a couple years or more--
got another block stitched for the North woods quilt-
not sure why it came out so puckery--

as it was not doing that earlier--
and I have started another block in this series--
I like stitching out on my daughter's screened in porch after breakfast mornings!!

and I got another baby sweater finished--
I do need to look for some more baby buttons for these sweaters once I get moved in and organized--

My daughter and I did go do some furniture shopping yesterday and I got a few pieces I need--but still have more to do--

Hope everyone is having a great 3 day week end-
Smiles, di