Monday, March 28, 2016


showed up in my apartment--
and jumped into one of my newly stitched baskets--
meet Smokey!!

and this morning 2 more blocks got stitched up for the Splendid sampler--
did one for each color way that I am doing!!

and got the last 2  Fridays of the Temecula Cira 2016

mini blocks stitched up--

Have been taking lots of photos outside each day, as I am trying to walk every single day--
though today's walk may be the hall ways as we have been getting sudden heavy t-storms and rain--so--no-- camera outside to take a chance of getting wet!!
and with all the rain our pond is back out front and a family of ducks have moved in--
there is 6 babies--
I love watching baby ducks walk!!

Have a great day filled with--
love and laughter, di

Sunday, March 27, 2016


I pray that everyone has a beautiful and safe Easter Sunday--

If you want to enjoy an Easter Sunrise--
you can see my photos over on my other blog site--
Di's workbasket--click on the site in the upper left hand corner of this site--
Love and Laughter, and JOY to all--di

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Not only do baskets come in all shapes,colors and sizes--
(just like people)
but there is soo many things one can put in a basket--
like a basket of kittens--
and flowers--
fruits and  vegetables from the garden--
BUT my favorite thing to have in a basket is--

and I don't care if it in egg form or rabbit form--
just as long as it is dark chocolate!!!

Here is what I made for the kids --
Yep--I colored eggs this year--still have some kid in me--
the bowl in the front is an old carnival glass that my Mom always put out at Easter time with colored eggs in it--so I try to do that every year too--some years though the eggs have been fabric or plastic ones!!!

and here is some finished basket blocks--
and the last 3 basket blocks are ready to have the applique work done on them--
So I have been on 'basket roll' here!!
love and laughter, di

Thursday, March 24, 2016


I was just thinking about baskets--
as I have gotten 2 more of the basket blocks done--
and the last 4 are being prepped--
and this one is done--
well--nearly done--
I have not decided if I want to add something to this one or not--
I think the pattern has a cat in it and Carin put a puppy in hers--
the jury is still out on what I will put in mine????

But --talking about baskets--don't you just love baskets--
there is soo many different kinds of baskets--
and shapes and colors of baskets--

there is soo many things one can put in a basket--
OPps--times up--will continue this basket story tomorrow!!!
love and laughter, di

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Our pile of blocks for the Splendid Sampler is growing--
and I added 2 more to my pile this week end--
this next block was designed to have some embroidery in it
to make it look like crochet--
I went looking through my box of small doily's and guess what I found--
I found 2 that would work--
the first one --
the pink one--
was actually crocheted by my Granny many years ago--like when I was only 17 yrs old--
hey--that makes it 50 yrs old!!! She made me a set of 6 of these coasters and a set of 4 place mats to go with them--I don't really use the coasters--so this is a great way to put some memories into this quilt--
but I also found the tatted doily and so I made a second block using it--
to go with these blocks--
have 6 blocks in these line so far--
and here is the other set lined up so far--
and there is 8 of these--
Love all these blocks so far!!

And I got another basket block finished last night--
and I got more of the basket patterns copied off today--
and did prep another one--
but am done for today--
as the daughter called and she is kidnapping again for the afternoon--
so I am off on an adventure--
love and laughter, di

Sunday, March 20, 2016


One of the projects that I got finished is--
this one--
I had this pattern forever I think--
and finally it has come to life
and is on the door to the apartment-
(though it looks 'wrinkly' here--it is not so on the door for some reason??)

and I worked on catching up on a project--
and got 2 more blocks done--
that house took me forever--
cause I kept changing my mind on the colors!!!
and the next block is a 'tad' bit different--can you see the difference???
yesterday as it was National quilt day--
Pat Sloan gave us an additional block--
and here is mine!!!

And a fabric order I did came in--
Connecting Threads had a one day sale last week--
and I  discovered that you can get fat quarters from them--
so I did some stash building--
first up-
Oranges--yep- Di ordered a few oranges--
you see--she had None in her stash--I mean None--
and one of these months the color may be orange--so now I am ready!!
Some odds and ends of colors--
do have a plan for the grey checked basket weave
and for the purple and yellow piece--
some solids with a design bit going on in them-
and one yard of this one and a spool of thread--
the total cost was $29 and that was with a $5 shipping cost--
not bad--if you ask me--

And this morning I did some Easter Decorating--
these are here by the computer table--
this Spring banner is just above it--
and this in the entry hall--
so I am now ready for the Easter Bunny!!

Love and Laughter, di
today's chuckle is being brought to you by 'di' herself-
do you see the Kindle cord on top of the birdhouse--
I truly  did not see it there until I downloaded the photos--
and I did have to laugh at myself--
it has been put away now!!! :-)