Sunday, December 31, 2017

MY 2017 REPORT--

I have spent some time making lists--
but this one is not a 'to do' list--
this one is a "what I have done' list--
And for me 2017 was a big year--
Usually I start alot of bom in Jan and by Mar/April I fall
off the band wagon and slow way down--
way down--

But I am happy to say that is year--
I kept on going--
and nearly all the bom's that I started with--
I stayed with and kept up--
There is only a couple that I am a bit behind on--

My two biggest accomplishments for me are-
this pretty quilt--

going from just pieces to the final finish and is now on my bed everyday--
This one took me about 4 years or longer to finally finish it--

and I am happy that this one went from--

Just the few blocks at the top photo--
to the completed top here--
this one was along time in happening--

and even some of this years bom's got put into  finished quilt tops--
like this Christmas one--
 this one --the teapot one--

So here is the tally--
I got--
six quilts with backing and batting and basting done for hand quilting--
(though these have not been hand quilted as of yet--!!)


I had a total of 13 finishes this year--
I really don't think I have ever gotten that many done before!!

Also got a total of 8 quilt tops finished--
ready now for the backing, batting, and hand basting--

I did 5 other projects and finished them--
like the pillows for my son,
and a cat tote bag for Anne for her birthday--

and in knitting--
I knitted and gifted 4 pairs of socks--
one finger-less glove set--gifted
one finger-less glove set with scraf--gifted
and at least a dozen baby sweaters for donations--

And I almost got Block #12 of the wool bom finished-
and it should get to that point yet tonight while waiting for the
BALL to drop at midnight!!!

Ok--now if I could just decide on next year's goals--?????????
hey--I still got 5 1/2 hours to decide--
why rush it!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, December 30, 2017


Yesterday I looked everywhere on my files of photos for this photo--
Forgot to show you the new 3-D card that Alice sent me in her box of goodies
so now I have 3 from her alone that are different--
Thank you Alice--

Well--the news is everyone is tallying up all the projects they
either finished or
started in 2017--
to see if they really did get  anything done in 2017--
and to see where they want to go in 2018--
and I have worked on my lists too--
but not quite ready to do a post--

maybe tomorrow
or Monday!!

Be safe--
Stay warm--
                      enjoy the moments, di 

Friday, December 29, 2017


Since Christmas I have gotten one more gift in the mail--
a cute cat card and a delicious bar of chocolate!!
From a great designer--Shell--THANK YOU THANK YOU--

And from my kids--
from the daughter--
yep--I even get chocolate from the kidlets--
and my big gift from her is this--
this is soooo pretty--and it will go next to my rocking chair--
as I seem to have so many different kinds of hand projects going at one time--
like hand quilting (bottom shelf)
knitting, embroidery, wool projects, and this year I am back to doing Counted cross stitching!!
so needed something larger than my basket to sort them and all the 'stuff' that goes in doing the projects--know what I mean???

From the son--
I know--a swifter--
I have to have him clean off my ceiling fan blades cause I am not nearly 'tall' enough--
so he thought this would help--
and in the gift box he taped a Visa card for $80 for my new rocking chair pads--
and they did get ordered today--hope they fit--this rocking chair is a large one!!!
and do you see the singer item in the back ground--
look at what you get when you open it--
all colors of thread and equipment for sewing--
he said he knew that I had my own stuff to put in here--
and other thread--so I can take this thread out--!!!

Ok and now for the couple 'surprises' that I haven't had time to tell you about--
on Friday before Chmas I called our cable company--
if you remember I have been without cable tv for a year now--
and my internet/house phone bill has been $70 a month--
then I got notice in Nov that bill was going to $100 for just those 2 items--
called--no specials any more--boooo!!!
but then I got a letter about 'upgrading'--
so called about that and guess what????
I now have cable/internet/phone for only $114 a month--
so I am actually getting the cable--all channels and recorder for just $14 more dollars a month--
now that is a good deal--so now I will be able to watch Nascar this next year!!!!

And --
yes I bought a new bed --mattress when I moved down here 2 years ago--but--
that mattress was not a good one--was lied too--
and it was getting really bad and killing my lower back--
well--the nurse who comes and gives me my B-12 injections each month knew of an
organization that provides mattress to us 'low income' folks--
and she was able to get me one and that came on Saturday--
and what a difference it has made in my back pain--!!!

So one just never knows what good and exciting things can happen from one to the next--


Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I love the mail at holiday time--
cause some days when I go down for the daily mail--
there is a key in my box for a larger box at the end of our mail boxes-
and when I open the door--
there is a box package waiting for me--
like the one from Anne in NY--THANK YOU--Anne--
OHHH--I don't open any of the gifts til Christmas--
and here You can see that Anne plans on me being busy in 2018--
she sent me alot a stuff--
a counted cross stitch kit,
a crewel embroidery kit,
a stamped embroidery panel of baby bears
a calendar to color each months flowers--
quilt magazine, fabric, pins, english paper piecing templates
stamps for mailing her mail--
and a JoAnn's gift card--should I run out of things to make--
oh--and 2 chocolate bars--you do see them don't you--
what--they aren't in the picture--
where are those Elf's--they must of eaten them up already!!!!!!!!!!!!

From our Sunny--THANK YOU--THANK YOU--
I got the cutest cat fabric--
a wool cat pattern--
a charm pack of my favorite colors-pinks, teals, browns--
and a really cute magnet--

And from my dear blog friend, Alice--THANK YOU--THANK YOU
whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting in person yet--
(she is on my bucket list though)
lots of all kinds of things--
fabric, wool squares, quilt book,quilting tape, emery board,book mark, christmas ornaments,
cat needle threader,coaster, mug with sea turtles on it (and yes there is chocolate in the mug)
chocolate bars, and 2 books to read--
she plans to keep me busy in 2018 too--
maybe these 3 gals think that if they keep me busy--
I will stay out of trouble--
good thought--but I know me!!!!

And in the mail box--
there is often envelopes with gifts tucked inside of them--
A cute gingerbread card that doubles as a tree ornament--
from a blog friend, Carol in Ohio--THANK YOU THANK  YOU--

and this 'puzzling' item from Anne-Lise in Norway--THANK YOU--THANK YOU--
but look at what this cute circle of fabric becomes--
a fabric container for thread ends or whatever--
and I see that Anne-Lise is like me--we both love stickers!!!

and from our dear friend and blogger in AU--Maria--THANK YOU--THANK YOU--
a delightful homemade tree ornament and an AU Christmas card--

And from another blog friend here in FL Robin--THANK YOU--THANK  YOU--
this neat tote/project bag--
how do you like that 'colorful fabric' with a clear pocket so you can see what project
is inside of it--and I love those colorful snaps at the top--need to figure out to make me something with those on it--!!!

And from my long time now pen pal in PA--Cindy-THANK YOU--THANK YOU--
a pretty holiday tea towel, note pad, and cute note cards and a little clothespin snowman for the tree--

And now back to NY--
from my friend at Jeffersonvillage Apts Melinda--THANK YOU--THANK YOU--
she is the Housekeeper /office worker there now--
a beautiful hanging humming bird--
this will stay out and I will hang it in the window for now!!!

I hope that I did not forget anyone--
tomorrow I will do show/tell from the kids and some other surprises--
in the mean time--

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Oh my--
I am a day late on my wishes--
isn't this week still Christmas--
it can't all be over in just 'one' day???
I am sure that the Wise men--
knew it wasn't over in just the day of the birth of Christ child--
cause they kept traveling to get there--!!
To all my wonderfully talented stitching friends

AND --
to many of you this year--
I wish you warmth--
as the temperatures have been really 'cold' up north and around some other states--
so keep the fires burning--
and I will be back tomorrow ---

on Christmas eve my daughter took me to see the light display in the large park here--it is 3 miles of lights--so I will show you more of the displays over on my other site-see upper left hand side to get to that site--enjoy!!

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Is it too late to post about more finishes???
seeing how they are Christmas related finishes????
first I got the Tree lot all done-
with the tiny beads for lights--

and then got it backed with some of my 'cake' board--
then this morning I was able to find some cardboard that was longer than the cake board for the background and got  it all ready to be displayed--
It was hard to find a background fabric--they were either too busy--
or too light--or something--
finally found this green one and felt that it helped bring out the green in the trees!!
so now this project is totally finished--yea!!!!!!!!

And I got the truck one finished--
finished up the hand quilting on this one and
got the button tires on the trucks this morning--
It is hard to see--
but there is an embroidered door on the trucks--
so 2 new this year projects --done and done--

And for the winter wool blocks--
this is block #11
the snowman features will all be buttons--
and now I have block #12 prepped--
and the plan is to work on this next week so it is done by New's Years--
only time will tell????

I do pray all your holiday plans are working out--
I have had a couple surprises in mine--
but good ones so far--
more about them next week if I remember?????

             COUPLE DAYS--DI