Thursday, May 31, 2018


Does go 'pitter patter' when I stitch hearts
on anything--
and this month it has been having a field day
with stitching a heart each day!!!
Look at all these hearts--
31 days in the month of May--
and 31 hearts appliqued --one for each day--
I so enjoyed this sal--
Thank you--Deb at Happy to Be Scrappy--I had fun!!

And now for this one--

I have to say I worked hard this month to get this goal finished in time--
but there she is--in all her quilted glory--
my 1930's star pinwheel quilt--
I got to the binding part and was lost--had decided on a light solid blue fabric--
sewed it all on and then did not like it--was too light or something and there was no way
I taking it all off--
then realized that by turning the whole binding piece to the back--I had a nice finished look
on the front--so that is what I did!!!!!
I have total of '53' hours in just the hand quilting and binding on this one--
and all the stars where hand pieced--so this is a total hand made quilt--!!!
right now for probably the next month it is hanging in a place of honor on the wall--
but when it gets replaced with the next hand quilted quilt--it will make a nice table covering!!!

 Yesterday when on line checking out my bank statement--I noticed an odd charge--
it was only for $1.25--and listed CVS--well--I deal with CVS for my meds and had had a delivery on the 26th and charge that day  was for $2.25--but had not been there or had a delivery on Tues the 29th--so this morning I called CVS and talked to them--
come to find out the $1.25 was she gave me the phone # for them--but also stated that often times companies will do a tiny charge like this one--to be sure the card runs and then come payday and they withdraw alot more--
(oh and luckily I had printed out the page that stated this problem--)
cause when I went back into my account on line this morning--I couldn't find it--
but I was really nervous about this especially when I called the # given me
 and it only wanted to give me a cruise for $65 a person!!!
so I called my friend here and we jumped into the car and went straight to the bank--
where in--we stopped that debit card and got me a different one--
cause you see at midnight tonight--my direct deposits come in!!!
So watch those bank accounts--I am sure I dodged a big bullet here--
and so does the bank!!
Thanks for listening!!!


Wednesday, May 30, 2018


count so far???
Let us see them for the last 5 days
(wow 5 days since I showed you some--
where did the time go??)
I tried to do only one heart of each print in the charm pack--
and could of made it--but--
then I realized there just wasn't much pink and I wanted more 'pink'
hearts in it--so traced off some more pink ones and have been stitching them--

And I got another baby sweater finished--
can't say it is one of my favorites--
though the colors do look better during the day-
than when, I did knitting on it in the evening!!!

Alot of those around me have gotten rain--
here not so much--
it is so funny the rain down here--a block down the road even--
can get tons of rain every day--
and we get none!!!

and what about the temperatures up north and out west--
HOT--even up north it has been hotter than here in Florida--
by 5-10 degrees--can you believe that????

Well one more day to get all those OMG finished for the month of May--
yep--still working on mine--
but we are down to sewing the binding on now--
so--should be done in time!!!

            OR FALL--DI

Sunday, May 27, 2018


For a report on--In the Pink--
I finally got the 10" block made for this months
pink color--
and again used the pink butterfly fabric that my friend from NY sent me!!!
these blocks are getting tooo easy to make!!!

and you will never guess how much time I spent on my
hand quilting this week????

**** Days stitched this week--7 out of 7--yea!!!
*** Total hours stitched this week--- 14.5 hours--
yep--last couple of days I have been really pushing the envelope--
I am running out of month--and this quilt has had alot more quilting on it
than I realized it would take--
still have some to go--but am hopeful that it will be done by Thursday night????

we had an early morning rain storm--
and our pond had dried up a couple days ago---
so was anxious to see if the Mama duck and her teenagers came back--
but here is what I found instead--
a new mama duck and 10 babies--yep 10 cute toddlers--all in toe!!!
they have spent the better part of the day out there--
they got to have full fat tummies by now!!!
No sign of the other mama and her crew though--boo!!!

Well--the Nascar race is on -so need to get off here and
turn it on--and I hope "you know who" doesn't win again!!!!
we need a new winner tonight!!!


PS--blogger or google is not playing fair this week end--
it is not putting comments in our email pages--
so if you have not seen any comments but have done a post--
check on your posts to read the comments!!!

Friday, May 25, 2018


I have been doing some 'swimming' with the Mermaids this month--
and have swimmingly finished Mermaid #3--
and I did recolor the first two a bit more
after I had stitched them--
here is before--
and her is after--
So now I have 3 gals all ready to go for a swim--
#4 is now traced and colored and has a few stitches in--
so if I can finish her over the holiday week end--
I will be caught up and ready for #5 on time!!!!


And here are '3' more hearts--
Wednesday's Thursday's and Friday's--
I really look forward to stitching one of these each day!!!

And look at this photo--
Do you see all the collections of blocks there--
some still need to grow--the kites, the 10" color of the month blocks--
the hearts and the mermaids, the heart embroidery blocks by Alice and Joy--
but other need finishing/worked on--
the 2 counted cross stitch ABC's, the hat blocks, the Kathleen Tracy block--
this problem needs some 'thinking' time!!!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Have you ever wondered where this saying comes from--
"get all your ducks in a row" ??

I have my hearts  in a row--
Here is Sunday's, Mondays' and today's!!

Back to Ducks--though in a row--
Well--I discovered the source of this saying this morning--
we have had a momma duck and 6 teen babies on the pond now
for a few days with all the rain--and usually I watch--
(ok and take a photo or two each day--of them swimming around--
and eating bugs and whatever)
But today I happened to catch this scene--

Over that little rise is the Momma duck and one baby--
and look at that 'line'--
those ducks are all lined up in a perfect line-
following Momma--

So where are going with those babies--Momma???
Please tell me not to the road--
But that is
where is she going-
across the busy street--
but she must also know when to cross--
cause she got them safely to the other side--
and only one truck had to stop to let her finish --
(usually the traffic is fast going past us on this road--
Momma was taking them back home down by the river!!!

                   IN A ROW--DI

Sunday, May 20, 2018


On this report--
Remember my goal is to hand quilt for 30 minutes each day--

Here is what I did in May--
****Days stitched this month --13 (out of 19 days)
*****Total hours stitched this month--18.25

****Total days so far this year-stitched--117 out of 130 days
I missed 6 days this past week due to the 'fire' here in the apartment complex and
having to go stay with my daughter--but I worked hard the last 6 days to double my time
so did 10 hours of hand quilting this past week--
This is the quilt I am hand quilting for May--
I have alot of it done--but still a ways to go--probably about 2/3 done so far!!!

Well--need to go stitch my heart for today--

Enjoy all the rain--
it is great for the Gardens and water tables-di

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Did I get done today--
it was just a 'stitchy' kind of day--
first up is my heart report--
Here is Thursday's--
and here is Friday's--
and here is today's--Saturday's--

and here is where I am with the counted cross stitching project-
I was able to get this section finished and get  my robin
sitting on a nest with '3' eggs in it !!
(no you can't see them-but I know they are there!!!)
Felt good to be able to work on this piece this morning--
it has been awhile since I could do that--

and the Second Mermaid is done--
(in fact--hot off the press!!)

I think I will try to darken the crayon coloring on her body--
Ohhh--no she is not done--didn't do the flowers in her hair--darn!!!!)
those poor flowers--first I forgot to color them in--and now I have forgotten to stitch them!!!

So I have 2 out of the 3 done--
and I do have the 3rd one traced and colored in--
but think #4 comes out first part of the week--!!!!

We have been getting some rain every day for about a week now--so finally every thing is greening up nicely around and it is starting to look more like Florida!!!

Ok back to work--


Wednesday, May 16, 2018


At breakfast this morning--
a bug 'bite' me--

a sewing bug--that is!!
So I went back into the kite making business--
This one is the Raspberry Pink one--

Now for the second one I stitched today--
turned out a bit 'weird'--
these fabrics where in my 'pink box'
and when there was curtains on the windows--
they looked pink to me--
(curtains got washed--and those darn 'fairies' haven't showed up--
to iron the hang them back up yet??)
So today as I am working on stitching the tails on--
I realize these fabrics are really more 'orangey' than pink--
oh well--I think I like this one the best so far--so how crazy it that!!
the 'pink' lady liking orange over pink--silly crazy stitcher!!!

And here is my heart for Tuesday--
and here is today's heart--
so now I have 16 sweet hearts in my collection!!

And I did get the 2nd Mermaid block colored in and have
started the stitching on it--but forgot to do a photo --opps!!!!


Monday, May 14, 2018


In all the confusion and living at my daughter's for 5 days--
the one thing "stitching wise" that I did keep up with-
was my hearts---
Here is Saturdays--
Like how I centered that heart to get those roses in???

Here is Sunday's

I did stitched alot of the hearts that I did at my daughter's out on her screened porch
after I ate my breakfast out there--and listened to a ton a birds sing-
we used to have lots more birds here by the river when I first moved down here--
but now--just a couple!!!?????

Here is today's--Monday's--
Yep needed me some 'pink' time today--
and here is this past weeks--
And here is the first 14 days of this month so far--
I am having a fun time stitching these each day--
and the timing was perfect for doing these
 and the fact that Mon or Tues last week--
I prepped about 10 more to stitch so that I could just grab them on my way out of the apartment!!

Update--I am finally back home--slept here last night-that was nice--
have worked steady for 2 days cleaning and wiping everything off --
(the air drying machine coated everything in  a fine gritty powder--everything!!!)
Still not done--but hope to finish up tomorrow!!!
Thanks for all the "we are thinking of Di" emails and comments--
much needed and appreciated !!


We have finally gotten a lot of great rain--
and it was very much needed!!

Friday, May 11, 2018


Before all the 'fire/water'  issues at the apartment--
I did get one pink kite sewn--
and finally last night I had some time here at the daughters,
 to stitch the tails on--

so anyone want to go kite flying this afternoon--????

And here is today's heart block--
a pretty light aqua one--
and luckily the other thing I had done ahead of time was get some prepped--
and this is where I keep everything for stitching them--
and in the bottom I had already matched up 6-7 applique thread colors--

And now for the Chocolate news--
these have been my 'treat' this week--
And this is the daughters fault--
she gave me one the first afternoon I was here to try to calm me down--
and it did--
so when we went grocery shopping--
another box of them jumped into the cart--
these are really quite small!!!!
Smalllll--but yummmmmmmmy!!!!!!

update--still cant get in the apartment--
'dryers' still on and it is an oven in there!!!