Saturday, June 30, 2018


Well here we are on the last day  of June-
and a half the year of 2018 is behind us!!!
Ouch!!  that really is a bit scary!!

And tomorrow will be the first day of July--
are we ready to start the beginning of the second half of-

My goal for the month of June--
actually became a
If,  I was going to win
 or if the end of the month was going to win!!!!
But--I got to see this yesterday--
as I got this months project finished--
so here she is--
Grandma's Flower garden--
There was alot of hand applique on this one and took some time to do--
and I had to make the 8 hexie flowers that went on the stems at the top and bottoms of it--
and those stems where 'work' to stitch them on--odd angles to work with--
but now I have a nice finished top--!!!
and someday it will come back as a OMG project to get it hand quilted--
but first I will need to do backing and batting and basting!!!

I also got a few more hearts stitched--
and sadly the one coral on in the upper right hand corner will need
to be redone--as somehow that one had an orange stain on the cloth--
I did not notice it until I did the photo--it is the one I stitched this morning--
Decided I need a new ironing board cover--mine has alot of orange stain on it--
apparently from too hot an iron--scorch spots--
but it is the first time I have notice that
it came off on something else--!!!
I had a real busy week--
will tell you all about it tomorrow or Monday--hopefully--
thought next week looks just as busy--


Wednesday, June 27, 2018


I finished off the last baby sweater-
with what yarn I had left--
last week--
Then I just had some small balls of yarn left overs--
so I worked on some baby hats--
While I waited on my yarn order from
Hobby Lobby--
they had a big sale on yarn and I thought it was ending the week I seen it--
on a Saturday night--(but I think the sale is still on???)
and in order to get free shipping I had to order $50 worth--
(shipping on it would of been at least $10--for a smaller amount--
even just 10-15 dollar order!!!???)
so I went for it--
between the sale and the shipping savings--I saved over $35--
and got 21 skeins of my all cotton baby yarn that I use for sweaters and hats--
figured out today--I have at least a years worth of  yarn here!!!!

Other wise I am working -working- working hard on getting this months
OMG project finished by Friday--
it will be a race to see if it gets all finished or not!!!!


Thursday, June 21, 2018


stitching every day--
but it is hard to show what all I stitch on each day--
 here is the last 4 days of hearts--
Notice the little frog on the one and I think those are deer on the other one-
that is the only heart block though where I could fussy cut them--

and here is all the hearts in this months batch so far--
Like I said--this one will probably be a gift quilt when done!!
( but then I do really like the frog and humming birds!!!!)

and this is the OMG quilt top--
I did get all the hexies appliqued down all around it--
am now doing some applique things on the 2 ends of this quilt top!!!

It has been a busy first 4 days this week--
but I think tomorrow should slow down for the next couple days--
so maybe I can actually work on a project on the sewing machine--
but which one????????????

and to everyone---

here on this side of the ocean at least--
so lets have some fun!!!


Monday, June 18, 2018


I do have this nice 'gentle' bom done--
and this months block was done in the teal/aqua color of the month--
so now I am all caught up with this bom--and 2 weeks early--wow!!!!
so now what do I do????

And here is a few more hearts in the new collection--
See that neat orange/coral humming bird--
wished I had a feeder so I could have a hummer or two!!!

Did find a neat butterfly while out one day last week with the camera--
This one is a Gulf Fritillary butterfly--
I was looking up a new 'bug' I also got a photo of that day--
on the butterfly chart and did not realize how many different kinds of
orange and black butterflies there is--and they look alot alike--
so I wonder how many different ones I have taken photos of and thought
it was the same kind--hummmm??????

and these pretty flowers grow at the tops of a very tall tree--
good thing I have a good focus on the camera!!!

and did any one lose a comb--
cause I think I found it!!!

           WHILE SEWING--DI

Saturday, June 16, 2018


here at  'di's' place!!
got 2 teal/aqua kites stitched this week--
a pretty lighter one-
using 2 fabrics that I think I got in my Christmas packages--
the anchors and the stars--
and this one is more of a green teal --
used a bird print--in this one--

and I got the 2 teal blocks sewn--
the second one with the little birdie's was a Birthday gift fabric--
and as it has teal in it--I just had to  use it!!!!!

and another baby sweater is finished--
(except buttons--I really need to get them out and get the buttons on them--think I have 9-10 sweaters now in 3 sizes to donate and some hats--!!)
I needed to go to Hobby Lobby today to get yarn--as I am out after I finish the one  on the needles today and it is on sale--but that wasn't possible to day--and their shipping fee is terrible high!!


Thursday, June 14, 2018


 or at least some of you are very smart-
when it comes to these computers and how they work--
there has to be a solution---

When I first started blogging-
and getting nice comments--
I loved it--
and it took me along time to realize that I
was suppose to answer those comments in some way!!???
and I will confess here that I could not 'see' why--
'why' did I need to say something back for someone saying something nice to me--
about what I did (or maybe didn't do!!)
Unless someone asked me a specific  question--
I just didn't comment back--

now fast forward to a couple years ago--
and for what ever reason--
maybe loneliness from the move--
I started commenting back to you folks--
and wow--
it has opened up a whole new lot of friendships--
Friendships that have come to mean alot to me--
along with learning so much more about--
sewing, life, family, gardening, thrifting--eating--photography--
well you get the picture--

and now--we can't get the comments in our email boxes so we can
answer them quickly--going back to each blog we left a comment on--
isn't possible for many of us--
as we don't leave comments on every ones blog site every day--
So what can we do---???????????????

I know that leaving ourselves a comment first on each posting--
does give us one email of all the comments-
does help--but we still have to look up email addresses--
is this the only answer NOW--
or is there another way to do it--
come on all you technical folks---
ask everyone you know----there has to be another answer?????????
Computers are suppose to make things 'easier' for us--
not harder!!!!
Is there a 6 year in the house?????

 and I see alot of bloggers are threatening to stop blogging--


Tuesday, June 12, 2018


For whatever reason--
I am still in 'heart season'--
Got this heart block done for a bom--
Now if the world in general would all show a bit more kindness--
just think how great that would be!!!
Did this one in pink for last months color--
and I have this months traced off and started--
am doing it in 'aqua/teal/turquoise' colors--

And here is some more of June's daily hearts--
It is still fun each day stitching a heart--
Do you spot the humming birds in the first and third hearts????

This afternoon--
I went out the new back door to try my key--
(some are having a hard time with the old keys working in the new door!!)
and I wanted to see if mine worked and it did--
it was at least '90' here today--but when I got out there--
there was a nice breeze--so I walked around to the front--
and so surprised to find this guy in our little bit of pond that is left--
he is a 'little blue heron'--
they usually fly north for the summer--
but not this one--
I did sit out front and watch him for awhile--
he was having such fun --
I did not have any camera's with me--as I hadn't planned to go outside--
so this is a picture off the internet--
I regret not having a camera with me--
some day I will learn to always have a camera attached to my hip!!!!!!!

I also did some actual sewing on the machine today--
but have a bit of hand work to finish on them before I can take photos and show you all--
what I stitched up!!!

                 IT'S EVERY WHERE--DI

Sunday, June 10, 2018


I got the 3rd one in the series --
of the seasonal ABC"S finished-

I really do need to take a morning and get these first 3
finished off so I can display them --as needed--
this is the Spring one--
so far not seen the Summer one for sale--
so have started the other one I am behind on--
the Fall one--
and since I took this photo I have gotten 3-4 letters in on it and one word-
so am off to a good start--

I also have more hearts stitched up--
Notice the top heart has a butterfly in the upper right hand corner--
was the only charm block where I could 'fussy' cut it so you can see the heart!!
and in the second one is a humming bird--
(with a couple more blocks of fussy cutting to get humming birds on the hearts!!)
and the bottom one has a frog--
(only one more frog to stitch)

I also got another embroidery block finished late this afternoon while watching
NASCAR--but need to press it and photograph it --hopefully tomorrow!!

              OF NEW WEEK-DI

Thursday, June 7, 2018


What does a quilter do when she finishes a project???
 Does she--
**do the happy dance--and/or
***take a nap--
*** decide she has done enough sewing--so quits quilting????

Nope--we always start a new project--
or pick up a wip or ufo--
and we are off and running again--

So to replace my finishes on Tues--
I started these projects on Wed--

First up was the applique hearts--
Will you look at this pile of hearts--
I though that we were only stitching hearts during the month of May--
well--leave it to Di to want to keep it going--
she found this charm pk called Bloomsberry and has about 30 more hearts
all ready to applique!!!

Then cause the mermaids are done--
she needed to start another embroidery project--
so --
got this block going--this was May's block--
so am using pink threads on it--
not sure when we will get June's block??

and I forgot to show you I also finished knitting a baby sweater--
On Tuesday--
so went digging in my leftover yarn drawer for more yarn-
and am doing this one--
I need a trip to hobby lobby for more baby cotton yarn!!!

And I kept forgetting to get a photo of my
counted cross stitching sampler
to show you where I am on that--
and I am nearly done on this--
( I got a bit more stitched on this this afternoon)

And I am working on the hexie quilt top for my OMG challenge
for June each day--
so I have some variety again in my projects--

And yesterday another tenant here and I went to see
the movie "Book Club"  was a good movie--
first time to see a movie in a movie house in a very long time--
we went in the morning and it was just $4.00--!!!



Tuesday, June 5, 2018


I have all my hearts done now---
here is the other 5 I needed--

so I now I have joined all the other 'lonely' heart people who got their hearts done-
what shall we do now????

and on top of that finish--
I think I am finished with the mermaids--
here is #4
and here she is with all her friends--
Four lovely lady mermaids just swimmin along--
I think I know how I want to finish them off--
time will tell--

if things ever settle down here--
been a busy 2 days here--
we got these put in yesterday--
new front doors--and they do this--
they just open all by themselves as you get near them--
just like the big store doors do--
and now we can walk in 2-3 wide at a time!!!!

and the new fence out back is up--

it is only 4ft high--the village/county wouldn't let them do a 6ft fence this time!!!
but at least one feels safer when walking the trail now--and hopefully the vegetation  and plants will grow back-- and that should also help--

On the Banking note--
My DD called this afternoon to tell me she had been hit too--with a $49 recurring payment--
and when she looked up the company there was no way to contact them to even see what the company did!!  so she called her bank and they refused the payment and are sending her a new debit card--she figures it was done at one the last 2 places she got gas!!!
SO BE CAREFUL out there with those cards--my friends--think DD is going to go back to cash for gas (this is a huge problem at the gas pumps right now--or go inside to use your debit/credit cards to pay for the gas ( the bank guy told her this is what he does now)--I have no idea where mine got copied--probably an online order!!????)