Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Look at my two new friends--
I put the seeds out yesterday==
and my little Nuthatcher has worked on them==
but  apparently there was still alot left--
and do you see how their tales are turned up and over their bodies--
what does that tell you???

like maybe it is a bit cold outside already--only 30 degrees out this morning--

and here is some photos I took the other day--

Wait where is all the sailboats--
Oh there is still a couple docked--
but where is the rest of them???

Oh there they are--
all lined up like neat little soldiers in the parking lot across from my window===

I was good yesterday-only a little discomfort--
but then it was a clear sunny day--though chilly--
today I am right back in bad discomfort all day--
but then it is cloudy overcast and rainy--
now we know why I want to move back to the Sunshine state!!!

Enjoy life--

Thursday, October 25, 2018


I was finally well enough to change lens on my camera--
(I know changing lens is a simple job-but???)
so I could get some better photos of my new friend for you--
Oh look that lovely new lady that lives in the apartment-across from my tree--
put some snacks in my tree--

Do my cheeks look full yet???

Ok--what about now--do you think I can fit some more seeds in there yet??

Well--maybe they are full now--better go hide these--
I will be back though!!

And while he was gone
Look who showed up--
another new friend--

a pretty Nut hacker--

Tell me if you see that 'red' creature coming back--
cause I plan to help him with his treats!!!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2018


that is as long as I put out black sunflower seeds--

if I a feeding Chip or Dale!!

Enjoy a bit of nature today--Di

Friday, October 19, 2018


I had some good news--
and that I was back in full work mode--
but I am not--
Each day is still a huge struggle to get through--
and I just have no energy--
and still in alot of discomfort on the whole right side of my body--
the shingles themselves have pretty much healed up and are about gone--
but the effects of them are still very much still going on--
they now tell me it may be a year before I am truly over them--
I believe that I am also having some serious effects to chemicals here in the building--
and within the apartment--I do have 3 air purifiers running 24/7--but still often can smell wood smoke from the house next doors heating system--and that doesn't help me either--
but nothing can be done about it--soooo--

Soo you know that expression--
about jumping from the frying pan into the fire--
WELL--I didn't just jump into a fire--
I JUMPED into a --
bon-fire--(like there is lots of other problems and concerns here, that are causing me health
issues and mental issues!!!)
along with the cold and dampness--(had forgotten about dampness and how that affects me!!)

I haven't really done any sewing on anything--
did get a bit more done on the Fall cross stitch--but not alot--
have knitted one hat and have another one on the needles--
but doing anything with my right arm/hand seems to cause me more
discomfort on the right side--
even typing on the computer--have had to take breaks to even get this written--

Since moving here at the end of August food has tasted like cardboard-
even the 2 weeks before coming down with the shingles--and now--
finally once in awhile I can fix a meal and actually taste it--so I guess I am getting
better in some ways at least--and I can manage to cook better meals for myself once or
twice a day--so know that is helping me--right???

Thanks to those who have emailed me and asked about me--
I love and appreciate each and every one of you-
with out you, I would not be making it--
enjoy, di

Sunday, October 7, 2018


I know we often wonder how a month got away with us-
and that it went so fast as we were so busy--
but I have to wonder where my month of Sept went???
I mean--I honestly can't believe it is Oct 7th already--
what happened to the 'whole' month of September???
Guess that is what happens when one is in constant pain and
discomfort--the days are long--but you have no idea what day it is!!

Most morning now though I have been able to do a bit of stitching on this piece--

And somewhere during the past couple weeks I have started a pair of socks-
but they won't match as I was too  ill to get them both started at the same point in the yearn ball
though I thought I had--so now do I keep going or do I try to restart that second one--????

and at some point I had stitched these applique hearts--

Fall is here in the north--seen these 2 trees in our parking lot out back--

and the one behind this one--

Has always been very colorful-but I think this year is is even prettier than
 I remember it to have been??


As for me--health wise--
I am bit better--but the doctor says I still have a long road to go--
before we will know how much nerve damage has been done--
my whole right side that was in pain for  nearly 3 straight weeks is now
numb--strangest feeling ever really--
so I got on line and have ordered me some good organic Multi vitamins
and some other good things to eat and take--
we will conquer this yet!!!!