Friday, November 30, 2018


Oh dear it seems I upset a some of you with the last post--
so I will try to cheer everyone up with this one--


for those who have husbands!!!!

Yep---I have this skill---

Wonder what he is thinking up now???
Now this is just plain sweet---

this one really made my day---
enjoy, di

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


I realize this post is a long time overdue--
about the Why's of moving back to NY state--
But we also know that I have been 'ill' ever since I got off that plane on Aug 29th--

I had about 4 reasons for coming back---

1. better transportation--there is a local bus run here (van size bus) that runs
about every hour and goes from here to Walmart and down through town and up to the hospital, then on to a small village up on the opposite hill of Odessa== and for only 50 cents one way--
and I could walk the couple blocks to over town and or less than a block to the end of the lake!!

2.more income here in NY and better benefits--Fl is not kind to its Senior Citizen population!!

3.a lot of pressure from my 'kids' to move back here--

4.I missed flowers--Fl has the same bushes year round--I missed alot of the annuals that they plant up here--and I missed a 'quilt' friend to stitch with==

ok now lets see where I am on list of reasons--

1. the bus--yes it is nice to hop on it 5 days a week and go to wally world--and I can get to my new doctor easily on it--but don't really use it for anywhere else--
and I  cannot get the good quality food here that I was able to get in FL (though the food prices are lower here)
and as for walking over town---there is no business's left to walk overtown for--they have all closed and now are mainly food places or offices--my quilt shop, country shop and antique shops are all gone!!!

2.Yes the benefits are higher here--but--money is not everything and I did have enough to live on down there and to pay my bills--soooo????

3.the kids--I really miss knowing they lived close by---there is a lot more I could probably say here--but I won't--cause I don't really understand it myself--sooo???

4. and for missing flowers--when I first got here I did enjoy seeing them and getting a couple photos of them--but that is such a small reason to live in NY

And now to be fair--there was a 5th reason--
I was also concerned about the condition of some things going on in the building where I was living--
but have learned that all those things are now corrected down there--
and I have some greater even concerns for this building here and the things going on!?????

I cried the moment the plane lifted off in Florida--I knew I was going to miss it there--
I left my heart there-I just plain love sunshine everyday--what can I say--

and the minute I stepped off the plane in the airport here  all I wanted to do was get back on it and go back-but--that wasn't possible--so I pulled up my Big Girl Panties and walked into the airport to collect my luggage--

The first 2 weeks here where a nightmare--even before I started with the Shingles pain--
everything I ordered for the apartment was wrong or wouldn't go together and had to be returned--on and on it went--then just 2 weeks after getting here--my whole right side of my upper body became very very painful and was non stop--a week later I had he shingles pop out--!!!! and that has been my story ever since--
the weather here is way too dark and too damp for me--and I miss the grocery stores from down in Florida and the friends I made there-and a whole lot more--like the Zoo!!

And yes the answer is Yes--I plan to move back to Fl as soon as I get the call that an apartment has opened up--I have reapplied to where I was and to another Senior apt complex  a bit more south about 6-8 miles I believe--so I wait to get a phone call==which ever one calls first that is where I will go-
In the mean time as I start to feel better I am sorting and downsizing once again--I shipped 22 boxes up here--( I do have a few boxes at DD that did not get shipped yet--Christmas, books, and clothes, sewing machine and printer) and this time only plan to ship 3-4 basic boxes--and will truly start over once again--

In the meantime--I am working at getting my strength back and getting well --though the nerve damage may always be with me--only time will tell--!!

So this is so long--but so many of you have emailed with questions and I have been too ill to answer until now--I can't tell you how much your friendship and comments and emails have helped me to get better--thank you sooooo very much--I really don't think I would of made it through this if not for you--

Love, diane

Sunday, November 25, 2018


I have slowly--
ever sooo slowly--
finished the Fall ABC sampler--

Here is the part that I still had to stitch when I got to NY--
back on Aug 29th--
some days if I was even able to work on it--
it might only be a couple stitches--
until about 10 days ago--
then I was able to put more time on it--
I was sooo determined to get it finished by Thanksgiving day--
and I just made it--
so now here it is --fully stitched--

Unfortunately it won't get finished off to be on display for this year-but -
I do have the winter one all stitched--so maybe I can finish it off????

And now the only one in the series so far that is not finished is--
the summer one -- though I did get the ABC's done on it--
so it is out and I have worked on starting the designs on it--
I got a bench with a bee hive and bees done so far---

And I did sign up to join this new group --
starting in 2019--
I had been thinking about doing a project using hand piecing for awhile now--
even when I was still in Fl--so was excited to see this one starting up

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving--
and now we are on to --


Thursday, November 22, 2018


I am most thankful for--

And this is what I am doing today--????????????
the wind chill today here is minus 5 degrees-----

I am sooooo cold-- 
even though the heat is set at 85 in here--it is probably only about 35 degrees--
as the wind is really bad off the lake and that is the direction that this apt faces--
soooo--curtains are drawn to try to help hold out some of the cold--

Hope everyone is with family, friends, and warm--
Enjoy, diane

Friday, November 16, 2018


It was very 'white' outside this morning when I got up--
Like I said--white--
oh and cold--only 27 degrees--

But Mr. N was still busy finding 'bugs' in the tree--
and I got to photograph a new bird--
a Dark eye Junco--I believe-
actually there was 3 of them about the ground looking for seeds
that are in a bird feeder out the Community room window--
and these trees were so pretty in the side yard--
those red red berries so pretty with all the snow on them--
I have never seen so berries on these trees before--huge crop this year--
very early yet for a snow storm with 14 inches of snow--ouch!!

Enjoy, di

Monday, November 12, 2018


It is nearly mid November --
and where have I been--
this is  a bush that is in the back yard here--
beautiful red leaves where on it--
they have all fallen off now--
the hills went from green to yellow and brown and now they are all bare--
just hills full of bare brown trees--
miss my Palm trees!!!!
Yep that is the belly of a Chickadee-
they are fast birds and hard to get photos of--
only seen him a couple days in a row--
caught this guy saying his prayer--
(was probably praying I would come out and feed the Nuthatcher--
so he could steal the seeds for himself--

So the big question is---
Am I any better???
Well--that seems to depend on the weather--
if we have a sunny dry day--I do feel better and have less discomfort--
(and it even seems to go away!!)
unfortunately those are few and far between--
as soon as it clouds over--the tightness in my right side comes right back
in full mode and it is still hard to do things with my right arm or hand--
though I have done a bit of counted crossing the last couple mornings--
Take care and keep stitching--

enjoy, di