Tuesday, December 31, 2019



Saturday, December 28, 2019


hopefully --
we all survived Christmas--
I had alot of fun doing Christmas this year--
and it was alot of fun and surprises too!!!

but let's see first--
where did we leave off--???

Dec 22nd-Sunday--
was a day for--
I was in the baking mood this year--
and did get 5 different kinds made--
(though I had at least 3 other's I wanted to make!)
These are called --Cookie Candies in the Betty Crocker Cookie book--
I have been making these for years and years and are probably my favorite cookie--
and these are the Russian Tea Cakes, Sandies--whatever???
I learned this year not to roll them in the Confectionery Sugar while they are still hot--
to wait until they cool--then roll them--and they did come much better!!
and my Aunt Judy's sugar cookie cut out cookies--this recipe makes the soft sugar
cookies and there is a bit of nutmeg in the dough--another yearly cookie--
a family recipe from my Aunt Judy!!

and before Christmas I also got some peppermint cookies made with a Hershey's kiss
in the center of them--

Dec 23th Monday--
was a shopping day with Frannie--
We went to the Dollar Tree and my favorite grocery store--
Publix--had to get some fresh salmon and other fixings for Christmas dinner
and to finish the cookies--

afternoon I handed out a lot of small gifts I had made here to the staff and dinning room staff--
even left some cookies in my mail box for the mail man!!

Dec 24th-Tuesday--
and Christmas Eve day--
It's time to finish up all those last minutes things to get ready for Santa Clause tonight!!
so the day was busy--but a delightful day!

Dec 25th Wednesday--
Christmas day--
and the birth of Jesus--
here is my tree--
This is my son's stocking and his gifts--
his sister--DD sent his gifts here for him,too--
and one for me--

In the morning I unwrapped the gifts from friends--
and here is some photos of them--
Plus a gift card for JoAnn Fabrics--
and here is a gift card for Walmart--
don't you just love those flamingos??
two of my favorites--birds and pansies!!!
Long distance one--
another tree ornament hand made--how sweet--
from across the 'pond'-- cute--
from a new friend--

And from the kids--
from DD--
a  Dolly-Trolley--that's what the paper work calls it--
huge bag to fit over the handle for carrying things
and then turn it around--
and it has a pull down seat!!

From my DS--
Lots of new games--I had gotten rid of all of mine--
they were needing replacing any ways--
and a nice Christmas tote bag behind them-
and the card games are in one of the new 'copper' fry pans--
he has one and said he loved his so he got me one--
but the very 'BEST' gift is.....

Dec 26th Thursday--
here is the best one--
Ahh--it looks like a day at the Zoo with my DS-
well--yes-- we did go--
and we did have an awesome time--
but it gets even better--
cause this is the actual gift--
a membership to the  Zoo for this whole next year!!!
for me plus one!!  so whoever  takes me can get in free too!!
and no more waiting in line--(plus they said the price of tickets is going up-
in January--it is now already $20 per person!!!)
so we went to pick up the actual pass and to visit the Zoo--
got lots of great photos--will publish some soon--
we stopped at Cheddar's for a early dinner on the way home--
great day--sun was shining--temps mid 70's with a nice breeze!!!

Dec 27th Friday--
can anyone guess what I did this day????
here's a hint--
I really needed to just take a day and do this--
and this--
I read this whole book yesterday afternoon and evening--
OK so I also 'enjoyed' some Christmas Cookies!!!!

Can you believe I only have 3 more days to do the Inchy--
what ever will be talk about after that?????????


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Sunday, December 22, 2019


Oh my goodness--
it is Sunday once again--
and what a busy week we have all had--
between parties, shopping, lunches out, baking,...
oh--and sewing and working on projects--
Is it time for a 'nap' yet????

Dec 15th Sunday--
Was a dirty kind of day!!
I got a nice house plant right after I moved in to this apartment, in Sept--
and shortly after I even got the bag of potting soil--
but had a hard time finding a plant pot to transplant the plant into--
this gal has a new home--
and so does this little plant--

Dec 16th Monday--
another Thrift store shopping day--
was on a 'hunt' for something special this time--
having to do with this guy--
gingerbread men--
I needed a way to display my 'old' gingerbread men--

The top photo is on the wall over this display--
and have since added a small quilt under them--
and these '3' are what I needed a way to display--
bought 3 heavy clear glass mugs and then a couple days later at the dollar tree--
I found the bag of while pellets to add to each one--

Dec 17th Tuesday--
Party day here in the afternoon--
and I received this gift bag--
and this is what  was inside of it--
There is alot of 'sugar' in this one--
I must need some 'sweeten' up!!

My friend Frannie and I also went shopping--
and I got some packages in the mail--
but all of them are under the tree--
my rule is--if it is wrapped in wrapping paper--
it has to go under the tree until Christmas!!!!

Dec 18th--Wednesday--
I did some of this--
mixing up batches of cookie dough--3 different kinds--
and did some sewing--

Dec 19th Thursday--
was this--
our dinner here, put on by the staff at 5pm in the evening--

It was very pretty and  good food was served--
we were also suppose to get more gifts--
unfortunately--most everyone did--but a couple of us--well--
we must of been naughty cause---
they finally did give me a book of postage stamps--
(but I won't be using them until next Christmas as they are Santa ones!!)
but I am happy with it all--
mistakes happen--and after all, there is 161 apartments here--!!!

Dec 20th Friday--
and I got to do this--
my  friend Carolyn came and we went out to lunch--
to Cracker Barrel--
and we got to sit at a table that faced this--
beautiful fireplace all decked out in Christmas--
loved it!!!!
That evening I finished this guy up--
a cute pattern I found on line--I think from another blog site--
but I am not sure????
and I also got this finished--
all 12 monthly Word Plays are done--at least as far as the stitching is -that is!!!
now to decide for sure how to finish them off????

Dec 21st Saturday--
was the day for 'mice'--
yeep- you know me and my mice--
actually--I made up one of those 3 dough's that was in the refrigerator

I had found this recipe a couple years, or so ago--
and finally was able to make them--
and let me tell you--they are yummy--fun to make--and cute!!!!!

And here is some sewing projects that I worked on this past week--
Block #8
block #9
and here are all the blocks to this set--
I really enjoyed this stitch along--
now to decide for sure how to finish these--Jen made a pillow with hers!

I also got this wall hanging all finished--
Love this print--so me!!!

I think this catches me up--
today I have baked up the other 2 batches of cookies--
and I need to go finish decorating them and mix up a batch for baking tomorrow--
hope everyone is having a fun time with loved ones--getting ready  for the 'big' day!!
or whenever or however you celebrate--

Love to all from me--to you and yours
luv, di