Saturday, February 21, 2009

I love cats

I forgot to mention that I love cats--all colors--all kinds--at my old address I was known as "the cat lady" here we can only have one and so I worked at finding homes for all my "babies" and brought one with me here 5years ago. His name was "Bear" and he was a big black male-16lbs-and was still a kitten--he was jet black (i had always said i would never own a all black cat)--but he was my baby!!! Then a year ago at his age of only 3 1/2 I lost him to diabeties--who would of thought of that--he got it quick and it just took over--I really miss him! He helped me do everything-eat-sew-dress-make the bed-clean-sort fabrics-and he had to inspect every package that came into the apartment.

On to quilting--I got all 12 emb. blocks done for the quilt shop--it's for a quilt called "Sweet Days" by Acorn Quilt and Gift Co. You only used 5 colors of floss and it was all done in pink-reds and apple greens--so pretty. Then I got my second block done for Verandah Views done and started the applique block for Village Garden. I got more done yesterday as this internet stuff wouldn't run last night--we had alot of high winds here yesterday and bitter cold--was a good stay inside and quilt day??

I am sorry that my comment page wasn't working properly--hopefully I fixed it this time so you can leave me some comments--I know a couple of you tried--thanks for letting me know it wasn't working--I am all self taught on this machine--so bear with me!!

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  1. I look forward to seeing your work! Welcome to Blogland.


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