Thursday, September 22, 2022


 And cause it's now Fall--I will start off with my latest finish--

In counted cross stitching which is the Autumn piece I had been working on--

I am so happy with myself for stitching with this project till it was complete--this was a stitch along and she is a fast stitcher--I could not do a stamp area each day--so it took me longer--but it is ready for display--thanks--

And I got my Cat quilt all hand quilted and the binding on it--

And I sent my friend in NY, Anne, one almost like it for her to finish--she added an  outside border to hers--she said!  I just love the sayings on each cat block--

and I got the last 2 flower blocks done for my 'color of the month' this year--

And then here is this months bird of the month block--
This month the bird was a Sparrow--do you know there is 10 different kinds of Sparrows???  The birds this month are done in wool-


And I had a nice little bundle of fabrics that I picked up back in 2011 on a Quilt trip--I bought this set at Waterwheel House Quilt shop in Londonderry Vermont--and this shop is still open--and you guessed it--it was the nice bright pinks and cats that did it for me--but I also learned that one print had cats, but the other print had dogs--I do not remember how they did the model--so I just did it simple--

I kept the cats on the left and the dogs on the right--this one is ready to layer and baste for hand quilting-!!

I also finally got the little vases of flowers we did last year for Jenny's stitch along sewed into a top--

I used 30's print for these--this one is now layered and basted and is the one I am working on in the evenings to hand quilt--

I did get a box of baby sweaters off to World Vision this month--I had knitted 20 baby sweater this past year and seen that last year in Sept I had sent 15 only to them--guess I knitted faster this year!!!!  and I thought it funny that it was a year ago that I sent out the last package--and yes --I already have started on another package--this time I am also knitting baby hats evenings lately, I have a big bag of lots of odds and ends of left over yarn!!!

And my newest hand stitching project is English paper piecing--Grandmother's Flower garden--been wanting to do some paper piecing for a couple weeks now-and yesterday afternoon I finally got some cut out and even managed to get 2 sets of petals stitched to the papers--think I will cut some more out today--I do this by scissors and tracing--old fashioned way!!!!


Sunday, September 4, 2022


 I can't believe you are all excited for  Fall--I know it was just last month that you couldn't wait for winter to get over--now you are in a hurry to get back to Fall and winter--!!!!!!

Me--here in Florida we have a good month yet for we can welcome in cooler weather where it feels a bit and I mean a 'bit' more like Fall!!!!

But talking about Fall--I did get some more Cross stitching done on the Autumn sampler--

Just one more square to fill in and then do the top design--so I am getting there--though I may have to change the color on the tops of the acorns--to a bit darker green--then again--I don't think on the cloth they are this light--will have to check it out??????

I did get the Christmas quilt all done--

I really really loved working on this one--then who doesn't love Cardinals and Chickadees!!!

And this months 'color' is light blue--so got my light blues out--then I also realized Angie is only giving us one more color next month-which would only make 10 and I would need 12--so am working on a couple extra one to make 12 blocks--so I got a light blue one and a light pink one done so far!

And this is the hand quilting top I am working on now--
And I swear these cats keep asking me for treats while I am stitching around each one!!!

And here is where I am on the Christmas piece--for embroidery-

I will be working on this as soon as I finish this post--the race isn't on till 6pm tonight, and, I will be too tired to embroider so will work on hand quilting on the cat top!!!

And I have a box of 19 baby sweaters and some little novelty socks all boxed up to send to World Vision on Tuesday--but then I got one more sweater done-

This one will make 20--hopefully I can stuff it into the box--and yes those are little teddy bear buttons on this one--I will need to go shopping for some more novelty buttons before I send another batch out--but I got time!!!


Sunday, August 21, 2022


 If I had to pick one sport that I could somewhat do a child/teen it was baseball--I could even hit the ball sometimes and almost run around the field--I do remember in high school one game we played in Gym class--I got so excited that I actually hit the ball--that I put my head down and ran for all I was worth and ran smack dap into one of the largest guys in the class--it  was like hitting a cement wall--and--you know me--I did that not once but twice in that game!!!!! (yep--ran right into that guy 2 times at first base!!!)

But here I am talking about our batting for quilting--

I managed to get not one, but two small quilts layered with batting and backing and then pressed and laid out and basted for hand quilting--and I even pieced 2 pieces of batting together for one of them--I do have alot of packaged batting right now--but I also have a nice pile of pieces--

My first quilt is this Christmas one--

and the second one is my new cat one--

This one is 9 blocks total---

right now, though I am hand quilting on the Christmas one!!!!

I also worked on these blocks this week--

These blocks are from last years stitch along from Jenny--I got the center blocks trimmed down and then added the 2 1/2" jelly roll frame--which made them 8 1/2" blocks--but --because the center items are so small--I decided to cut the blocks down to 7 1/2"--now to do the lattice and borders on them.

And most of my time this week was spent on counted cross stitching--

I spent time each morning an afternoon stitching on this one--by pinkern'punkin quilting--

and now have it this far--

the last square of the scarecrow is not totally finished--the corn stalks still need the corn and there is some black crows on this square--then I still have the bottom 3 squares to do and the top part to do--I might get it done by Fall--though it will be  a race--as Fall is nearly here--though here in Florida Fall doesn't really feel like  Fall until at least October!!!  

I was in the Dollar Tree one day this week and picked up this box of colored pencils--

and it has been a big help!!!

One afternoon right after lunch I was here on the computer reading blog posts and happened to look out the window and seen this--

Can you tell what is missing from this photo??????
The rain clouds that is putting the rain on my window--all I see is one little white cloud, blue skies and sunshine!!!!!!  But it was raining or trying to anyways!!!!!!

It was really humid here all week--so I was only out side in the mornings and that is also why I got so much more sewing done--needed to be inside!!!


Sunday, August 14, 2022


 At least I have to think I go on a steady path--which sometimes (or okay--more times that not--gets me into trouble--but somebody has to  have some fun sometimes, too!!)

As I was saying-- I have been steadily working on several projects--all at the same time--

So first some finishes--(so these 'balls in the air' get put way/displayed/or gifted!!)

I got a hand quilted project all done-

I had the basket block done along time and then last year--we were challenged to find a center block and each week they gave us a design to do, for each row to go around it--this was mine--a small wall hanging--I did do alot of hand quilting on this one!

and now I only have one quilt top basted for hand quilting left--so have started it--

this one is a much larger quilt top and is 6-7 pots of different colored orchids--this is my last 'old' top to hand quilt--everything else is now from about 2019 that needs finishing--I do have a couple tops that are smaller that this week I got the backs and batting ready for and will probably hand baste sometime this week--and I will probably start the hand quilting on the Christmas one--time will tell!!!

Got a couple monthly blocks done--first is our color of the month--Orange--

And here is my flower for August--

And then here is this months Bird block for August--Humming birds--
This month I was back to doing the flowers in wool and found just the right fabric in my stash with humming birds on it that were just the right size to fussy cut--But let me tell you--those long beaks gave me some more grey hairs trying to needle turn them!!!!  But I did it!!!!!
And here is all 8 blocks of the Bird blocks so far--

I believe we have 4 more to go on this one--

In my counted cross stitching projects--
this is where I am at on the ABC houses piece--

and like I said at the beginning of the post--I can get into trouble--all by myself--though this time I think I had alittle help from another blog post I read, Deb--and punker n punkin quilting--

and I started this new Cross stitch design she is doing --

Every day she is giving us a small design to go into each of 9 little frames--now as I said I can get myself into trouble and not even try--the color of thread I used for this 'frame' is called--Dark Chocolate and it was a full skein--but it will not be enough for this--at least not at the rate I seem to be using it--so that lead to an order at 123Stitch for thread--and one can't just order one skein of thread--one has to order some other colors and some more 28 ct linen cloth--right?????????

And yes--I am still knitting Baby sweaters--here is one of the lastest ones-

When I sit outside and knit on theses before lunch--everyone comes by to see what size and color I am working on--most don't seem to remember my name--but everyone knows the "lady who knits"!!!

And this weeks outside photo is--

This is part of the view I see when on the patio knitting--I have never seen this vine this color before--till about a month ago--when it started changing to this bright orange/rusty color--it really is quite pretty in real life against the green tree!!!!



Sunday, July 31, 2022


 As I have a problem--things keep coming up missing--like in the evening I will break off a small piece of chocolate and save it for later in the evening--Then later I remember it and go to pick it up and pop it into my mouth--only --it's gone!!!  And I don't remember already popping it into my mouth--so I must have a mouse--

Wonder if it is this guy--

but he sure looks like he asleep and so innocent !!!!!  This is one of my Christmas in July stitches--this one is for me--unless I do another order at Just Another Button company and order another kit!!!

And I also did these for gifts--

And I just got them finished off this afternoon while watching the race--but hey today is still July!!!

And I got this little pillow done--

And now I have little pillows that say--Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer--and the summer one has taken her rightful place--
in my little red Cracker Barrel truck--

I also finished the third row on my ABC house sampler this morning--

one more row to do!!!

Now I have done some other things besides Counted Cross stitching--
I got July's Bird block finished--
I fussy cut roses for this one-think this block might be my favorite so far!!!

And I am hand quilting on this little wall hanging--

am on the flying geese borders now--

And week ends while watching racing I am embroidering on the Christmas baking scene--

And I finally got the candy canes and the Ball canning jar all stitched and now am working on the ivy leaves--was really glad to get the jar and the candy canes done--that was alittle tricky--the rest looks a bit easier--just will take lots of time!!!

And for knitting--
finished a pair of socks this week--

and now here is the next pair  on the needles--
These are done with a bit heavier yarn--than the last  pair--

Lots of 'life getting in the way' things happened this week here--two days with out Internet-- a power outage burned out the modem--so had to wait for a tech to come and install a new one--fire alarm shortages so one day all we heard was the alarms going off--a problem in the dinning room and we only got 'cold' lunches for 3 days-- and on and on it goes!!!!