Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Oh my-- think it has been nearly week again--
since I posted--
I must have a talk with 'Di' --she really needs
to post more often!!!

Last Thursday--
is for my friend, Melinda--
she is the 'glue' that holds this place together--
as I have said she is part time house keeper here and she takes her job seriously--
and does an great job keeping the building clean--
and she is part time in the office--(she pretty much does all the paper work here!!)
She was working here before I moved to Florida--
so we had a nice long chat this afternoon about the past employee's and how
things were done and handled then and now--!!!

In the afternoon there was the scary news about Dale Ernharht's plane crash--
and how wonderful it was that he, his wife, daughter, dog and 2 pilots did mange to get
off the plane before it became a fire ball!!

it was a not feelin myself kinda day--
So I was really ready for my hot mug of green tea--
my little bunny cookies and my magazines at 3pm--
Anne has been bringing me back issues of Country Women magazine each week--
some of the issues are way back to 1990's and up--fun reads--

And I took this photo sitting at the table during breakfast--
I have my screen pushed up-as I take alot of photos through that lower window
of the birds and flowers--
and a spider or two has made some interesting webs there--and the night before we had
some heavy rain storms--so there was some rain drops on the webs!!!

Ticket--oh dear--
wonder what this ticket was for--
was Di speeding again--or??
can anyone guess?????

I had also gotten a bright raspberry pink t-shirt at walmart this past week on sale for only $3--
and I did think ahead for once and decided I had better test it for color run--
and boy am I glad I did--the water was as red as the t-shirt--so what to do???
I bought some salt this week and will soak it in that--salt is suppose to stop it from running--!!!

I do love the word Hope--
and I also started a new devotional--

and by the end of Sunday--
I had finished another basket block--
and now have started the stitching on #14--out of 20--I am getting there!!!!

I love giving gifts-( and yes I love to get them too!!!)
I was in a thrift store on Sunday--
and had bought this for myself--
a pretty pink flamingo folding bag--
it folds up and tucks back into a pocket--

so I came home and decided this product would make great gifts to have on hand--
so went back and bought 6  more--
They don't have many left--
but 2 have found new homes already-so may see about getting a couple more!!!!

Oh my goodness --this week and actually last week too--
have been really bad with actual pollen allergies --
both Anne and I are suffering--
It is probably due to this plant--
Golden Rod !!!!
It sure makes your 'eyes' and head feel anything but golden!!!

Well--that about catches me up for now--
I am still working on September's Word Play cross stitch--am about half way done--
am behind on that as to where I would like to be on it--but that is 'life'!!!

lake view from my window--
for Peggy--

Thursday, August 15, 2019


Is everyone on vacation or something???
Well--what ever you are all doing--
I hope it is with loved ones and that you are having fun!!!
(maybe my last post was just toooo long for you to read--
sorry about that--will try to do shorter ones!!)

they always entertain me--
I sit in front of the window each morning and watch them--
I go out to feed them just before I sit there--
and there is "no" birds around--
but before I even get back inside--

there is flocks of them--( 2-3 times more than in this photo)
all sizes and colors--how do they know I have put the food down--
do they have someone sitting on a perch-
 and watching for when it happens!!!!

I did something new --to me--
and it cost me 56 cents--
I had $5 in mostly dimes and a few nickels so used the coin exchange machine
at Walmart to cash them in for paper money--and that 'darn' machine charged
me 56 cents to it--Whattttt????????

and I did get to watch my Hummer come and drink from the flowers again-
so that really made my day!!!

Anne's day again--
after visiting for a while we did go to lunch--
this time to the--
Blue Ribbon Diner--
but--unfortunately I would of only given them a red ribbon--
we both had fish sandwiches and they had left them in the fryer a minute too long--
but we had a good time and it was a nice place for lunch!!!

also has this color in it--
I had bought a royal blue cotton knit dress a couple months ago--
and then I washed it a couple times--
and I needed help in altering it--and Anne's daughter has a seamstress shop over town--
so I went over with  it--
it has a dropped sleeve--and on me--
it just didn't work--I thought there would be enough of the hem shortening to use to fill
in the space--only when I tried it on--( and --did I ever discover it had really shrunk)--
so it didn't need
any new hemming--so Kim said why not take the sleeves right off and have it sleeveless--
so that is what she is doing--(this is the dress that cost me $13 plus $10 in shipping--and now costs me another $8 in remodel--and I still don't know if I even like this dress???????

and the second blue story--
Anne had on a blue sweater when she came on Tuesday as it was raining really hard--
she took it off and drapped it across my rocking chair-I seen her on Wed in Walmart and she
asked me if she had left it at my place and I said "No" I would of noticed it and I didn't--
so fast forward to later that evening and I came out of the bathroom and looked at the chair--
and as big as you please--there was her sweater right where she at put it???????????
guess I was blind there for awhile--(or one of my fairies was cold and had borrowed it!)

And remember the --too many T-shirts Inchy--
well--3 more came home with me this week from Walmart--
all cotton and at only $3 each--how can one pass that up??????



Sunday, August 11, 2019


And this post goes from a Sunday to a Sunday--
where did the time go--
well--bare with me and you will see--

Last Sunday's Inchy--
Opps--got to go back to last Saturday's Inchy--
When I finally got over to the Pier--
I took 141 photos while out and about that day--
there is a lower dock off the pier where they have a large tour sail boat--
and this year they have this cute little house--complete with air conditioning sitting on it!!
and apparently one can ride a bicycle on the water too!!!!

the race was here in Watkins Glen--
and No I don't go up on the track--100,000 people plus the race crews--
is a bit much for me!!!  And I heard they had 23,000 campers up there--!!!!!
but a great driver won--Chase Elliot and the crowd went wild--they all love him--
he won last year too!!!
Now here--that day--
Mr Squirrel decided he was still hungry even after I feed him alot of sunflower seeds--
and he decided he wanted some salad to go with his lunch--
so he ate the nice young sunflower plant that I had growing in this pot!!!

and Saturday I got this quilt basted for hand quilting--
and on Sunday I was able to get this one basted--
and on Sunday while watching the race--
I got this basket block finished--

I love mail--
I love sending mail out--
walked to the post office and mailed out 2 packages to friends--
(and the 2 main streets here where bumper to bumper campers--
it took 5 hours or more to get the campers going north and east off the track and through town--
south and west go a different route--)
and I got to pick up a package --
my new set of colored Prisma pencils--

Anne comes and we visit-
then we went to a new place for lunch--
so the Inchy is--
See--I told you--I have been there!!!!

took some thought--
but finally came up with this--
I have been wondering if I am really in NY or if I am in Florida--
cause the weather here is doing what it does in Fl during the summer--
sunny in the morning--
stormy in the afternoons!!!!
and look who's in my hanging flower pot?????

I celebrated a bit--
with the last--
Dark Chocolate truffle that I got for  my birthday--
cause I had spent the whole week--
coloring--11 more Crabapple blocks--

I dont know that I like these last two--
the blue really ran on the last teapot--but maybe by the time I get to the embroidery-
on these I will change my mind--or I will redo them????

I was sorting my clothes out--
and I have way 'too' many t-shirts--
but --all cotton is harder and harder to find--and the prices just keep going up--
so--I will be keeping them!!!

is for a train--
we have a train that goes through early on Saturday mornings--
around 7:30am--so you don't get to sleep in on  Saturdays--
it blows it's whistle all the way through behind us here--

So this wraps up another  busy week here on the "Critter Ranch"!!!


Saturday, August 3, 2019


I have no idea why--but today has seemed like a Sunday all day--
I can only figure it is because I though yesterday was Saturday all day--
cause I did not go on the bus to Walmart--I went on Thursday this week for
my 3rd walk of the week--as--
Town is crazy busy--especially Walmart cause of the NASCAR race people buying
ice, soda, beer and camping supplies!!!

Let's see--
it was a busy week--
so where did we leave off--

Last Sunday's Inchy--
was a darker sky day and rainy--
But sail boats still went out and people still walked around!!!

Monday's Inchy--
Can anyone 'guess' what this is suppose to be?????
It is my 'lightbox' for tracing designs on to cloth--
and it got alot of use this week--
Here it is waiting for the next day's worth of tracing!!!!
that is painter's tape on it--love that tape!!!

Anne's day--
we did something different for lunch today-
Can you tell what we did????
We went to SubWay and got sandwiches and then went down to Clute park--
which is also at the end of the lake and had a picnic lunch--

Can you see all the Sea Gulls --they all swirled in and all landed there in a group--
while we were watching the lake and the sail boat--

a working day-
Now I know this one probably has you 'puzzled'?????

I had gotten the tracing done--
and started on coloring some some of designs in--
I did '4' aprons from this pattern--
here is mine--

Yep--there is only 3 in the pattern--but I wanted 4 blocks--so I was able to reverse one apron--
and do my 'own' design it on to make 4!!!
This one got done--
I had started this pattern years ago--
but didn't like the background I had picked--
and I really thought a bit of color on it would be nice--sooo!!!!
(these got the textile paint on them yesterday--so now they just need to be heat set--
I still have 10 tracing's yet to color--but discovered that my new set of '48' colored pencils
that I got in Feb--are lacking some important shades of colors and some colors--
that I need for the rest--so Amazon to the rescue!!!(new set will have 72 colors)
  We can get back to work on
these on Monday when they get here!!!

Wow--another new month--

I was out leaving the seeds for the squirrels and the birds and chip--
and I also do a bit of 'dead-heading'--so I had bent down near the right side of the tree--
and I glanced up and there was this squirrel--"peeking" around the tree at me--
I don't think he knew I was there until then--it was funny really--gave me a chuckle for the day!!!!
He is eating a grape on another day--they love grapes--I discovered!!!

For mail call--
an order I did at
came in--
the purple cloth if for October's word play--the beige-y one (called Wren) is for November's--
and the light green is for Decembers' word play--
and just added colors to play with or ones I was getting low on!!!
and later that day--
I stitched the --123 and ABC on the September's word play--
I didn't get alot of stitching this week on this one--
as all my time went to doing the tracing--

Do you think if I turn my back on her--
she won't know I am here???????????????????????

(as there was another mass shooting today in Texas--sad sad sad!!!)

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