Sunday, May 28, 2023


 Oh yes I do know today's date is--May 28th--but there is also a 'couple' 24's for today!!!

First up --is this week's heart block--

this weeks was just the saying with the ring of French knots all around it--like 5 rows of French knots, but you know me--gotta do something a bit different--so  first I appliqued a fabric heart on the piece and then embroidered the words on--a heart button will go in the point of the heart--and I got 2 rows of French knots done before my wrist gave out!!

And I decided to start a new mystery stitch along by

And it is called Jack-O-lantern lane and it is done in wool--and there is a story that goes with the mystery--so that is 'cute'--I even got brave (or lazy--cause I didn't want to take time to go though all my wool scraps and find colors that might be close to what she has done--plus I was pretty sure I did not have an orange piece large enough for the pumpkin--) and ordered the kit--which also means I get the buttons!! We will be getting 2 blocks a month--on the 6th and 20th of the month --believe there is 6 blocks total--so here is Mr. Jack-

Wonder if it was the silly pumpkin or that sexy black cat that forced me to do this mystery????

And I got another embroidery piece finished that I got for my birthday--the little flowers are French knots--so had a 'knotty' week!!!!!

And-- I know you have been waiting on pins and needles to see my next heart quilt that I have been working on--

And here are "24" blocks I have appliqued so far--not a real theme going here-- just fabrics that I really like--and I have seen at least 2 more fabrics I want to order a bit of, to add to these hearts!!

And I have spent  the last 2 days working on this mess--

Button--Button--who needs a button--rather which button do I want to sew onto this baby sweater???

And you guessed it--there is "24" sweaters in this batch--and 3 big packages of cute socks that I did mange to get it all into this box-

You can not even get another thing in the box now --that all the sweaters and socks are in it--may have to sit on it to close it and tape it??????

So you see-- I did have-- NO. 24 in my counts today--and it was not planned--it was just how it all worked out!!

Tuesday was a big shopping day out--went to Beall's, Walmart, and Dollar Tree and ate out at a Pizza-Pasta place in that plaza--!  Wednesday was a grocery shopping day--and I nearly had to go out on the street with a sign and ask for handouts to pay for it--best go back to adding it up as I put it in the cart again--like the 'olden' days!!!  and Thursday was laundry day--just so you know that I don't 'stitch' all the time!!!!!

Well--I chatted long enough for today--


Sunday, May 21, 2023


 It seems to have been a week of hearts for me--

Some of my projects were 'hearts'--like this month's color heart block of 'orange'--

I looked for lighter shades of orange-and these are lighter than than the photo shows--almost-- did not do a block this month--you know me and 'orange'????

And I did--not one--but 2 heart blocks for this week's heart block--

You see--I got both the top and bottom cut out for one block--but then did not like the fabric matches--soooo--what does one do--except--find a new top or bottom--then I had a piece top left over--and as it was already cut out--SO--I found it a new bottom!!!  I will probably add a button or bows to these at a later date!!!

And my heart is singing cause I got the Spring counted cross stitching project done from Melissa's site all stitched--

and yes my blocks are out of order--and there is a story behind that--I put the bird house in the center block--as these birds where working hard and I wanted them to have their home nearby so they could pop in it and rest or have nap!!!!

Then there was some hand basting going on the week--first up--I did layer and baste a long beach scene for the bathroom--

opps no new photos --but it is this one--when I was picking out threads to hand quilt this one--I discovered I needed a few different colors--darker cream, darker teal. and some rusty looking browns- so that meant--I had to do a thread order--how sad!!!!!lol

And while I was in the basting mood and the cutting table was cleaned off--I worked on the Frosty quilt top--
this one is not quite finished--still have the top row to do--and this one will wait until the seaside one is done--but at least now I have one waiting--I have not had a basted quilt to work on for over a month now--and  I miss my hand quilting in the evenings--though I have been doing some embroidery work on some of the birthday gifts I got!!

Talking about my birthday--thanks for all the best wishes--they are most welcomed!!   Plus I got  a surprise box in the mail this week with lots of goodies in it--

I have already put some of the cat post it notes to work and in the cat purse was the gift cards and the money--the money is for chocolate--you can't send chocolate in gifts this time of the year to Florida!!
Thank you dear Alice--

and one bigggg disappointment this week--
I worked so hard on this 'tulip' quilt top--where I had to set the blocks on point--

 and I worked hard with the spacing of the red tulips--
when you turn it square--you get this--
All the red ones come out in rows--I really am not happy about this --soooo--not sure the fate of this top--it may 'fly' to NY for my friend to turn into a hospice quilt and I may start over--??????

oh there was some other applique heart blocks stitched--keep forgetting to do a photo of that project--that's ok--it gives you something to look for ward to--!!!!!

Guess I will finish and go do that row of basting on the Frostys--so tomorrow I can go back to sewing--have the 'sisters' blocks out planning how to put that top together, and this time I will know how to do the rows differently-- and I have an idea for the charm pack that came in Alice's box--and --------!!!!!


Sunday, May 14, 2023



So here is to everyone having a delightful day today!

I did get some sewing done this week--

First --I did start sewing the tulip blocks together--they are done on angle so it takes time to think out each row before sewing them together--I did not get it done--each day I thought I would get back to it--but you all know how life is?????

I did get a crewel embroidery piece all finished-

 This was in my Christmas box from Anne--so it only took me 4 months to get it done--there was alot of stitches in this one--

And I remembered that I had gotten another one she sent done, but never finished it off--so one afternoon instead of working on the tulip quilt--I played around and finished them both off--

and I even got them hung up on my pansy wall--

Plus one of my birthday cards had pansies on it--it is over the lamp!!!

And here is where I am on my counted cross Spring piece--

Just two more squares to stitch in--and yes--I did move the birdhouse block to the center of this one--it was suppose to be the last one--oh well!!!!!!

And this week's heart block is done--now it was suppose to have a row of buttons going in a heart shape inside the heart--but it is hard for me to put buttons on things until after I get them sewed together and hand quilted--so--mine is different---

and here is all the blocks so far--

And I got one of my birthday gifts all stitched up--

I also walked overtown and went to the thrift store and here is what followed me home--

a little Amish type doll--that probably nobody but me would want to give her a home--she's happy now and loved--and behind  her is an oval frame--for maybe the teacup and saucer cross stitch piece when it is done-- also a t-shirt with 3 sail boats on it-that is in the laundry--so no photo!!!

and a new teacup and saucer--

actually--2 of them--the little white one is for my new daughter in law--she has one of those fancy coffee things--!!!  the other one is for me--

Well--that's it for this Sunday--already celebrated Mother's day with my son and daughter in law--last Sunday going to Red Lobster!!!  But do have a nice slice of Lemon cake to have with my cup of tea this afternoon!!!

So time to settle in and watch me some racing--oh--and work on a new applique project that I started yesterday--hummmm--wonder what Di is up to now??????????????


Sunday, May 7, 2023


 And many of you guessed that I was talking about another Birthday--For me it was a big one--I am now 75 years young--and I can't get over the fact that I am 2 years older than my parents were when they died--my Mom was 73 and 1 week and my Dad died a couple years later at 73 and 3 months--!!!  Where oh Where have the past 75 years went--when and how did I get to this age????

I got a nice package early in week from Anne in NY--so--now that I am 75--I am no longer as 'patient' as I used to be, I guess--cause I decided to open 2 gifts she sent me each day--and really that was alot of fun each day and it made the whole week special--

She always sends me a variety of things-I even got a yellow kitty there in the upper left hand area--I told her that I often dream of kittens and of a orange cat--now to name my kitty--!!!

I also got lots of birthday cards--(one had pansies on it and another one had 2 humming birds on it-)!!!

I also got this package in the mail about mid week--

And it is from my friend Michelle--

and inside was some of her designs and some new threads to stitch them with--oh--boy am I gonna have fun and gonna be busy for awhile!!!!  I won't have to worry about what I am going to stitch on 'slow stitching Sunday' will I---or Monday or Tuesday or ???????

I also bought myself a couple gifts--

When I was in the grocery store this week--I turned one corner and something made me look up--and I seen this--

mug--front and back--it took no time for it to jump into my cart--it is big--my afternoon tea only fills the cup half way--but that's ok--it still tastes super good being in this mug!!!

I had also spent alot of time looking at these '2' books--

And as  Anne had also sent me a check--I decided it was time to  order them--

I finally broke down and ordered them--From Kathy's site even--and a couple yards of trim for some counted cross stitching projects--the thing that upset me a 'little' bit was--the book Tiny Treasures --she was out of actual book--but I could use my paper and printer ink to down load and print out the whole book for the same price as if I had actually received the book--But I now have them both--so between this purchase and my birthday gift--it looks like I better live for a few more years to get everything stitched up--and we won't even talk about all the quilts I need to finish and want to make!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is this past Friday's heart block--all appliqued and embroidered--I still am enjoying getting these weekly hearts to do--

And May's monthly block got stitched up this week--and it may look red on bird and strawberries, but it is a really dark shade of pink--this was a fun little piece to do---

And I nearly have block #5 done in the counted cross stitching by Melissa on her spring piece--which means I did get #4 block done too--just no photo this week!!

And last week I told you I was starting a new applique project--well--

Tea cups--that I got the pattern run off that goes with another series I haven't started yet--but you know me and tea cups--but have decided to just do these 4 and make these into a small wall hanging--!!!

Yesterday for my actual birthday--my friend Cheryl and I went to a seafood Rest--called Shells and I got some delicious fresh Haddock with yellow rice and applesauce--and brought home half the fish and rice for a 2nd meal!!

For my supper, I walked one building over to Mister 01, pizza place and got me a cheese pizza !! and came back and watched a truck race--oh did I tell you that NASCAR is celebrating it's '75th' year  of racing tooooo!!!!!!



Sunday, April 30, 2023


 Regularity --Routines--I believe we all have them for the most part--until something comes along and throws a 'monkey wrench' into our lives and we have to adjust--our normal routine to do the new thing or to get though something different--But isn't that great--otherwise out lives might become really --dull--!!!

I did make it though the 'Spring cleaning" barely--still have a couple small cupboards that need some sorting and rearranging--I will get to it one of these days!!!

And then there was the 9 day visit of the oldest girl child from Illinois--We mainly shopped or went out to eat--except the day we went to the Zoo--

As a result--I did not get alot of stitching done--but here is what I did finish or work on--

I kept up with the Spring embroidery piece by Joy's site--

And I did get this week's heart block stitched up--

I ended up having to re-applique the 4 bigger blue hearts a second time--didn't like the first try in the spacing of them!!! I may add a button in the center after the quilt is quilted???

And I did get alittle cross stitching done on the Spring piece--

Even got the bee's and all the butterflies in this morning--I just have '6' more blocks on this one to do--ouch--want to get back to the teacup one and do the back stitching on it--yet--this one just keeps 'shouting' the loudest each morning!!!

And I know you are tired of seeing these tulip blocks--but here it the last ones --at least for now--

next is to lay them out and sew them together!!!!

And this afternoon I did start a new applique project--more on that next week!!!

Here is a couple items I bought while out shopping this past week-

A pretty fish to go on top of the new coral I got--but I got the fish so this 'crab' wouldn't feel alone that is on the other side of the sink--

I bought this Crab the last time that Frannie and I went shopping at Bealls before she  passed away--and I know that Frannie was shaking her head when I bought it--but it just always makes me smile when I  walk into the bathroom and isn't that what life is all about--being 'happy and smiling at the little things!!'  The new fish also came from Beall's!!

And here is 2 new plates for the summer eating--

I always eat on real china plates--even when I go down to the dinning room and bring my lunch up in a Styrofoam box--or one of my containers--it goes on a china plate to eat it--one is for lunch time and one is for supper time and I have a smaller one for breakfast--I have special plates for Fall, Christmas, Winter, and spring eating--now I have some for summer time!!!  I know I am a bit 'silly'--but then someone has to be!!!

I also got new sandals, sneakers, and clothes--so am all set for summer wear now--!!  And we only took a couple photos the whole time daughter was here--none of us are big selfie photo taking folks--though we all do have cell phone cameras!!!

This one is at Squid Lips restaurant in Melbourne and we are  celebrating Dawn's birthday-then we went to Friendly's over on the beach side for ice cream sundae's--

And here is one more photo of a summer arrangement I did--