Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 I feel like I have been wrestling with big bears for the last couple of days!!!

Remember we set up the larger folding table last week--so this week I am working at taming the larger quilt pile and getting them set up with backing, batting, and the basting them--and they are a bit heavy and hard to work with--

But I got one all done--

Do you remember this one???

These blocks are colored with--pencils and I started this one in June of 2016--and pretty much kept at--

  and I see that I did put the blocks together the first time in Aug of 2017--but did not like what I did --so redid the whole top in April 2018--and now finally it is--

now a quilt--in waiting --for me to hand quilt it--it is all basted--

Now the only problem here is--when that will happen--

as I have 5 more large quilts to layer and baste --

and so this afternoon --I  "wrestled another" quilt and got the backing made,

then the batting cut and layered all 3 parts and pressed them together--

all ready for basting--

Yep--I hear Christmas bells a ringin!!!!!

I also realized that I did not have enough batting to do all the rest--4 more--I was 2 pkg short--

I really like to use Dreamers Cotton batting, white in the 'request' thickness--the local quilt shop was  out--and no way to get there anyways--so in trying to think about where I used to order it online--I decided to check on Amazon as I need it quickly too--found they had 3 pkgs in the right size left--so ordered them--and here is the crazy part--Amazon's price was $12.95 each--the quilt shop's price is $21.50--that was $8.55 more for each one--so even though I would of loved to support my local shop--I had to go with Amazon!!



Sunday, June 13, 2021


 It is one of those days--where you wonder if this dark bank of clouds is bringing rain, wind, and whatever--or will it be the next batch--so far it has been ok here--but north of us got some really bad weather!!

So what has everyone been up to this past week??

Me--All I know is --I was busy every day--yet not sure just what all I did get done???

I did get my '3' purple angels stitched up--

And I got another Dresden plate finished--

And last Sunday evening while watching the Nascar race--
I got an embroidery piece finished--

this pattern is a Crabapple Hill pattern--(I did change the color of the truck--Meg did her's in yellow on the pattern)
I did order 2 more in this series and yesterday I got them traced out and today--
 I got one of them colored in--ready to start the stitching on it--
and yes--I did change the color of the truck--again!!!!

And I did something that I don't ever do--
I ordered a kit--

I just couldn't help myself--you all know how I love birds--and this kit has everything in it--
even threads, batting, backing, everything for only about $25--
Now don't ask me when--WHEN-- I am going to make it up--cause??????

A couple days was still spent on cleaning and such--and on Thursday, Shauna came to help me for a couple hours with putting up curtain rods to hold my quilts (instead of push pins)

We still have more work to do--but it won't be this next week--I have to wait for another shelf unit to arrive first and that delivery date is June 21st so it will be after that sometime --(that will need to be put together too)!

I have made progress on the Flamingo counted cross stitching piece--and on all three of my knitting projects--the Shawl, socks and baby sweater--
Oh and I just remembered what I did all of Tuesday afternoon--my seed bead order came in--so I spent the afternoon opening small bags of beads and putting them into small round containers--oh what fun I had!!!!! Remember these beads are for the Hexagons in old linens I am doing!


Sunday, June 6, 2021


 It was "kinda" funny this morning--I got up to blue skies and sunshine out my window--and I was in the bathroom at the sink brushing my, and I can see a small area of the window though the mirror and there is water running down the window--yep--it was raining--and the rain cloud must of been right over the building--cause the sun was still shinning out my window--!!!

I made even more progress on some projects this past week--

I got this small applique finished--

This is one of May's blocks from 'my book'--I am still behind on these--opps!!!

And -- the blue heart quilt did talk to me about borders--so I dug out my new collection of blue prints and found two that would work--

the bird strip only went up and down--so had to use just the flower print on the top and bottom--

and this will be the binding--it's all ready--
and even though I tried to keep this quilt less than 40" wide so I could get it basted for hand quilting--well--that didn't happen so it is in the pile for when I get the new folding table cleaned and set up--which might be this next week--we will see!!!??

And here is Step 1 of finishing these blocks--

lots of unstitching was done--and I did find that the lint roller did a great job in picking off all those little threads--

Step 2--

Notice the new piece--appliqued at the top of the block--it now looks more like a curtain--
than before--

I will not be working on this project nor much of any sewing--other than hand work until maybe Thursday--
Monday and Tuesday I am planning to finish the spring cleaning and redecorating--and Shauna will be back Tuesday afternoon to help put up the curtain rods for hanging my quilts and some of the heavier cleaning--and I think I have a play date with Carolyn on Wednesday--!!!!

And here is my newest counted cross stitching project--

Flamingo's anyone--????  there is '11' of them in this row --I have one more all stitched in and start of another one since I did the photo--they made it into a pincushion--I haven't decided yet????

And I decided it was time to hang out the Summer ABC strip --


Wednesday, June 2, 2021


 And I even have a sister named --June--and I can remember calling her "June Bug!!"

I have been on a work spree the last couple days--and have lots of projects prepped for sewing--

So--first up though is my OMG goal for June--

Remember these blocks-??

I think I really really need to get these going again and get a 'top' made --so that is the main goal--and my second goal that needs to be done by the end of June is--

the hand quilting on this one and the binding put on it--
I got this one basted yesterday so it is all ready to be started--

Yesterday I also got this one trimmed and the binding sewed on it and then the binding hand sewn down and now it is a finish--
And as I said--I been working on prepping alot of my hand stitching  projects for June--
our color of the month is purple--

there is '3' purple angels in this little box--just waiting for needle and thread--

this tote has 30 some squares for yo-yo's in purple--

this little tote has 3 different projects in it--that need some needle and thread work--

and while I had the table all set up for hand basting--I got this one all basted this morning --after I got the laundry done--

and here is where I am on the 'newest' shawl that I have decided to make--

I do believe that is my 4-5th start with this yarn-but I am happy with how this pattern is shaping up-so hopefully I am on a roll here --now!!!

And I have started a new counted cross stitching piece--but forgot to take a photo of it just now--I am sure I will be doing a photo of this for this week end!!!!

And I do think I am going to add border to the blue heart top I showed in the last post--at first I wasn't going to add any--but--I as a women--can change my mind--right????



Sunday, May 30, 2021


 Me--Di--about posting more often--I seem to be on this once a week thing--just Sundays--hummm????

I do have sewing to show you though--

Today--like this very afternoon--I finally got out the bag of the blue hearts--you remember that sewing them together was May's OMG project and other than taking them out for their photo the first part of May--well--they stayed in the bag until today--nothing like rushing around at the last minute!!!

I discovered I had 11 blocks with the blue background and 40 blocks with the white backgrounds--so this is the plan --I did plan it out on paper and then this afternoon--I fired up the sewing machine and away I went 

And here it is--in all it's pretty blueness!!! I kept it really simple--and it was fun to sew the blocks together and not have to measure and cut lattice or corner pieces--!!!

Thursday morning I was 'happy dancing' around here--did you hear me???
Cause after 4 months of steady cross stitching every morning--
Look what I finished--
There is an outer border that the author added--I don't think I want to stitch that on--
I changed several things on this piece--the order of which blocks went where--and I have alot more cardinals on mine --and a few things I changed the colors on--like the boots on the girls--a couple roof colors and all my people and critters have 'eyes'--I really did enjoy stitching this (ok--I did alot of whinning on doing those white frames on each block!!!!)

On Thursday afternoon--Shauna came to help me --finally got up the curtain rod, curtain--more ivy and the new fairy lights that my daughter sent me for Christmas--

This window is very hard to photo cause of the Sun--this string is a big set of lights and oh so pretty-we have them set to change to about 4-5 colors and it is slow and pretty going from one color to the next!! and I love the ivy--the way she pinned it to the front of the curtain in a loopy style and then added the fairy lights to the ivy!!!  ( I have ordered a second set of fairy lights for over my hutch)  these lights are a plug in style--not battery kind!

Yesterday I played with beads all afternoon--

I got this new case so all my beads would be in one place--and see that little tiny spoon--it finally earned it's keep around here--

I had this set of small beads in this plastic contain and needed something to scoop them out with and transfer each color bead to a little container--
Then yesterday I played with them some more with one of the hexies-

I really did not know about the 'sizing' of beads and wanted to see which size worked the best for these hexagons--and decided I needed the 08--3mm size--so went shopping online (as I mostly have 06--and they are a bit large) and have ordered some --ok--alot of beads for these project --but I may also use some beads on the hearts I am doing each month and maybe even on the angels for each month--and by ordering them in sets like I did-I saved a ton of money--the tubes of each one in the Bead store is an average of $4 or more per color--this way--for the same amount--it is less than a dollar a color--so????

And I did get these two pincushions finished--

Ok--time for dinner and then time to watch the races--they don't start till 6:30 pm tonight!!


Sunday, May 23, 2021


 For me it was a hot and sweaty week--though--our temperature's here in Florida were lower than up north --can you believe that--we only had 80-85 degrees here and a strong breeze--up north is was 90 and hot and humid--wow!!!  But our heat and humidity gets turned up on  Wednesday here--soooo???

It was a good week to work up my sweating-with doing alot of spring cleaning, sorting, and rearranging--I am not totally done--but the rest I need help for--so at least now I can get back to some real sewing!!

So I mainly just did alot of hand work late afternoon's and knitted in the evenings--

I got the second pin cushion top finished-

more red yo-yo's made up--

Still have more yo-yo's to stitch up!

the rest of the 9 hexagon's I had cut out and cut the pieces for all--are all now tacked on--

some stitchers like to do the sewing down as they go with the putting on the beads, ribbons, and such--or they use a bit of glue here and there-I like to actually take tiny tiny stitches with #80 thread and catch each little curve, or lace trim--also stitch the long edges down in the seam lines--
now I get to play with the beading on these!!!

And you can see I am nearly half way finished with the stitching on this last block on the Farm house series--hopefully this will be finished this week!!!!

And my new plant stand came in and I got it put together and my plants all arranged on it--the plants are all in baskets-

I love that now my plants are up higher and will catch some sunshine--and more light!!!  But I used all my baskets on this stand--so I will just have to 'force' myself to go shopping for more baskets one of these days real soon!!!!

And in my birthday card from my sister June--she sent me a old photo of me--
I am not sure it is me--if so I am about 5-6 years old-- I think--and that white thing on the left of me-is suppose to be some kind of mixer that my mother got for Christmas--again--not sure it is mom's--cause where we were living at this time--we were very poor and did not even have food to eat--but I have framed it and will say it is me--so where is my Christmas gifts--and where is my sister June who would of been about 3???
Our pasts can be as mysterious as our futures sometimes!!