Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I got "one" of  the baby quilt tops done today--
I need to know if I should leave it as is??
cause now as is--
is the little fence on each border is facing in--
and looks like a nice frame!!
or on that bottom strip
do I need to turn it around so the animals are not upside down?????
(I am disappointed in how the company I ordered this border print from cut it--
the design went the width of the fabric--so I am thinking when I ordered it--
that I would have 8 rows of designs going 42" across--plenty to work with--)
they cut it so I only had width of 22"--hence the corner blocks--
and I am not crazy about all the 'green' in the prints--so that is why I did
the lattice and the corner stones--and I will probably use a yellow binding on the one!!

And I got a 'little' order in the mail yesterday--
got the Kona color panel--
but now I keep thinking that I heard Kona is no longer making fabric--
so I need to do some checking on this--does any one know about this????
and one of the chicken legs pulls out and becomes a tape measure--
got her to  keep this guy company--
Mr Ducky was lonely!!!
and the charm pack is more civil war era fabrics!!

And now I am really--
this is done--
Finished it this afternoon--
I know there was some times when I wondered if I would ever get it done--
I did!!!
I was also sure that the Spring one would be out by now--
but so far I have not seen it--
but I do still have '2' others in this series to get caught up on!!!
and I still need to find how I am going to  display these????

So what did you do today???
any finishes so far this week???

                    ENJOY, DI

Monday, March 12, 2018


On Sunday I was being  good girl--
and working on my counted cross stitch--
when the phone rang--
it was my DD--and she said to get my cameras ready
a couple bottles of water and to met her downstairs--
being the 'obedient' Mother that I am--
I did just that--
Love the round corner on this huge house!!

It was a fairly nice day here--
not too hot yet--
so we just went driving/riding--
she drove and I rode and snapped photos--
we went over on the beach strip and headed south--
Here is one of the homes my daughter designed from the ground up for a Doctor--
about 20 some years ago--
and she pointed out more as we drove--
these flowers where growing on a tree--
Have no idea what they are--except they were pretty--
we came to a small park on down the road and this neat craved tree trunk was there--
and this neat building--
When we walked over to it--we were surprised to learn this about it--

do you see the date on that one sign--

I did decide it must of been hard living there with NO windows--
but did find one small one on the house side--
Old time living for sure!!!!

Then we drove on over  to the beach road and on to Sebastian Inlet--
The colors of the ocean where sooo bright and colorful yesterday--
bright blues and turquoises!!

and on the way home--
DD did her good deed for the day--
she had to stop traffic to do it though--

and not one car got mad--they all thanked her or gave her a thumbs up as they passed by
after she safely had the turtle off the road!!!!

So be ready--one just never knows when one can go exploring
 or what one will see when one does!!!
                            Enjoy, di

Sunday, March 11, 2018


with this challenge--
and --
***days stitched this week--7days ahh--6 days
***days stitched this month--7 days (out of 10)
***Total stitching hours this week--5 3/4 hours

so I did get in more than my 30 minutes a day with the average--
that would be 3.5 hours per week--so my hand quilting average is way up--
but if I want to get this months quilt done--I have to do more than 30 minutes a day!!

I was good and did finish unstitching the  9 blocks of the center of this first quilt--
and I then recut them --being more careful to center them--
so they would came out even -
and this is now those blocks--
Here though I noticed that the blocks look like 'X's' instead of 't's'!!!
so I really have 2 different quilts using the same blocks--
and I have plans for the centers of the background blocks (there is 4 of those)

And I have ended up with this collection of fabrics--
Collected from 3 different shops to get the whole line--
can't wait to start on this project-
what about the 2 quilts I planned to do in January and haven't even added one stitch too???
and I haven't done a green block yet either--
Sure hope my allergies will magically be gone when I wake up in the morning--
cause I am still having problems--and it keeps my energy level soooo low!!

So here is hoping we all have a great stitching week --
and lots to show and post about this week!!

                ENJOY, DI

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


about the straw--
that broke the camels back--
and it all has to do with this little quilt---
remember I got this top done and got it basted to backing and batting for hand quilting--
But--I really was not happy with how it came out--
my blocks were a bit 'wonky' and not square--
so even as I was basting it--I wanted to tear it apart--
but on I went with it--
I was on the that black inner border hand quilting--
and just couldn't take it another minute--
so picked up the seam ripper and away I went--

So this morning I started over--
and redid 9 new center blocks and they all came out nice and even--
and I did reuse the 2 outer borders--
so here is the newest model--

so if you really look closely you can see the difference's in the 2 quilts on the 4 patches--
not sure what really went wrong in the first one--it must of been when I was trying to square them up and I trimmed too much from one side--and some of the center pieces did not come out nicely--this set did--so now to get the backing and batting on this one and to the hand quilting phase---

And 2 more things on the trip last week end--
one night while in a restaurant when it came time to pay the bill--
we spotted this on the receipt-
See the Gratuity Guide--
we did have a bit of a chuckle--
then realized it is probably put there cause sooooo many people today --
can't do math anymore--
and I think it funny how this is done right down to the penny!!!!!
and we continued to notice now on all the receipts were ever we ate out!!!!

And you know how I love 'foxes' on fabric--
( there is not logical reason for this!!)
and I forgot to point out one of the fabrics I got at Rainbow's End is foxes--
how sweet is this print????

       Happy stitching--
                  ENJOY, DI

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