Sunday, April 14, 2024


 I seemed to have been, on the go alot this past week--one trip on the Van on Monday morning and trips on the bus to the shopping center and one after to the post office and Sun Shoppe Cafe--but I have decided life just can't be all 'just needles, fabrics and thread'!!!  Not at my age anyways--

I did get some stitching done--I always have stitching to do--and I do enjoy stitching--just don't want it to be number 1 in my life as much--I am also back to a couple  old hobbies of mine--?????

This is what I got stitched this week--

I did get block #4 finished of Jenny's BOM--these are small and don't look like alot of work--but --there is alot of stitches in these little blocks--

Here is all 4 of them so far--

Now--I did take alot of classes back in NY when the quilt shop was there--but have never taken an embroidery class--my first real lesson in embroidery was when I got this cute little quilt in the mall when I did my first move to Florida back in--2015 or so, from Maria in AU--

When I studied how 'tiny' her stitches were on this piece--and let me tell you--they are tiny tiny stitches and just so neat and pretty--well--Maria-- I have have practiced on every piece of embroidery since--I am better--and, do way smaller stitches--but--I still have a ways to go to be as neat as you are!!

I got 2 more strips of pink hearts appliqued--

And I got a couple more Dresden plates hand stitched and one even appliqued onto the back ground fabric-

I need to stitch one more plate and to applique these to the back ground fabrics--

And I got one very bright orange baby sweater knitted in the Hobbii yarn-

I also got the Library Book top--layered and basted--I did extra basting on it cause I really wasn't sure how I was going to hand quilt it--
And I have started and a plan is coming together--
I am going to outline the applique pieces--one line around the inside of each one and then on line around the outside of each one--and this one square is all hand quilted now--Last night I did diagonal rows of varied lines going across the upper white part and then did 1/4" around inside of each book in the color of the book--so I am off to a start --anyways!!!!

I am back to doing 2 things I used to do in the past--like a few years ago now--past--
One is reading--I am on my 4th book--WOW--in a row!!!

And --I am back to doing some photography work--
I picked '2' cards this week--

I bought a nice basket of Organic fresh strawberries at Publix this week--
and this is my favorite photos of them--

But the very best photo of them --I forgot to take and that was the strawberries cut up on top of some Organic Vanilla ice cream--Yummmm!!!

And the second card--Unusual perspective-- Well--I am not totally sure what it wanted--but here is a couple that I thought worked--
the back side of flowers--we always take photos of the front or the actual flower??
and from a distance--I thought this was a feather stuck in the leaves--but it's really just a big long leaf!!!
And I wonder what this is???

Guess you will have to pop over to my other blog site--at the top of this page on the upper left hand corner to find out where I will share a few more photos!!!

Things have calmed down some here--though on the food problem--not much has changed--they are not using any of the new money to improve our food--the average for me is 3 days a week--that I can eat the lunch!!!

And I had no 'sleepless' nights this week--so that is good news--

and a cute story--on Tuesday I went to Big Lots and bought a couple things--one being a cute new tea cup and saucer--but returned it on Thursday--when I took the pretty ribbon off it there was a big chip right on the rim of the tea cup on the side you would drink from!!!  I also shopped at Bealls that day--needed a tall vase for a really pretty bunch of flowers I boughten there the week before--I did come home with a vase--and here is the funny part--by the time I put this bunch of flowers in the vase--it was way too tall to fit on any of my display shelves--really--one can only 'shake their heads'---so both of them went back, too on  Thursday and I came home with money back in the bank, and did not buy anything else--that might be first!!!!

Oh and I did sit in my rocker in the apt and watched the solar eclipse --as far as the light and darkness came and went--it was kinda weird but neat at the same time--!!



Sunday, April 7, 2024


 Oh my--it's been a rough week sleep wise--it does happen now and then to all of us, I am sure--but it has happened to me twice this week--first time was Thursday night into Friday morning and then again last night--wake at 3 am and that's it- toss and turn--the mind going 100miles an hour--and last night it was fun cause allergies also  kept me busy--using tissues and sneezing--all week they have been bad-

So --I did not get as much done this week--

Let's see what I did do--

First up --I did get this months Woven Wreath stitched up--

It was a bunny all dressed up--

And I did finish a counted cross stitch piece--

Now this one is suppose to have a squirrel there on the bottom--but the whole time I was stitching this piece that squirrel kept telling me--that those letters were not his color and towards the end he hinted that a Flamingo would like this color of  ABC's more--So he won and I did a Flamingo!!!!

And I have started another ABC for him--he hasn't decided if he likes the new color any better--it's a coral color????????????

And this month for this challenge--

And that one is my 30's plates--

I had 5 blocks done--and here is one and half more-and I have sorted blades for 3 more blocks or so--Have no idea yet where I am going with this one--I am just merrily stitching along!!!

And I did get baby sweaters knitted--
the first one was using Hobby Lobby cotton yarn-

 The second one is using Hobbii yarn, and on this one I used a double strand of yarn--

I have 2 more sweaters in the works--one using each kind of yarn--

And I finally got a start on the blue truck--while watching racing on the week ends--
If I get a quick nap in I will be working on this later today while watching the race--
but first I have to find my bed--I am going through my china cabinet dishes and cups and saucers and nick knacks to see what I want to use and I got a new under the bed tote for the 'leftovers'!!!!But in the meantime--everything is piled on the bed and cutting table!!

Yesterday it was clothss--I did get in a couple new pairs of capris and new T-shirts--then I pulled out my suitcase that I keep the seasonal clothes in and went though that and put the winter things away!!

I did get a fun package in the mail that I ordered--my new phone needed a case--here is the first one I got--and put on it--

this one came with the 'glass' for the front --too--sorry-- about the reflection and finger prints!!!!
And somehow--that Di didn't stop with just this one--
she found a set of '3' for only $8 and got them too--

these will look much prettier on the phone, as it is black!!

Also I found a couple fun things to play with--

I got one of the sets of photography cards and then this set that has cards that help you know just what to and how to set up your camera for all kinds of different photos--like fireworks at night--now--I just too get some sleep so I can read them!!!

Tuesday night Dan and  Sarah took me out to the Red Lobster to celebrate Easter--we had a good time catching up--their store is really hopping and they are busy --they are open 6 days a week and then are there on their day off--Tuesdays --they are there working to get ready for the coming week----!!


Sunday, March 31, 2024


 Do you remember this phrase from a commercial--"oh what a relief it is"???

Well-- many are glad to say this cause Spring is now really really on it's way--time to get out those seeds and start planting---!!!!

This morning I made some of these to hand out at lunch time, and to some friends--

I did get my #4 chook challenge worked on--wasn't sure I would have any time the way things were going--but I was able to spend 2 days on it and it's now into a top--

My #4 was the Christmas Sunbonnet Sues I did in all plaids last December--not sure I was ready to work on a Christmas project yet--but --here it is--love those chickadees on the border--I will not be basting this for a bit--I believe--!!

And I got the February Crabapple embroidery piece all finished--

This is a really pretty piece in real life!! and now to find space to hang it up!!!

And I got this month's tea towel designed and finished in the purples--

And a knitted baby sweater with purple on it finished--

And I got some more pink hearts appliqued--been working on these off and on--

I also did a shopping trip and came home with some new fabrics--
these pinks for the hearts above that I am making--

And as this past month the color was purple I decided some new ones needed to come home with me--

and if you noticed I used all 4 in the tea towel!!!

And these 2 also jumped into the cart--
The light blue bunny one will be a backing on a baby quilt I am sure--this other one--well--who knows but I do know it will be just the right piece for something!!!

And I found some bright red geraniums --got 2 nice full stems of them--and after I got them home--I wasn't sure just what I was going to do with them, yet--so set them on top of the refrigerator--

And I love them up there--wished I had 2 more stems for the other side of the top of the refrigerator!!
They were only $2.63 a bunch!!!!

The Xumo box is gone--have a new DVR recorder just like the one I had--and I love it--and I got anew Cell phone Samsung Galazy 15 and it's up and running and I have free cell service for a whole year from Spectrum---





Sunday, March 24, 2024


 Chocolate bunnies and bright colored 'peeps' and jelly beans!!  Just one week away--if you are waiting for the Easter bunny--and if not--you can start now to enjoy them--you have my permission--to eat all the chocolate bunnies you want this week!!!

So let's see--what did life allow me to get finished this week--

Got the bunny ABC sampler from Melisa finished and on display--

So now '3' are done and I can say I have a collection--I have started a 4th one--and it has a story--so stayed tune for further updates!!!

I got this month's 2 wool Christmas ornaments finished--

and yes the wool is 2 different colors!!  These are fun to make each month--

And I got this quilt totally finished and ready for hanging--Happy Dance!!!

I chose to use the same fabric for the binding--nothing else seemed to work--

Here is the next step done on my Library books top--

I embroidered titles on some of the books--had to do the words on the fabrics that were more on a solid color--other wise the word did not show up--This looks so much better in real life----not it is ready to layer and baste--

And now I am working on this little piece--

I still have more hand quilting to do on this one--!!

Thursday morning I went on the bus and stopped at the Library first and picked up 2 books--it was perfect weather to sit at the bus stop and wait for the next bus to take me on to Publix--(you see--I went cause I was nearly out of the--you--know--chocolate we talked about in the beginning of this!!!)

And I finally figured out how to get my photos from my phone to the computer--so here is the couple photos I talked about a  couple weeks ago-from outside the Library--

And last night I got so excited when I realized that the time change now allows me to enjoy these scenes out my window--

I love watching these big fluffy clouds form over this next building--I glance up every so often to watch them--and I realized how much I had missed doing that these past few months--


A good update first--my daughter is fine--no cancer--so happy dance here--


HUD did raise our lunch price to $7 a day from $5 a day--BUT--they did not agree to the other increases that Poah wanted--so good for them--now here is hoping maybe the food service company will at least get a share of the $7 to feed us better meals--though none of us are really hopeful at this point!!!


Another Drama has been going on here for the last 4 days--with my Internet/cable service--Spectrum!! I was getting the $30 taken off my spectrum bill since Covid from some government program that did not get renewed--so Spectrum sent us an Email with a phone no. and I called it--One of the changes they wanted to do was change my DVR box to one called Xumo--for only $5 a month--(I had been paying about $30 a month) I said--sounds good as long as I can record and 'buzz' though the commercials--not a problem they said--we did a couple other changes and a service tech was sent that afternoon to install the new box---WELL--folks I had '3' different techs here and many calls to the office in the last 3 days--finally yesterday--tech #3 did find the problem for me recording shows--it was a glitch in the office-- not the Xumo box--they got that fixed--so we decided everything was up and running good and he left--only later--when I went to watch a recorded show--there was NO fast forward or pause button--so I called again this morning and guess what--Spectrum does not have that part of the recorder set up yet--that is in the future--Plus if your movie or, like me with the races, if it runs more that 2 hours it will stop recording----

I ask you WHY and What is going on here--the sales guyI talked to  knew I needed to fast forward through the commercials ect--we talked about it at length--the techs who came here also knew that fact as we talked about it--SO--I am going to have to go back to a regular DVR player--but now hear this--I have to go to a Spectrum store and pick one up--then I can make a tech appt to install it--the tech's are no longer carrying the DVR's on the trucks--!!!!!

I have added up the total hours in the last 4 days of being tied up with Spectrum either on the phone or with a tech here and it's well over 7 hours--7 hours I could of been quilting or sewing!!! Grrrr!!!!!!

So be careful if they want to install a Xumo box  at your home--ask lots and lots of questions--and make sure they know the correct answers--maybe in 6 months this will be a good thing--but not yet!!




Sunday, March 17, 2024


 Happy--St. Patty's day!!!--I did have my green Lucky t-shirt on and a pretty St Patty's day silk scarf --!!!

I know I was busy all week--yet when I went to do photos for this post--it doesn't seem like I have very many----

I did get this month's heart embroidery block done from Melisa--

And now here is the first '3' months we have done--

She is coloring her's in a bit--I may do that--later and use colored pencils--time will tell???

I also designed a couple little wool bunny items--

I enjoyed doing these (they are a bit lighter in color than they look here)--I mean, I had the box of wool out for this months 'wool' Christmas ornaments I am doing each month--so why not have a couple rabbits jump out of the box too!!!  This months 'wool' is stars--they are not done yet--wonder why???

Last night I finished the hand quilting on the borders to this quilt--

I did a big stitch on the lattice in a variegated pink thread--now to just trim the edges and sew the binding on--binding is all cut-just needs to be sewn and pressed--

One afternoon I found and cut 3-4 projects of battings and backings--now to press them and get them basted for hand quilting--

And I have done a couple more hearts this week--

And on one of my shopping trips this past week--this really pretty cute pink bunny hopped a ride home with me--

Betty and Peter are keeping an eye on her--to be sure she doesn't 'hop' off some place--

And here is a new Metal rabbit that I got at Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago--in their $3-$5 section and I only paid $3 for her--

And I have been cross stitching a new sampler this week--it is almost finished--

Part 2--Daily life!!!

Monday was our Van drive--we went to a Super Walmart--there was just 2 of us for some reason--this trip there is usually 4-6 that go--I just shopped for regular things that I needed--and yes--this is where the new pink bunny jumped into my cart and wanted to come live here!!!

Tuesday I took the bus to the Publix store--our weeks worth of menus here--were terrible so I knew I needed some good food for the week--got me some fresh salmon--organic potatoes, asparagus, and a rotisserie Chicken --(ok and some dark chocolate and some organic ice cream!!!)

Wednesday I had to go see the visiting nurse, Lynda to get my B-12 injection--I actually have the disease that requires you to get an injection every month or more--mine is every 3 weeks now after getting it since 1995!!  And the office wanted me to sign a new 'House Rules' package--I told them I signed that when I resert--well they got upset about that--so I brought a copy home to read--it was --wait for it--12 pages long--and most of involved family units--no families here--just us old whining, complaining, confused, seniors--but I signed it!!!

Thursday--it was just me and a walk downtown--went into a couple stores and then stopped at a place called Burger Inn--done in the  50's style and had a Cheeseburger, fries, and ice tea-for the grand sum of $14.00--the burger was good--but only medium size--I did eat it out on their patio--so it was an enjoyable outing--

Saturday--I was up at 7 am and down in the laundry room by 7:10 to do laundry--did 2 big loads and spent the rest of the day just plain--doing housework--so now I can spend this week--getting it all messy and the floor full of threads again--oh what fun!!!

my daughter goes for the biopsies tomorrow and we should know the results by the end of the week--so am still waiting on that--

still no word from HUD on the food price increase--
And my Patty's day lunch, from the dinning room, was--corned beef, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and brown bread--ONLY--you could not even cut the corn beef with a sharp knife--and forget eating it, and rest wasn't eatable either except the potatoes--ended up fixing me something from the freezer--we did also get 'grasshopper pie"--maybe that will be good later this afternoon???? 



Now this I could of enjoyed today for lunch!!!