Thursday, June 20, 2019



yea--maybe I can do it now---
before we get into the Inchy's--
I want to show you where I am on the  'word play'
for July--
Plus a bit more has been done--(then unstitched and restarted!!!!)
A crab that was giving me a hard time!!!  But he is so cute!
am down to the fishes now!!

So now where did leave off in the 'story of my life' according to the Inchy's???

Last Thursday--
(oh dear don't tell--Di--but that was a week ago!!)
Rainy day here--(as today has been also!!)
I did spend part of the day pricing some rummage sale items for this week end's sale--!!

was one of those --
up and down days--
felt good when I first got up--
then didn't--
but rallied after lunch to walk over to the yarn shop--
was at a turning point in the new shawl and had no idea how to continue with the pattern--
then it was down again--cause Sue just told me I had to go online to see how to do the next
couple stitches to make the fringe!!!  that made me sad--what happened to the 'days' when
others showed us how to do things--now it's--go to the internet and u-tube!!!
but while there an ole yarn friend came in--Sharon--we used to knit together there on Friday afternoon's so we are planning on doing that once again--so the day went back up--
and I was able to find the u-tube videos I needed and eventually figured out how to do the fringe!!
so the day did end on a 'high' note!!

was the 'cardboard boat races'  remember those from when I lived here before???
And yes--they had a big yellow duck boat in the race--
and after I got home--I realized I could see him from the window--
Here is the photo I took on the photo shoot walk--
Who is this tall tall man????
there is many more photos--I will be posting those on the Di's workbasket site--

or I mean would of been--
lil sister's birthday--
she would of been only '65'--

was another interesting day--
What do you mean--NO--
No-- blood work done at the dr office for my appointment later in the week--
No-- trip to Walmart to walk--
No-- Cracked Wheat Bread at the bakery-
No--right sized needles in the brand I wanted at the yarn shop--
Like I said it was just a day of  'No's"!!!

was lovely day--
of the --
but first Anne came and after visiting for awhile--
she ran me to the dr office for the blood work--
then we went to Walmart for a couple things and then out to lunch--
later I did walk back up the bakery for my loaf of bread--
and seen alot of beautiful roses--

I think that about catches us up for now--
do take the time to enjoy where you are now--each day--!


Thursday, June 13, 2019


I have been really busy--
or else time is even going 'faster'!!!

Sunday's Inchy--
was for---
the frogs--
times '3'---
first when I worked on my counted cross stitching--
I had for 'frog' the days work out-was off by one thread!!!
got that going correctly though before I went on with the day--

Late afternoon--
I got all ready to watch the race--
only it was rained off--
but --
I ended up 'frogging' 2 knit projects I had started--
the first one was being knitted in silk yarn and was to be a shawl--
but was too much like a long scarf and not wide enough to suit me--!!
so--we unknitted that back into 3 balls of yarn--
Then I was not happy with how 'wide' the last pair of socks was coming along--
so they got 'frogged' back into balls of yarn!!!!

I did go out and play in the flower barrel again--
planting the 2 plants I had gotten at the windmill--
this is the 'hot pink' geranium I got--
here is the barrel now--
and a clay pot of viola's
 Love these tiny babies!!!!!

Monday's inchy--
what in the world is this --Di????
Oh maybe it is another knitting project???
Yep--using the new yarn!!!
and the race was on Monday evening!!!

a very eventful day--
It was Anne's day to come--
she was 20 minutes late because of traffic back up--
they are redoing the whole length of town --a good mile and half--
new side walks--street lights, and a new road--
Let's just say--right now --it's one big mess--
but someday--it will be nice and look neat!!!! hopefully--
We visited a bit and then decided to walk to Jerlando's for lunch--
cause after next week when all the schools get out--
it will be very busy in there even at lunch time--
on the way there--we had to get around some sidewalk workers--
and I wanted to stop at the yarn shop for a different pair of needles--
we finally get there and 'guess what'--they were closed--
the gal who was suppose to be there--car broke down--
so --ok we will cross the street and go to lunch--
in crossing the street though--
Anne fell--in the street--over a water pipe that they dug up and then left--
sticking part way out of ground and had not filled in around it--
but a car that had pulled up to the light--the passenger --a lady--
jumped out and helped me help Anne to her feet--
she said she was ok--so we kept on walking--
she did have a couple scraps that were bleeding--but not badly--
we went and had a nice lunch --but we did walk back here a different way!!!
and this was her show and tell this week--
Remember all those basket blocks I did 2 years ago!!!

a baby   Alpaca--
one of the bus drivers that takes me to Walmart 3 x a week to walk--
raises Alpaca's--and I always ask him about them--
so when I got on the bus on Wednesday--
he showed me a photo of a new baby on his cell phone!!!
cute--reddish brown one--I want a baby Alpaca!!!

Today has been rainy and cloudy and damp all day--
so even though it is Thursday and I wanted to get back to the yarn shop--
it will be tomorrow before I can do that--
here is a picture of a wet blue jay from the other day when it rained--
I wanted to take a towel out for him to dry off with!!!!


Sunday, June 9, 2019


here at Di's place--
we are finally having some sunshine--
and you know how happy sunshine makes me!!!

morning I did some house cleaning--
as the housekeeper here--Melinda--
came to do this at 10 am--
Cleaned my windows--
and we had a nice chat while she did them--
there is 3 large ones here in the main room and 2 smaller ones in the bedroom!!
I really did not think they looked that dirty--
but after she left--
I was surprised to realize just how 'clean' and clear they are now--
and that is good cause I take alot of photos from the living room windows!!!
Yes --that is Chip in the photo!!!

was a busy day--
did my  Walmart walk in the morning--
and during lunch our fire alarm went off--third time this week!!!
once we could come back into the building and I finished my computer work--
I did walk over to the yarn shop to see my friend Sue--
while sitting there visiting another friend of her's came in--
and she is the one who mentioned it really--
all '3' of us had on the same color tops--of a deep coral color--
all the tops were different--
but all the same exact color!!!!  and Sue was knitting a shop sample and that yarn
was the same color--so funny, really--
and yes--
yarn came home with me along with a new pattern--
mine will not be this large--much smaller--there is stopping points on this pattern--
and the one that Sue did for the shop is small and just fits nicely on your shoulders--
I found the yarn first and then she showed me the shawl!!!!

I was up at 7 am and my girl friend Ginny picked me up at 7:45 am and we went up the lake--
to the Amish Farmer market at the Windmill--
(hope this looks like a windmill??)
I wanted to shop at the Kitchen booth they have up there--
was looking for a couple things--
and I did find them--
I also found the little red truck --Christmas ornament at the Basket shop--
and the dragon fly fabric at a Fabric booth--
and other then 2 more flowers at a booth--this is all I bought--
we where back home by 9:30--
( the crowd hits at 10 usually and then it is very hard to get around and to actually see things--
so we always go early--as it opens at 8am!!)

When I got home it was still laundry day and no one in the laundry room so that is where
I spent the rest of the morning--
in the afternoon I had just sat down in the rocker to stitch and watch the smaller race--
and guess what--
yep--fire alarm went off again--which made it '4' times in one weeks time!!!!

Remember I found this in my wool basket on Wednesday--
here it is now--
Yep--all finished--
finished the 'bees' this morning--
after playing in my garden with the 2 new flowers--
it is all done--
lots of hours stitching on this for the last 3-4 nights--
it will go in this frame at some point--
and at Christmas this one will go back in it!!!!

Chip what are you doing in that hanging basket???
are you trying to hide some seeds---or do you just like digging in the dirt????


Thursday, June 6, 2019


We will get to them in a minute--
but first some catching up to date on the Inchy's--

the Inchy is--

As I worked on this basket block
while watching the NASCAR race--
one of the more detailed oneS in the set of  '20'--
The pattern that these blocks came from is called--
"Aunt Bea's Parlor" by Black Cat Creations--

And cause some have asked--
this is how an Inchy is born here at "Di's design shop"!!
I do a rough sketch in my little notebook--
then it gets redone with a washout maker on the Hexie--
which is set on a piece of fine sandpaper to hold it steady--
then we stitch!!

This is my world every single day--
I live in NY now--but every decision I make is usually based on my move
back to Florida --one of these days--
so it is like living in 2 worlds at the same time!!

Anne came and after visiting for an hour--
we headed to Walmart--
as I noticed the day before there--
they had redone their fabric aisle and they had a whole huge bin
with sale fabric--and I know she likes the small prints for her
quilt backings---
and the answer is YES--
I did also purchase 2 pieces--
I liked this one --and got the grey pin-dot for lattice or backing??
This was the first fabric sale or fabric shopping that  Anne and I have done
since I came back--we both miss the fabric store that was here in town!!


I was thinking about Florida and happened to remember that I had a basket--
full of spools of wool thread--and that it is heavy--so I wouldn't want to ship
it back to Fl--and then I also remembered that I had a half finished piece in the basket--
and I knew I wanted (needed)to get it finished--
so out it came and am happy to say that there has been more work done on this piece--
but today I had to re-iron some of the freezer paper patterns down on the wool as they
had come loose--that got done this morning--so we will work on this again this after noon!!

Now for the SALE--
I discovered I had nearly 65 or so spools of this this wool thread--

So in this bag is 40 spools of this wool Aurifil thread for sale--
Now--I was thinking they were $5.95 a spool--
So that would be $240 worth--
but guess what--at Red Rock where I got them--they are $12.95 a spool--
that's right--$12.95-which equals $540.00-- Wow and Ouch!!!!
But I will sell this whole bag, of 40 spools, for ONLY $100--to any one who would like it--
so pass the word!!!!  Lots of colors--and it is nice thread to work with and looks
 nice on the wool projects--ads a touch of class to wool work!!!!

It turned chillly here again today--though finally the sun is coming out a bit--
so maybe it will warm up some--

OH and this bird--
is a youngster--- Robin
I knew the coloring of the back was that of a Robin--
but have never seen the 'freckles' on ones' body before--
Even Anne was surprised that is it a Robin--
And talking about birds mine are waiting for their daily feeding--
so best go for now--


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