Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Every body knows that when you work a 5 day work week--then Wednesday is considered --Hump day-and here it is nearly evening and Hump day is nearly over--

But I do need to do a post--cause I bet some of you are wondering where I am or have been???  Cause that's what blog post reader's do--worry about each other when we don't hear from someone for a few days--or--that is what we used to do--things have changed so much here in blog land--that I am not even sure "what is what" these days!!! 

I did get my green flower for the month of May appliqued--

I couldn't remember what shade of greens we were suppose to do the day I pulled the green stash out--so just picked 3 greens I liked and made me a flower!!!

Every evening I do spend alot of time hand quilting on this linen quilt top--

And am happy to say that I am at least 2/3 of the way done--just the top 2 rows now to hand quilt--

And for knitting I finished a pair of socks--

these were knitted with a lighter weigh of yarn and could be worn in the summer--
and then I set up another pair of socks on the needles--

And I soon realized that these 2 cuffs did not match at all for where I started them-so the one on the right side had to be re-done so it looked a bit more like the one on the left!!!!

Also finished another baby sweater--
a real pretty pink one!!!

And I did some personnel sewing--

I am under tall as they say--so even capris are way too long for me--so I finally got these 3 pair shortened so that they look more like capris when I wear them and not 'pants'--

And look--

I finally got the cutting table cleaned off so I can sew--I won't tell you that it got all loaded up again for a couple days this week--had to wrap birthday gifts for my sister June in NY and get that box in the mail--that did get done and is on it's way for a Monday birthday!!!

Today for lunch me and two other residents walked next door to a little eatery called--Grey Bellies!!! Virginia and I had the cinnamon French toast and Cheryl had some kind of sandwich--!!  This is in a small house on main street and they have inside and outside seating--we ate inside to enjoy the air conditioning as it was a bit warm here in Florida today!!!  This place has the best shoestring french fries that are seasoned--and yes, you get them with the French toast too!!!!


Monday, May 9, 2022


 I know I had to do a couple photos to share and ended up with several photos by the time I had cleaned off the cutting table!!

Last week the order for the fabric to go with the new purple lavender blocks came in--

Now I really do have to get busy and find some sewing machine time!!!

and this piece popped into the order--

Who could resist cats--even if you don't own one!!

And with my birthday on Friday --I got some other fabrics as gifts--

some fabric bundles from my friend up north--Anne--these are all in the same series!!
and an assortment of some odds and ends-

and this piece of fabric she had wrapped a gift in and some cute buttons!!

And she sent me this cute crewel embroidery kit--and I started it over the week end!!

And I had ordered some batting as my stash was getting low and when Peggy (Sunny) called me on my birthday to chat I was telling her and a 'light bulb' moment happened--and I realized I had order '6' packages of 'neutral' color batting and not white--I use mostly white batting these days--so yesterday I did get on the computer and ordered 4 more packages of white batting--guess I will have a nice stash now!!!!

This poor hot mat is over 12 years old--and I will spare you of seeing the smaller one I made at the same time--I made these from scraps I got at the Quilt shop in Watkins Glen when it was open and I lived there--
so time for some new ones, today--hot off the sewing machine--

2 regular sized mats and 2 shorter ones ( I like the shorter ones for taking things out of the small oven I have on the counter)  I made these from the Rooster scraps from making the new table quilt covering for the kitchen table!!!

And one last finish--a counted cross stitching project--

now to decide how to finish it into something????

Had a great birthday--lunch at Mister 01 pizza with Virginia--another resident here--

Lots of cards in the mail--some with $$$$!!!

And my son and dil got Red Lobster take out and we had a lovely meal out in the gazebo!!



Saturday, April 30, 2022


 I am working--on sewing besides getting into trouble--yep--seems like I am always getting into some kind of trouble-think sometimes that is my middle name!!!!

Here is my newest 'squirrel' project--

Here is 9 fussy cut lavender prints that I have appliqued onto a purple background--and this photo the color is way off on the background color--sorry!!!  This line is called Lavender Market--and yesterday I ordered more of  this line to finish off these blocks--and I enjoyed appliqueing these--!

And evenings I am back to hand quilting on the Linen quilt--

And week ends while watching NASCAR I am working on this embroidery piece--

again the photo is in  the shadows so not a great photo--but a fun piece to be working on--thought I never thought I would get that truck embroidered !!!!

And another baby sweater is finished-

And yesterday I was able to order more of this cotton yarn I love so much, for making some more baby sweaters--I was nearly out and we can't have that!!!

I also got more stitching done on the rabbit counted cross stitching I have been working on--but forgot to take a photo of it--and today I took down all the Easter decorations and they are boxed up--now to decide how to decorate for summer!!!  and I did get my clothes changed out from winter wardrobe to summer wardrobe--there seemed to be lots of 'extra' chores this week!!

NOW-- for my question I have been wanting to ask you all for awhile now--
Are you--working at stock piling some food supplies????
I am reading some blog sites where some bloggers are--one is here in US and one is in AU--so it is not just here that people are getting worried--I have worked more at it since Covid --also I do live in a hurricane zone so always think about extra supplies starting this time of the year--but am doing a bit more than that this time--What is your thoughts on this--please share--thank you!


Saturday, April 23, 2022


 I went to my son's for Easter around 5pm--

And look at what the Easter Bunny left me there!!!
and there was 'candy' in each of the eggs--

the lighter purple ones are Dove Dark chocolate and so is the kisses-- so now I have a nice back up supply of dark chocolate--the eggs found a new home (I rarely eat anything with coloring in it!!) and I will keep the York patties and peanut butter bunnies!!!

I had boiled a dozen eggs for coloring and took everything to their house to do it with them--I believe the boy child really thought he was 'too' old to do eggs--but Sarah convinced him to join us and he did--Sarah said that she never remembers ever coloring eggs before Sunday--so I am glad I took the eggs to do!!!  We had a yummy  meal of large white shrimp, potatoes and corn on the cob--and we played a few sets of Rack-o and then had Chocolate cream pie for desert!!!

I went back to work this week on sewing more of the yo-yo colors into 4 patches--

So now all the colors I made last year are now into '4' patches--so now what I am suppose to do with them?????

I got the Rooster table/wall hanging all quilted and got the binding sewn on it--
and this will go on the kitchen table when I take off the Easter one!!!

And here is the latest counted cross stitching I am working on--
She needs some more stitching on her ears and there is other items to stitch yet around her!!!

And here is some photo's of my pansy plant--

I also did some cooking and baking this week--made Blueberry muffins from some blue berries my son and Sarah got me at a Blueberry Festival here--and they were huge blueberries and so sweet--yum--and I made another Tuna pie--
so it has been a busy week and add in a trip to Walmart on Thursday morning where I swear someone opened the 'flood gates' and let the whole town come and shop on the same day--my mask came out of my pocket real fast!!!!

So what adventures did you go on this past week or have planned for the coming week???

Thursday, April 14, 2022


 some catch-up photos on this post--

I have been busy--doing something--just not always sure what I am busy doing????  All I know is I must be having "fun" cause time sure is flyin!!!!!!

I got this months bird block done--

This month the bird was Baltimore Oriole!!
And here is all 4 of the blocks so far--
wonder what next month's bird will be???

And I am back working on sewing my yo-yo's together into sets of 4--
here is the purple ones--

I am working on the pink ones now!!

And here is an embroidery piece that I started a long time ago--and I finally finished!!

and yesterday I was able to finish off '5' little pillow counted crossings I had done--

3 are spring ones--

and one of these was for Valentines day and the other is a Christmas one!!!

In knitting-

I finished off the red  pair of socks-made them shorter cuffs for warmer weather--and the other pair I had finished I am not sure I showed them before--and now I do have another pair of lighter weight socks all set up on the needles!!!

Got some squishy mail in--

some really pretty purples--

a couple bright colored prints--and again--had hoped for some 'pinks' but these are a very light mauve instead!!!!!

and this long panel of winter blocks in blues--really liked the designs on this one and didn't want it to sell out so ordered it now!!!

A couple new treasures came home from shopping the other day--
a large pink bird and a couple new stems of flowers--my bird collection is growing--I had missed 'growing' my bird collection!!!

And here is my Easter decorating--

new string of bunnies this year--

and a new basket and bunny followed me home from the thrift store the other day--

I just love this little bunny!!!

and one more photo--

My table in the kitchen with last year's stitch along Easter quilt on it-and a red cracker barrel truck filled with fluffy yellow chicks on their way to an Easter egg hunt!!!