Sunday, February 22, 2009

MONDAY : My Sewing Basket

Before I can really start to pull things out of my sewing basket, I need to give credit due, where credit is owed--most of the things in my quilting basket are there because of a great talented and well educated teacher that I have taken a number of classes from in the past couple years--Her name is Sharon Stroud and you will find a link in my blog sites for her blog--in fact I owe her not only for 90% of my quilting knowledge--I also owe her for telling about dial=up Internet services and about her blog--cause from reading her blog, I have gotten to find all my great blogging sites and friends out there!! But back to Sharon as a teacher--she by far the best teacher I have ever had--wished I encountered a few like her back in High School???? Sharon tests everything she promotes in her classes and she's strict with these products, her techniques are her own most of the time and they are time tested, and on top of all this she is alot of fun--she even brings a tin of M & M's to every class for her students to enjoy--So blogsville--if you ever are in the Finger lakes area, or see her name on a class in your local area--be sure to take the class.
Keep Smiling and Stitching--Just, Di

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  1. Thanks, Diane, for the kind words! It's always eye-opening when someone else describes you--especially with no prompting! Hope you are feeling better and that I see you soon.

    Always in stitches,
    Sharon Stroud


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