Monday, March 30, 2009

A New Week!!!

It's almost over--the month of March--my goodness--where did it go???? I do know I have been busy getting my quilting to do list done--and now this next month I want to add a couple more projects--like the shell purse in the last post and to get the breast cancer blocks started from the Homespun Mag.--but we will see--one can only plan--then try to work that plan--but then at other times there's this thing called "life" that really enjoys throwing us some curves~~~~~know what I mean~~~~even the weather is in on it~~~~one day it is 65 and the next it may get up to 35!!!!
Well, I actually need to use my int
ernet for some research--so this is short and sweet today---take care and work to get those March quilt projects done--still got a couple hours????? Hugs--Just, Di

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  1. Hey Di,

    I love the Homespun Magazine and would love to subscribe to it as well. For now, I'm going to have to wait though.

    You sure have lined up a bunch of projects for yourself!! :)


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