Saturday, March 7, 2009

SUNDAY--This makes me smile

This time of the year there is something in the air that always makes me "smile" when I hear them sing??????? Can you guess what this is?????

The SONG BIRDS have been arriving this week here in NY--not alot yet, but a few are here and oh what a welcome sound in the mornings--can't wait until they all get back!!!!!!!!!!!

SEWING UPDATE: Well, fellow quilters, again, I had a sewing day all planned out and my goal was to work on all my internet bom's for March??? I was buzzing right along when my sister came and she wanted me to walk over to the thrift store with her--wellllll---I haven't been there in a "coon's age", so off we went--and I did manage to find a couple new tops--(believe me though I don't know that I really needed any new ones--but????? My real treasure was finding an old baby dress--it is so sweet--it has some age spots on it but I believe I can get them out--Hope!! I also learned how to download pictures from the digital camera today--so tomorrow I will try to take a picture of the little dress-OK??
HAVE A RELAXING SUNDAY--then make your to-do list for next weeks quilt projects.

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  1. Hi Di! Have been very busy turning out the loft - have thrown out a lot, but also found some real treasures I will get back to.
    About the moving clip art - I only have one on my site, but my son told me I couldn't change the size (I tried to make it smaller) as that stopped the bunny blinking. Don't know if that is any help. I'll ask him if he has any other ideas.
    I have a question for you too. Have found the baskets from Bunny Tales (A tisket, a tasket) and want to give them a try. But how much seam allowance is needed for the applique bits? And I have previously had trouble, when turning in seam allowance, to keep the proper shape. I had a dog turn out like a seal! Any ideas?
    Have a nice day.


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