Tuesday, March 24, 2009


To day I want to introduce you to my daughter, Dawn. She is almost 41 years young--my goodness how time flys!!! Dawn lives in Fl on the east coast just below the space center on the beach strip--yet she doesn't actually live on the beach--it's about 6 blocks from her place. she designs houses for a living -- so it's a pretty "scary" time for her with the way the house market is going!!
It's one of those nights--bloggers--thhhhis computer is not working with me--soo sorry this picture is so small--but they say if you click onto the picture it will come up larger for you??

This picture was taken a couple years ago when her hair was down below her knees--when she did get it cut, she donated it to Locks of Love. Back just before her 21st birthday she was in a bad car accident and damaged all the bone work under her left knee cap--they took bone off her hip to rebuild it--she has had other surgery's down through the years for pain and to clean out bone chips--but now it is time for a total knee replacement--she will be going in sometime this week for that--so I ask "you-all" to pray for her this week--Thank you.

Had some other photos but they will have to wait til tomorrow to show you--oK???

Have a great sewing day tomorrow-----Happy Sunshine to everyone--Di

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  1. Hi Di,
    You have a beautiful daughter and I hope her surgery goes smoothly. Has she let her hair grow again? And I really liked the mirror!
    Have a nice day,


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