Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TUESDAY--Family memory day!!

HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY!! I really don't remember "my family" making a big fuss about St. Patty's day--except for the traditional "corn beef and cabbage" and cornbread to go with it and my mother always put potatoes in hers -- later when I made as an adult I always added carrot and we always used just the canned corn beef for ours--but that was it, folks!!! But today my St. Patty's day lunch was a yummy chicken sandwich on whole wheat and a piece of lemon pie!!!!!!

Here's some "green"news for me today--all my tulips are coming up and the 3 beds that I take care of here are gonna be full again this year--today here in central NY near the PA border the temp in is 57 and I have 2 windows open---that's my "green" for today!!!!!!!!!!!!
So happy day to you all> new surprise for you tomorrow here on this blog--so tune in then?????
Hugs--Just, di

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  1. Your new look is great!

    We are having Reuben sandwiches for our dinner . . . . not really traditional St Patty's fare - but they do have corned beef *s*


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