Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday--last day of March!!

Well---March is over with--here in NY it when out like a Lamb--it was sunny and in the 50's--so a nice enjoyable day--and I was able to finish off all my March quilt projects, except for getting one block done on my Orchid quilt(had done to do 2 blocks--but only got one done!!) I did get a quilt in the EZ3 quilt frame:
The quilt is one done in the 30's prints that I did last year or the year before?? It was already basted so decided I would start with it to see how it would work using this frame, instead of doing my hand quilting in my lap----WELL, I even got one block done this afternoon--BUT--it was not so easy--I need to scrunch up the fabric in my hand to be able to stitch--but maybe it just takes some practice--we will see?????? Does any one have one of these frames and do you have any helpful hints for me???????????????
Now for an Easter picture:
I just love this "Chick" I got it in Wal-Mart a couple years ago and I just get a smile everytime I look at her. Do you have an Easter item that makes you smile????????????????????????
Have a great Spring Day--see my other blogsite in the side bloglists for Di's Workbasket to see all my actual projects and to read March's finished list--Til tomorrow--Just, DI

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