Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WEDNESDAY--Pet Peeve Day!!

I believe my biggest " pet peeve" today is that "life" keeps getting in my way of my QUILTING!!!
I always have a 'Want to do today list--for my hand works'--but three things keep me from accomplishing those goals---People--Phone calls--Appointments????? What does a true heart quilter do????? She grins--silently grits her teeth--she smiles--she silently wishes this "interruption" would take a flying leap into the lake--she nods--but all the while in the back of her mind she is playing with fabric!!!!!!! Unfortunately--by the time it is time to work with her fabrics, it's either meal time--or she's way too tired to hold a needle let alone thread it!!!!!!!

Today's story======I have another little "peeve" that is a "me" done it again one???
Most all of the fabric that we buy today seems to have an all over design--there's no up or down designs--any way you turn the fabric--you see the design in that direction=====BUT once in a while--when I get busy quilting and picking out the fabric, I am looking and concentrating on the colors--I do not take time to make sure the design doesn't have the up or down pattern only?
Recently this happened again to me--on the Tisket/tasket block---here's a look at the basket--

As you can see, if you look closely for the most part I used this fabric "upside-down" as most of the flowers are going "south" in stead of "north???? Did I redo this basket???? No--not this time as I felt it came out ok with being a basket--plus my "eyes" go to the cute bunny--see the whole block done in last post.
As for my projects for today: I got my homework for my quilt class on Thursday all done--it is a hand piecing class--which I just love-- and I did get some more emb done on the Verandah Views block--am nearly finished with that one. And that is where I am headed now--to my rocker and to finish it before bed----Hopefully!!!!!!

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