Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eyes have it!!!

Well, it was quiet a bit cooler here today, but sunny and last evening we got some rain that we needed, so I guess all is well here in NY for now!!! I did get some more of the redwork blocks done and they are over on the workbasket site. I spent some time with my friend, Mary, downstairs, and with my neighbor, Stella, in the apartment across the hall. Had some lunch, worked on tracing off the rest of the redwork blocks--then it was time to go to my eye appointment and get some new glasses--I usually get bi-focals--but have only really worn them to sew with or if I am in the car and need to help someone with road signs--them I discovered reading glasses for sewing and reading and decided I really liked them better--so today--I just ordered a new pair of reading glasses and then got me a really nice "sexy" pair of sunglasses for the distance ones!!!!

On my walk over to the eye doctor's office I took some pictures of "flowers"!!!!!
And another one:
And another one:
As you can see, I really do love to take pictures and ones especially of flowers!!! I will try to take pictures of something else tomorrow instead of flowers=== OK????

I think I finally found some "red" curtains for my kitchen last night on the Internet!! Do you know how hard it is to find a real red these days--everything is burgundy, or wine, or something other than a a true red--and of course I have my heart set on red??? I am always a few years late in my decorating and in my clothes styles--but then in the clothes department--I guess I am OK these days as I pretty much just wear jeans and t-shirts--I think they are always in style--aren't they????????

Well have a great evening and a great day tomorrow---Just, Di

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  1. Hi Di love your flower photos . Have fun with your sexy new glasses !


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