Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Day!!!

I hope everyone had a happy Monday--mine has been a little exciting, stressful and scary--how is that for a day's worth of work--only I did not really mean this for my work--not much got stitched today--I went and looked at another place to move to --this involves buying--so that is very Scary to me, being a woman alone--and having have lived here for the last 4-5 years where everything is done for you--but I really want my very own washer and dryer and to able to hang clothes out side and have flower garden and to feed the birds and take nature walks and to smell fresh air--we most certainly do not have fresh air here--too many trucks, and cars and events all the time!!! But the monthly cost of owning a place, even if it is just a trailer home in a park would be more that living here--boy, sometimes life can be hard to figure out??????????

Sorry about telling you all my "scary" thoughts tonight--but then we are all friends--right??
Yesterday, my sister and I went over town window shopping--seen lots of neat things to buy--but we were good!!!!
Took this picture on the way home, in someone else's garden:
They are such a pretty shade of blue and they looked like a star flower--well, need to go and try to some embroidery work and call my sister and talk to her tonight.

Keep smiling and keep stitching--or baking--or spring cleaning--or shopping------Just, Di

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