Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am still here??

The final verdict is in---I will stay here--at least that's this weeks decision!!! Actually it is a good one--If I stay here I will have more money to spend each month on fabric and thread and patterns--so it sounds like a plan to me!!!!

I did get the embroidery done for the Local Quilt shop and got them over to Sue today and the pictures of them are on the Workbasket site.

On the "Price is right show" today ( I caught a little of it when I was over visiting with my neighbor Stella)--they showed an Apple computer--does any have one of these and do you like it???????

I forgot to tell you the big news--on Sunday my sister and I went "antiquing" and I put a Hooister Cabinet on layaway--it's really country looking and has been painted--but it still has the flour sifter in it and I hope it still works--cause I will use it--can't wait to get it and to decorate it. I have thought of several items in my kitchen that are just right for it!!!

Here is a couple more pictures for my garden:
Opps--forgot this picture is of some little pink star shaped flowers that are growing under the tree next to one of my gardens!!!:
Here's a new picture of the forcynthia's -- the flowers are more open and look at that blue-blue sky!!!
Doesn't this tulip look like it's a lightblub???? It bloomed earlier than all the others--the others are getting nice buds on them--won't be long now!!!

Well, have a great Thursday, everyone--see ya--just, Di--checking in??

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