Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lots to talk about tonight!!

Well--it was a nice sunny day here in NY again--but I know the weather is going to get colder again--cause my head says!!!!! I do know that spring really is here now--see the picture above-- what are those yellow flowers??? Your wonderful lawn ornaments of dandelions--actually my Mom used to tell about when that is all we had to eat one spring when I was about 4--but I don't know that I have had any since???
Went to the library today to get my stack of books and discovered that 9 out of the 11 are by Luanne Rice--I do see by my reading list that I have already read about 8 of her books and marked them as very good--so now it looks like I really need to start reading again-- I want to know if you have read any of Luanne's books and which one is your favorite one???? Also got the new book by Jennifer Chiaverini--The Lost Quilter--can you guess which one I will probably read first????
Here is a picture of my newest house "pet"--
Isn't she beautiful---I just love her--found her at Walmart of course--It is our only real shopping store in this town--she is a Better Homes and Garden item and she was $8.00--can't wait to decide how to display her????
And here is a "new" look at the china cabinet make over--or I guess I should say -- rearrangement:
I am looking at some new country pieces of furniture--and so far the only really good company I have found on the Internet is one called "sawdustcityllc"--at least that has the pieces in the colors I am looking for--has anyone ever gotten any thing from them--and did you like it??

I did get some embroidery done today on the Quilt shop models--but I got a longs ways to go yet!!! I showed the pattern that Sue is having me do on the other blog site.

Another question for you--should I get a little dog---or another kitty???????

Have a great Sunday--Blessings-Di

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  1. Cat or dog? Love them both.And have had both. A question of maintenance really.But I am selfish and want the company and cuddles when I want it - and not in the middle of the night when kitty is hanging on the window sill yelling at me to open! Can't live without a dog :)


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