Friday, April 10, 2009


I can not believe our weather here in NY this year--Yes, I have seen snow and some chilly days in April's past--but I don't remember it being so uppy-downy for so long--it's chilly now and trying to rain--will turn to snow later--it's tomorrow night that I am worried about they are saying temps at 18 degrees--that is too cold for our spring flowers--so--I hope they change that report before tomorrow--Maybe they are just giving us an April's fool joke a little late?????

I found this article and picture of making pom-pom Easter animals in a recent magazine-- and I had to take a picture of it and of the Momma chick and baby pom-pom animals that my daughter made one year for me for Easter--my set is about 34 years old--and they is still looking good, except the momma chick lost her beak and every year I have been going to make her a new set--well, I am happy to report that this was the YEAR----

OPPS--it's hard to see it here--well--trust me it's got a new beak and it makes a world of difference!!! See the plate behind the basket--
I got this plate as a gift from a friend--it was a clear glass plate that they glued a holiday fabric to the back--it is really pretty and cute for Easter!!

May you and your family and loved ones have a great Easter week-end and may you all remember "WHY" we have this holiday-----------Blessings to all------Di

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Anne-Lise said...

Momma chick looks very pleased with her new beak! The idea with the plate is good, isn't it? Looks great.

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