Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shopping on Saturday!!

Saturday morning a girl-friend called and asked me to go with her to visit another girl-friend of ours that has a "craft" shop up in Horseheads, NY and I said I'd go, so we took my sister along and off we went:
and here is another picture of the outside:
Now I would love to say that I took a Zillion pictures of inside--but the "truth" of the matter--is--once I walked through that door--I was LOST--it was a Living Country Sampler Magazine store--anything country and they had it and they had alot of antiques too--all mixed in together and the camera was "forgotten"--I only bought two small things on Saturday and I even forgot to take their pictures today--but I will and then post them!!! But you can bet I made a "BIG" list of things I want to go back and get as I redecorate my apartment!!!!!

We have had a couple beautiful sunny very warm days here in lower NY state, so today I went out and took some outside pictures. First as I have said in the past I live at the end of a Lake, so this first picture is what we get to see all winter when on the North side of the building where my gardens are:
and here is another one:
And here is a garden picture:
These flowers are miniature daffodils I believe, they are soo tiny and I found them in the one garden growing in between some tulips and I only found them cause I was pulling some weeds and moved a huge tulip leaf--surprise!!! and the bigger surprise is I have no idea how or when they got there and today I noticed another small group in buds on the other side of the garden--must be those "garden elves" at work again????
Here's another picture of flowers:
Well, that's it for today "folks" tune in tomorrow for more exciting stories and pictures!!!!
Have a great Monday-----Blessings, Di


  1. Nice boats! Seems like spring has got slightly further here - the leaves on the birch trees have just sprung out.
    Sounds like a smashing shop. I bet you go back!
    I'd like to, too. Bye for now.

  2. I can tell from the exterior photos that there are lots of things inside that I would just LOVE *s*


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