Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some new treasures!!

I did get some pictures taken of my new "treasures":
I used to collect all kinds of tins then I got rid of some--but this one just "jumped" into my hands at the sale yesterday and it sure spells "country" on the lid--doesn't it?????

And I found this:

And this fits me--at least around my rocking chair--it always looks so messy there--but then again I always have at least 3 projects there in the works and sometimes as many as 6 that need some hand work of some kinds.
I also got the aprons washed up today and another "surprise" purchase from a couple weeks ago, but they did not get ironed yet--had to go get groceries--Yep--I do do other things besides sew and play with this computer--and eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend--we have winter back, I think, it's cold and very windy today and some places had alittle snow???Ouch????? Just, Di

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