Thursday, April 16, 2009

Something new!!

Hi everyone--look what "popped" up over night???????
Didn't they grow fast--as they hadn't even started to come up when I was out looking for pictures yesterday??? Our maintenance man John, knows I love pansies--so I told him he plants these pansies on propose cause he knows I will also take care of that garden area, so that the pansies will grow all summer--I already try to care for 3 flower gardens around the grounds now and that is about all my body will let me do--but I do enjoy doing them as long as I don't have to haul water!!!!

Here's a picture of my little china cabinet, this morning:
It does not look like this now--I did sort some of it out--but tomorrow we will be cleaning my other big wall shelf unit and then we will decide what goes back into each one--so stay tuned for more of this "tale" at a later date--Plus while I was in Walmart to day, something "begged" me to bring it home--so I'll do pictures of "it" in the morning!!!!

Take Care and keep on working--- Just, Di


  1. Hi Di,
    The pansies brought back a memory of when i was young. I love pansies, too and Mum and I planted some in "my garden". But we had a tortoise that liked pansies, too - for breakfast! Enjoy your weekend. Will be posting soon.
    Hugs from

  2. Ahhh - it's good to see that spring is arriving in your neck of the woods *s*


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