Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today I found a suprise!

I went out to take a picture of how high the tulips where getting and I found a nice beautiful surprise under the one tree in the side yard:
And these are my favorite color:
I also got a picture of the tulips and the daffodils in my bigger garden, the daffodils are getting buds even--so maybe spring is going to happen here in New York state yet????
and you can see some of the many tulips that are in this garden are growing right along too:

Now for an Easter Picture:
this is a country rabbit that I found at a sale--and I have been leaving her out all year--now I want you to have a closer look at here one pocket:
I just love hearts--and here is one on her pocket with dried flowers in it--I think I need to replace the flowers though?????

Have a Happy Day---Blessings--Di

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