Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today Was QuiltClub day

This afternoon Ann and I went to our Monthly Quilt Club here in town at our Quilt shop called, O'Susannah's Quilts and Gifts. they have 3 classes each month, morning, afternoon, and evening and you can pick out which one to attend--Ann and I go to the afternoon one, it's not so crowded as the other 2!! We can join a block of month there each year--this year only I am in it. We always look forward to the Show and Tell part and today my camera went along and actually did some work????? Here is some of the pictures of last years quilt block of month as some are getting them finished:
This is fairly good picture of one of them notice the hexagons in the corners--that was the author idea who made this one--this one is also done in the main colors that we were given:
here's another one and you can see more of the bottom of the quilt's design:
And here is another one and she has chosen a really different color border for her's:
And here is one where this quilter changed alot of the block colors:
And this a picture of my friend Ann showing us one of her quilts she's recently finished hand quilting on.

Well there is more pictures yet--but I will save those for a rainy day!!!!
Be Good--keep crafting and quilting and baking----Just, Di

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  1. Hi! What beautiful quilts, Di! Must be fun having a group to attend for ideas and inspiration - and a nice chat.


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