Sunday, May 17, 2009

And Suddenly there was Wind!!

Boy you could of called us the "Windy City" yesterday afternoon, here in this part of NY state--It had looked like rain a couple different times, but only got some sprinkles--then around 4pm I saw some real dark clouds come over the west hill and then I seen the rain--not just a few sprinkles this time, but a curtain of solid rain--and talk about wind--oh my!!!!
My tree outside my window looked like this--storms don't scare me as a rule, but for a few minutes there I wasn't too sure what was happening out there????
But we made it though it, and it passed us by and some of those around the area, did lose power, but here in the main part of town, we did not--Thankfully--cause I was in a stitching mood!!!

Here is some more pictures of my fabric buys on Friday:
At first I got these for maybe the "Shabby Rose" blocks--but now I am thinking they might be nice for the Breast of Friends Blocks--time will tell???????????
Found this pretty fabric in the sale room--so was about $6.oo a yard--thinking it might make a nice border for the purple/green hexagon block quilt I did in class--when I get the blocks out and lay them out we will see???
These are for my civil war collection--they look like different fabrics here--but really are civil war prints:
And I got this charm pack--just love these, even though these area not really my colors--think I will get more of the high heeled print and cut more 5" blocks and then just sew them all together to make a quilt top and I have already picked out the two fabrics from the pack that I want to use on the borders. And I got a couple light colored homespun for that stash, and like just 3 odd prints just because I liked them!!!!

Well, here's a picture of a lone late tulip from the garden:
Have a good Monday everyone and a good start on all those projects on your "To Do" lists!!
Stay warm and dry????? Di

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