Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Celebrating started today!!

No Body can accuse me of forgetting to celebrate "my" birthday" and I love to be a year older!!! Today was Tuesday again and my friend, Anne's day to come, and today she came "bearing gifts"--she got me a set of twin-organic-sheets in blue for my bed--I have been wanting some!! She also brought me-not 1, not 2, but 3 of my favorite chocolate bars--Lindt--dark--70% dark chocolate--YUMMY!!! Then we did some earrns and met my sister, Barb at Walmart and Barb got me 2 of the prettiest colored Geraniums (tomorrow I will try to get a picture for you) I also got myself 2 more house plants ( I love buying myself birthday gifts--there's "no" guilt if you are buying something for oneself--if it's a birthday gift--right????) then the three of us went to Pizza Hut for Lunch--a nice treat for me.

Well, here is some pictures of my shopping trip on Saturday:
I was so excited when I found these at JoAnn's They have brown cords instead of the green or white--I have a nice tree branch that I put these on and then the string part doesn't show--but finding them in the brown is "very" hard to do--then I also got this decorating book there:

I just love this book--it has great idea's and beautiful pictures, and I have found some neat ideas for redoing my apartment.

And here is a picture of some pretty nature sites that my sister and I spotted on our walk on Sunday--
such pretty bleeding hearts--one of my favorites and then this one:
Well, that's it for today--have more to share with you--but need to do pictures first!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ON MAY 6TH---anyone else have the same birthday???

Take care see you tomorrow----Hugs, Di

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