Monday, May 11, 2009

Hoilday Repacking??

Well, it was a busy day today--My "slave-driver" sister, Barb, and I took down all my Holiday totes and put all the things into new clear plastic totes and managed by ourselves to get them back up onto the top shelf of my large closet--my holiday things where in totes--the colored plastic ones--but if you have ever used them you know that the way they are designed that they take up alot of excess space --so we did much better with the new squared sided totes and now all my holiday things for all the holidays are on one shelf, in one closet--instead of 2 or 3 closets. So my one big closet is pretty much organized now and I can see what I have as all the totes and containers are clear--I just wonder if I will be able to quilt and sew with all this organization??????

I did get my Gooseberry Patch order in the mail today--will try to get pictures for you tomorrow==no time today!!!
Remember my "new" bear--the one that had the flag sweater on it--well--here her new summer out fit--she is so much more cuddly now--she is down in my friends apartment, Mary--remember the one who I go make tea for every morning--she is keeping her company for awhile--besides--she asked to go away for awhile as I am reorganizing and she was afraid I might lose her in all the shuffle!!!!!
Aren't these tulips alittle different--the want us to get the "point"????? But they are pretty aren't they????
Have a great Day--hope to see ya tomorrow ( my hard-drive is making a funny noise tonight--so I hope it doesn't mean anything???) Just silly, Di

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  1. Strange tulips- never seen any like those. But yes they are pretty. I love your bears outfit!


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