Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Alone today!!

I was actually HOME all day (except for going down to Mary's to get her her tea) and I was ALONE all day--no sign of little sister today--bet she got into a good book!!!! I just mostly sat and worked on some handwork projects--had a hard time trying to decide if I was warm or cold today??? On minute I was putting on my socks and closing the windows, the next I was taking off my socks and opening the windows????

Here is some pictures of some treasures I got last week and have not had time to Post:
Here is two pink Pyrex bowls and a crocheted hankie the bowls were $2.00 each and the hankie was $1.50:
Here is a better picture of the hankie--the flowers are pansies and they are one of my favorite flowers. I also have a large vintage hankie collection, so it will have lots of company!!!

Be Good--tomorrow is FRIDAY and then another great week-end?? Blessings, Di


  1. Pretty hab\nkie! I have saved some that were my grandfather's and grandmother's. I'll dig them out one day and take a photo to show you.

  2. I enjoy those days when I get to stay home and stitch as I please *s* Your pink bowls look like some my MIL has in her pantry - such a nice retro color.


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