Saturday, May 30, 2009


My girl-friend, Ginny, picked me up around 10 am and we went and picked up Little sister, and Ginny drove us to the Library--now we have a nice big library here at the end of town--But, I don't like that one--so we go to one about 9 miles from here up a big hill to a small village--I got about a dozen books and sister, Barb, got 3--while we were there I noticed these two young girls on the computer there--

They were really being so quite and well mannered--you didn't really even know they were in the library doing games!!!

Then on the way home we stopped a greenhouse and discovered they were having a sale--so guess what happened here--some plants just "jumped" into the back of Ginny's SUV and I had to bring them home!!!!!!

Barb and I had a quick bite of lunch and then we walked a couple blocks over to go to a couple rummage sales--we each got a couple bargains--pictures tomorrow!! ON the way over and on the way back, my camera kept leaping out of my pocket and keep snapping pictures of delight beautiful flowers--here is some of those pictures--ENJOY--
And--And these are pink poppies They were so pretty and so prefect looking you would have thought they were silk ones?????

Have a great Sunday and remember to give Thanks to God for your family and friends and they ability to Blog-----Blessings to all my blog friends--Just, Di

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  1. Such lovely flowers! The poppies are amazing.
    Have a fun day, Anne-Lise


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