Friday, May 15, 2009


I had a dental cleaning today, and my dentist is about an hour away--and in that direction is also a quilt shop that was having a sale today---so I talked another quilter girl-friend into taking me so we could also hit the sale and a 3rd friend also went along---good report at the dentist--Look Ma No Cativities!!!! We made 2 pit stops before we got to the sale shop--1st one was a little shop in the village where the dentist is--it is called Mary's Craft Supplies--this lady has been in business for over 55 years--yes, I said 55 years--there I got this fabric:
I am planning on putting red in my kitchen and have been looking for some red checked or plaid fabric--and then I decided I would collect "cows" for the kitchen--so here I have some fabric to use to design "something" for the Kitchen???? Then it was to Wendy's for some human fuel and brain power for the "big" fabric buys!!!!!

Here is the shop we went to--and it is located in Candor, NY--

And here is my two partners in crime--Denise and Phyllis:
And here is the front door:
And a picture as you go in the door:
And here is their store mascot--a beautiful dog named "Bailey"--
He has his own perch here behind the counter, and under this cabinet--he loves to be at the shop and we all look forward to seeing him there.
And right next door to the quilt shop is an ice cream stand--so of course --we had to made a final stop there for a tasty freeze---Yumm!!

will show more of the fabric treasures tomorrow--so you all come on back for a looky-see!!
Have a Sunny day--Just, Di

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  1. The cows are cute. Look forward to seeing what you make of them.


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