Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well, I did it--got back to the country shop I was at last Saturday??? And this time I really did do some shopping:
As you can see they have more added to the outside of the building--it is so homey and cute. I did get one of the dolls I wanted , but I could not find the second one I was looking at--but leave it to me--I found something to buy in her place:
See the bear in the back--that's it??? It is hard to tell in this picture, but he has half opened "eyes" and some days, I sure feel like that myself--so it was "love' at first sight!!!! Also got this little picture cause I loved the saying on it---"There are many mansions in my Father's house".
The pretty dish in the pink metal tray is old and is a piece of Nippon--two guesses why it came home with me???? ( the two bluebirds on it)!!! The pink metal tray is a gift for my sister Barb for her birthday in June. the two square items with the birds on them are coasters and they are made from recycled books--I used to carry this line in my shop, a few years ago. And the little angel is a "New Beginnings" item and she looked alittle like my new dolly and --and she has a little birds nest with a tiny blue bird in the nest in her arms--what can I say--she just begged me to bring her home with me!!!!
Here's a couple more little items--these where on sale and both have a darker color backgrounds than what is showed here.
Now I have NO idea why I had to have this cow picture--It just grabbed my heart some how and I just had to bring her home too!!!!!
Now I do know "why" I bought the Frog pair--I have the perfect spot for them in my bathroom--once they are in their new home I will take another picture for you!!

Now there is more to the shopping adventure today--in fact two more stops and some more treasures, plus 2 larger treasures that I got at this first shop today, that I need to take pictures of--so----be sure to tune in again for the "rest of the story"-----

Take care see ya soon--Blessings--Di

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  1. Real treasures. Love the bear and I think the cow is cute. And I saw on your other site that you have been quite busy stitching, too. Have a nice day, Di.


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