Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Short, but Sweet!!!

This is a short post tonight -- they laid the new carpet in the apartment under me today and the smell from the glue they used is still bad in here and getting to me---And my sister the "slave-driver" and I were really working up a storm--when we had to leave about 11 am and go over town for the day and wander around town to stay out of the apartment unfortunately the smell is still kinda bad--soooooo???????? But I did take my camera with me and found some neat flowers to take pictures of to share with you tonight:
Can you see the "fringe" edging on this tulip??? It is so pretty:
And one more of them:
There's more pictures--but tomorrow is another day-----

Have a wonderful day and may your "flowers smell" better than mine are right now??????

Hugs, and Smiles to day---Di

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