Friday, May 29, 2009


OKay ---blogger friends--when do you do your blog updates--????????????
Now that summer is upon me I am having a hard time finding a good time to blog????? Yet when I don't blog I feel like I am missing something and am missing some friends time??
So I was just wondering when most of you do your blogging and why you pick that time of day and is it the same everyday or a hit and miss???????

I took some garden pictures late this afternoon when the sun decided to shine for us for alittle while--this is one color of the iris's in the iris garden:
And here is a white one:
And here is some dark purple ones , with the lighter ones in the background. There is one more color for sure coming in this garden and some other colors in a couple of the other gardens.

It's that time again to have a Great Week-end--enjoy family and a good book!!!!
Smiles--Just, Di

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  1. I usually read blogs with my morning coffee. If I don't have enough time, I'll read a few in the evening, too. My own blog usually gets updated in the evening - when I've finished something I can show :))) But then I have only got one blog to keep up! But you are missed when you skip a day.:)


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