Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a Mess??

My goodness--it is "messy" redoing your home, and we are not even painting or wallpapering!!! Just moving some furniture around and getting some new pieces to help with organizing all my "things'!!!! Where does it all come from???? I move here 5 years ago and every year since I have cleaned closets etc and sorted and gotten rid off, and I have not really broughten more in--at least I don't think I did????---Yet---here I am again amazed at all my so called Treasures--Hey--talking about treasures here is one I picked up last weekend--the vintage sewing box:
I think this is so neat in the hexagon shape:
Inside the top is a neat old fabric and they used this for a pin cushion:
And inside was some "cute little treasures--I love these little scissors and there was a package of needles and the smallest wood spool of thread I have seen so far--SO I was really delighted with this find---OH I KNOW--it's one more thing to dust and work around , but it was just "too" cute to leave in a dusty old second hand shop---RIGHT????????

Till tomorrow--Be Happy--enjoy the Spring 0r Fall--for today---Just, Di

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